Šta je novo?

The Leaders?

The Leaders?

Death has come to here
We're burning badly
Filth up to my ears
We're screaming mad

And I would like to know exactly
Just what you have planned for us to do
You claim to be the leaders
Well who the hell on Earth is leading you?
You sent us to fight
While we were waiting
What did you do for
The situation?

Dictating our beliefs
Erasing your deceit
Scapegoat nations to fall
(Mechanized) Armies wait at your call

Madness threatens your soul
Control on the decline
Slipping from you crazed hold
(Genocide) Forces weak, passion bold

You were blind before
Now it's our turn to
See the light no more
We're crawling towards you
Chaos swarms through minds
Mutated armies
Rise and fall an find
That power destroys

I would like to know exactly
Just what you have planned for us to do
Tommorrow holds the answers
And today had better bring upon the truth
On To Iliad

On To Iliad

Sitting on the sands of foreign shores
What will it take to make you see the light
Yesterday's patronizing tears
To prove the gods, wrong or right

The road to ancient prophecies is long
When will everybody sing your song
Fearful foes emerging from the past
We're marching on to Iliad at last
See the battles strewn upon the floor
Hear the cries of victory and pain
Twice this day your future lies ahead
Painful suffering amidst a gain

Priam's cities sees it's heroes fall
Into your hands, what does this mean
Egos surging like a demon spawned
Mind engulfed in a fog-crested dream
Legal Tender

Legal Tender

In God we trust
But You're not God
You make and break all the rules
Land of the free
But nothings free
'Cause even when you win you lose
Resist success
You know you'll have to pay the price
It makes no cents
For all thats wrong, we'll make it right

Supposed non-existent through the land
Tell me why we never had a chance
Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

See his memory fade
Wife and daughter raped and killed one night
Life's rewards erased
Only one thing to look forward to
He wants his sweet revenge
Stalking lifeless streets
Target waiting for him underneath the light
Hands that shake with rage
Clutching ornamented bronze and steel
Nerves that twitch with fear
Like a soldier waiting for attack
His sweet revenge approaches
Springing into flight
Victims' scream are nothing that his heart can feel
His essence is freed
As the blade cuts from behind
Slicing the temple where the tender flesh
Joins one's only mind
Fighting with a desperate last breath
His life endures punishment a second time
His vision is blurred

As the life drops from his eyes
Shining the weapon as his entrails fall
Splattering upon the floor
Ripping up the pieces of nerves that keep his limbs from dying
Twitching as if still alive

Letting the body ease from his arms
Slowly slumping to the floor
Smearing all the blood along his fingertips
And watching where the deadman and his body lie
Stands atop his kill
Gloating on his recent victory
Like a lion's pride
Guarding over it triumphantly
The streets are filled with laughter
Sweet revenge is what he's after
Now he walks alone, into darkness that will only ease the pain


See the child, pentagram in hand
There's nothing that can stop him
Psychopathic mind, misdirected wrath
Towards all who dwell around him
But they'll blame it on us
And our music
Throats and faces slashed
The raping it would last
Into victims, dying
He broke into their room
Sense impending doom
Suspended animation
Enjoying the pain
Of his victims

Oh, Nightstalker looms
Inside of drugs
Nightstalker, Nightstalker
You'll blame it on song
But you are wrong
Nightstalker, Nightstalker
What you don't understand
And you can't comprehend
Don't you try to explain it
Until you live alone
And feel the coldness roam
Throughout your hollow soul
Still you'll blame it on us
And our music

The night convicts you once more
Like a bed traps a whore
There's no escaping black instinct
You've damned the innocent to blame
Inflicting on us false shame
Salem's children close to the link

So take a look at yourself
And worry 'bout no one else
Take a look all around you
Maybe someone you know
Will need for you to show
How it is that you found it
Resist Success

Resist Success

Defeat our purpose
But just which fate is worse?

How long can we go on?
We cannot sell ourselves
We'll take it on our terms
No easy path to resist success
You sell out, cash flows in
Your sickly glitter grin

You've only got one chance
To take it all the way
Relax, don't go so fast
Why get so carried away?
Resist, now don't tell me what to do
Success, I'll never ever leave it up to you

We may not change the world
Who said we wanted to?
Don't curse in ignorance
Fearful of something new
Oh, open up your mind
Success is self-defined
Do what your heart commands
Despite what they demand
Resist Success
Resist Success
Don't stay within their lines
Don't scramble for the dollar signs
They'll find you if you're deserving
If your course is unswerving
Outweigh the possibility
Of market stability
You are the path to resist success
Widow's Mite (Chapter Eleven)

Widow's Mite (Chapter Eleven)

Beware of the scribes
Parading in robes
The heavier the sentence
They'll follow in droves
You claim you are He
The time is at hand
The Earth shakes my bones
I don't understand

If you listen to me
You'll be eternally free

The widow puts in
More than the rest
You gave from your surplus
She gave it her best

You chorus from the rich
She gives from the poor
You laugh with the witch
She cries with the whore

Two copper coins
She gave it her best
Pray that you may not be
Put to the test
Blest are you
The hungry, the poor
The reign of God is yours
You can't ask for more

The Cross

The Cross

Night calls upon my betrayal
Morn sees me denied three times
Believe in God, believe also in me
I am the way, the truth, and the Life
The truth I leave within you
You Judas, hear your fate and then carry it out
Once Satan's entered you, you'll turn right about
And Peter give your life up, or so you say
Instead your knowledge of me shall be erased
They take me away, to cast me from the world
My love won't die
Father forgive them, for they know not what they do
I have been judged to die upon the cross
These thorns released my earthly blood
Still hold your faith, aside from what you see
Bearing my cross, bearing all your sin
Oh, Golgotha, to the place of the skull
You sheep within my flock hear the truth of my life
The nails deep in my flesh, the pierce of the knife
Though evil strung me up and started time anew
Know that my life was given up for you
Open your hearts, I'll flow within
Masque Of The Red Death

Masque Of The Red Death

[inspired by the work of Edgar Allen Poe]

[I. Red Death]
It was a time when life was short
Long devastated was the land
Never had there ever been
A more fatal plague against all man
Pungent pain, sudden faintness
Your energy begins to fade
As you stand there somewhat daunted
You know 'Red Death' is on it's way
Blood, blood, blood and more blood
Profuse bleeding at the pores
You watch your blood slowly sizzle
As your flesh dissolves some more
Screams of anguish, blood still flowing
Pollutes the ground a rotten red
Your time has come, you must meet your maker
As you slip into the valley of the shadow of death

[II. The Prince's Master Plan]
All men feared this great disaster
But the valiant Prince had the only answer
For his majesty and his chosen ones
The inception of new life would free them of contagion
Magnificent it was this structure of seclusion
Surrounded by these walls so massive yet elusive
The gates were welded shut impervious to those forsaken
Never letting go of the souls that were taken
There was beauty, there was wine
Ambrosia and sweet nectar
Flowing from within
All appliances of pleasure
Inside the Master-Plan
Providing noble lunacy
Outside the palace gates
'Red Death' just sits and waits for you

It was toward the close of the fifth or
sixth month of his seclusion, and while the
pestilence raged most furiously abroad, that
the Prince Prospreo entertained his thousand
friends at a masked ball of the most unusual
magnificence... Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849)

[III. The Masquerade including the Twelfth Hour and Return of the Red Death]
Bizzare it was seven chambers
Held this jubilee except for one
It stood alone, the western wing
Where no one shared it's offerings
Blood tinted panes, brazier or fire
Projects it's rays
A clock stands tall, ominous
It warns of death so soon to be
So loud, so deep the guests pay heed
The dissonant ring of ebony
The crowd goes pale as darkness
Shrouds the maskers in their revelry
Then as the echos ceased
A light laughter spread through the assembly
And all is well
Until the next chiming of old ebony

The ebony clock struck the twelfth hour
And everyting ceased as the revellers cowered
The pendulum swings all still, all silent
Save the voice of old ebony
As the last chime died and sunk into silence
Soon it was felt a presence so strange
Tall and gaunt who is this masked figure
Shrouded in habiliments of the grave?
His blood splattered mask bore a striking resemblence
The countenance of a rigid corpse
He stalked to and fro in a slow, solemn movement
Enraging the Duke, invasion of his sanctuary
'Seize him, unmask him, ' commanded the prince
'Who dares insult us with this blasphemous mockery?
You'll hang at sunrise! '
Not a person came forth it seemed like all was lost
As the intruder make his way unimpeded
An anon he went on trugged through each chamber
Where the music once swelled and the dreams lived on and on
The prince in pursuit dagger drawn aloft
As the figure retreats to the seventh chamber
He suddenly turns, a piercing sharp cry
Now the Prince lay dead in the hall of the velvet...
Then summoning the wild courage of despair,
A throng of revellers at once threw themselves
Into the black apartment, and seizing the mummer,
Whose tall dark figure stood erect and motionless
Within the shadow of the ebony clock, gasped
In unutterable horror at finding the grave
Cerements and corpse-like mask, which they
Handled with so violent a rudeness, untenated
By any tangible form.
And now was acknowlegded the presence
Of the Red Death. He had come as a thief
In the night and one by one droppd the revellers
In the blood-bedewed halls of their revel,
And died each in the despairing posture of his fall.
As the life of the ebony clock went out
With that the last of the gay.
And the flames of the tripods expired. And Darkness
And Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all...
[Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849)]