Šta je novo?
"Tony Sigel (A.K.A. Barrel Bros.)"
(feat. Beanie Sigel, Solomon Childs, Styles P)

"Tony Sigel (A.K.A. Barrel Bros.)"
(feat. Beanie Sigel, Solomon Childs, Styles P)

[Ghostface Killah]
Yo, straight out the ghetto, I'm damn hood
I Stack-A-Dollar like a whole rack of canned goods
Baggy jeans, no Timbs, A.C.G. boots
Living in the Crack Spot, banging at Sheek Louch
The narcotics is far from garbage
Whether it's cold or it's late August
My shit is fresh cuz I catch the harvest
My little cousin bubble Swatches and carry a couple oxes
Keep a duece-deuce by his ankle and get it popping
You know, we be the boys clocking the graveyard shift
Big bundles, counting our CREAM, burning the lazer spliff
My man, jumps out the whip with the A.R. fifth
And we barred from plenty of parties cuz we start shit
Parole hoes, six months in the box
My little sister got her head shaved off
She made it home from shop
We selling cartons, Pampers, Similac formula
Anything it take because the paper keep calling ya
Gangstas keep balling for sure, we want more
We make it rain from the tech and wop
The Lex pouring and the precincts don't have enough cups for us
To slow us up, they hit us with dust
Then they rush, bust, my big man Ron'll break the cuffs
Three-hundred pound nigga, po-po has to fuck him up
They say that my projects shall undergo therapy
We never voted, we voting for Oprah, Obama, and Eric B.

[Styles P]
The ill rap niggaz that kill
Destroy shit but they able to build
Come fuck with the real
Coward, better play your part
This shit'll lace yo' heart
Get hit with a Ghostface dart
And you better live this shit to fullest
Or be ready to pull it
Or be hit with a B. Sig' bullet
The ill rap niggaz that kill
Destroy shit but they able to build
Come fuck with the real

[Beanie Sigel]
It's the Broad Street Bully and the Killah with no face
My mack bullets burn like tequila with no chase
My knifework like a guillotine sword cutting
Niggaz stop fronting for my Killa Beez swarm something
Bzzz, empty out the whole clip then reload
Shotgun barrel leave it smoking like a broke stove
Yeah, and I'm all about that bullshit
The casket, the hearse and the pastor in the pulpit
I kill a nigga at the drop of a dime
Just imagine what I do for a quarter
Ain't no telling what I do for a dollar
Pop a nigga right in front of his mama
Son a nigga right in front of his daughter
And I'm nothing like the father
He couldn't come from these nuts I got
Or see Baltimore suck this cock
I know most of y'all wouldn't understand
Get it... get it... understand
Yeah, some niggaz will, and some niggaz won't
Like some niggaz kill, and some niggaz don't
You'se a fake until you make it type of nigga
I'm a straight up take it type of nigga
Pistol whip a nigga 'til I break it type of nigga
I'm hard on chumps, most these dudes is fags
Put the guard on punks, push the broom up they ass
Or the knife like American meat
American Sig', it's Muslim, so I ain't feeling Bush overseas
I think with the wisdom of Malcolm, got the soul of a panther
So "By Any Means" is the anthem, you gon' have to cut me out the track
like cancer
I can't stop, won't stop, this how we do it from Philly to Shaolin
All my niggaz swap in (Yeah nigga)

[Solomon Childs]
Guns imported from Dubai, wheelchairs and shitbags
Peach Snapples and pretty scapals
Renaissance, I'll stick a pick in ya gut at the chapel
Or blow a nigga for a box of Huggies
Cop killas with a box of dummies
Gummies, stuck to the project floors
Niggaz is suited up and we ready for war
"Tooken Back"
(feat. Jacki-O)

"Tooken Back"
(feat. Jacki-O)

["Take me back, take me back, take me back..." - sample repeated throughout song]

[Ghostface Killah]
Yo, yo, yo, aiyo you brought me on Jerry just to take you back
After that bullshit you put me through a couple months back
That wasn't right, call the cops on me, and told them I had it like
"Yeah, pop the trunk, he got dope and guns"
Check for warrants, that son of a bitch on the run, I know
Three of his niggas got life, he use to roll with
And told 'em I bodied an upcoming basketball star
Once I heard that, I fell out the cop car, real hard
You bugged out, and thugged out, wanted me to take you back
That could never happen, I'm sorry
No disrespect, but you a psycho, honey
Got that S.S.I. money, and you start actin' funny
Shrimp's every night, ordering steaks
Them jumbo joints, them shits cost a buck 50 for eight
And when you told me your Merlo, need more grapes
I said "Honey, you never had wine before!"
And if you did, that's not how you act at all
And no... that's not how we rock in Theodore

[Chorus: Ghostface Killah (Jacki-O)]
Please, babe, I love you
(Take me back, I'll never do it again)
Always want you
(You know that you my lover and my best friend)
Yes, darling, it's true
(Come on, home, where you belong, let's get it on)
Please, babe, I want you....

Back to them days, when the yay' was bein' frontin' to you
Hundred thousand dollar shopping sprees wasn't nothin' to you
When three was a crowd... but I dealt with it
And your sex wasn't wild.... but I dealt with it
I always felt shitted, you should of take me back
The girl that introduced you to boy, and helped you open your stacks
I got you in South connects, for the hard grind
That's why I took mine off the top, for the hard time
You know you need me in the streets, to help you run things
And if you catch a case, you got it wrong, I'mma pawn rings
I'm your lady boo, that's what I'm suppose to do
I know when you was coppin' my Coupe, that you was coppin' two
I know when you got me the red one, that she got the blue
But the way I chew on you, you should of got me two
Now you got me in the kitchen, with your fryin' on
Tell me that you gon' move with me, I know you lyin', dog
Who loves you baby? Nobody like Jacki-O
Cook, clean, break up your weed, and I give you nasty throat
What you actin' for? Get back in the door
Come on, home, where you belong, let's get it on


[Ghostface Killah]
Yo, you know I always love you, I never meant to hurt you
Even the stress'll work you, I miss your old perfume
Promise never curse you, I want you in my circle
Honey right by my side where I keep my herbals
We both agree on no more fighting, we'll just have a verbal
The man'll treat you like a queen, I will bird you
Mother and father birthed you, if I have to hit you
Then damn, I might as well leave, cuz I don't deserve you
Watch from you face, when you sleep, let the heat disturb you
Fiendin' from the magic wand, when she 'nique and serve you
Take me please, take me with ease
Take me back, God damn, and scrape marks on my knees
'Member the first time you made my key
You was drunk, you went behind a tree and pee'd
I miss shit like that, and all of the times
We played cops, I'll arrest you in bed
Police brutality, I'll leave the side of your ass red
God damn it, is sex for real girl? Girl, we in special ed
Uh-huh... fuck that, take me back, pretty please, with you on top


[Outro: Ghostface Killah]
Yeah, yo this goes for everybody all across the world
Whether you got fired or your lover dropped you and all that
Youknowhatimsayin? Everybody wanna get tooken back
Youknowhatimean? Don't be afraid to ask, if you wanna see--
Yo, take me back, fuck it, everybody wanna get tooken back and shit
This is your man, Big Ghost, your host, signing off and shit
Theodore, I understand
(feat. Raekwon, Redman & Method Man)

(feat. Raekwon, Redman & Method Man)

[Intro: Raekwon]
Forreal? Can I get a juice, lord?
Yeah, yeah... yeah, squad niggas boy, forreal
Uh-huh, forreal, man, word, open the door, man
Hustle flow shit, yeah, aiyo, pass the cigar, lord
Come on, man, stop playing, man

We in the cabin playing backgammon, gorilla monster slammers
Brothers higher us, try us you gon' die, son
Green medicine, blow veterans
Run in Adidas store, six more valors, drawers feather skin
Haircutted up, hollering, seven through three sixes
No, we ain't the devil, where ya llama, dick?
Can't stand the other side, niggas know we rich, we color guys
Loose up your mother, true lullabies
Gangsta ever readies, take off my shirt, no batteries, nigga
Just one mean magnum killer
Snowmobiles jetting out the Timber, feel Chef altitude
Yo, I can't breathe, check the splendor
Brazilian honey dip, I'm on my rifle day, nigga
Times is roughing, Timberland cuffing
One knee up, G up all the re-up
Hope we can pull it back, my throat my only weapon, blow the beat up

[Ghostface Killah]
Stuff pillow pads in the rat holes, reduce that faggot ass nigga
Who wanna jump like a frog to a tadpole
Gag it up, sliding through the ER, batted up
A tube in your dick, you can't piss when standing up
Hands is shaking, doctors is taken to operating
"Nah, he might not live!" So they start debating
You in bad shape, in the neck of New York
Your slithering ways, lay with you a bad snake
Smash bake, eight stab holes in your shoulder blades
You wilding on the stretcher and shit, bitch trynna hold your legs
Nah don't hold his legs, tell that bitch ass nigga to chill
Put something in his meat like boiling eggs
Got gophers that sleep in the woods, car hard down
Padlock your bow-legged spot, where your rocks now?
You ain't moving no crack, you'se a moving ass rat
After you lay up in that morgue, I'mma fuck your back
Yeah, nigga, die slow with your smirk on
Night-night lights, dim it down, get your mirk on
Later I see you in hell, get your bird on
Filled with embalming fluid, get your serve on

My sherm on in the hood when I ride by
My eyes looking like I learned how to skydive
The world is yours, there's rules you abide by
Ride with the fly guy on I-95
They said a nigga return, but I never left
I told Big L through me, he could resurrect
I'm that nigga like Puff in L-O-X
I took one L and life is still Double X
Brick City where I bleed on the streets at
The E's in M&M's, I need a (Relapse)
And bitches, grab my mic, give me feedback
Reggie you an asshole, baby I be that
Yeah, I get cocky when the beat pumping
You know you doing it when your tire lip running
I keep a freak and I call chicken McNugget
Cuz this (Superbad) nigga, she McLovin'

[Method Man]
Fiends get killed in my hallways, we parle
My feet been killing me all day
Your boy down for lot, like them killas in raw way
It's all work and no play, cuz this block ain't nothing like Broadway
Revenge is sweeter then sorbet, you all become believers
Once this heaters in your face, just a part of my funk swear
Ya'll don't want no part of the gun spray
I would hate to pull it in one stray
That's where the innocents by stand, we trapped inside these tenements like damn
Why mama trynna feed us this spiced ham
Connects trynna cheat us with light grams
Co-defendants try to lighten they sentence, snitching to white man
Turned state evidence, fam, we ain't jellin'
Felons ain't felons no more, they straight tellin'
Ain't nothing worse than a rat, you can't smellin'
And ain't nothing worse than a track, you can't sellin'
(feat. Missy Elliott)

(feat. Missy Elliott)

[Intro: Missy Elliott]
Oohhh... This that fire! Ghostface and Missy

[Ghostface Killah]
Somebody tell that girl that her ass too big
I give it to her right and she let me live
Can't eat that, cuz there's no relationship
I beat that, the next day you called in sick
Frontin', not for nothin', I pop buttons
Off Baby Phat, Levi's, J.Lo's, Guess and Gap
Cuz it's like that, young lady, bet I make you shake
Like the Puffy and Jay-Z's, Dre's and J.D.'s
Come on, if not you, I'mma beat this song
But if you were bout it, our business wouldn't be here this long
Let me break it down for you, all I wanted to know
If I could just feel it and touch it, and break it down into numbers and
Come with me and just leave your friends
Cuz we don't need no cock blocking
Tellin' you this without no option
Tell your friends "Peace, look, I'm bouncin'"

[Chorus: Missy Elliott (Ghostface Killah)]
Tush, tush, tush
Wanna slide in the bush, bush, bush?
(I'm on top, you like push, push, push
Keep it low like shush, shush, shush)
You wanna get up in my tush, tush, tush?
You could slide in the bush, bush, bush
(I'm on top, you like push, push, push
Keep it low like shush, shush, shush)
You wanna get up in that tush, tush, tush?
Wanna slide in my bush, bush, bush
(I'm on top, you like push, push, push
Keep it low like shush, shush, shush)

[Ghostface Killah]
Oh yeah, you jinglin' baby (well let me jump up on that ding-a-ling baby)
Ooh, gosh, you a nasty girl, sassy
Picture me layin' you inside my classic pearls
Toes'll curl, giddy up, you go girl
I'm about to, uh, do it slow girl
Ooh, you in control, it's in your world
She on, I think I like ol' girl
Take it out, turn around
Charlie horse, shit, threw me off balance
Wildin', all I wanted was to show you my talent
To let you know on how I rep in Staten Island
This is the reason I came to you
So we can connect it then kick it was the thing to do
Cuz we don't need no representation
Domination, got them waitin' patient

[Break: Ghostface Killah]
Now this is the way ya'll suppose to
To get dowwnnnnnnnn, ya'll ain't right
Somebody say "Aha! Ghost is back!"

[Missy Elliott]
Pull back the curtain, let me work your sermon
Playboy don't hurt me like a virgin
You seem real determined to put a hurtin'
But if you ain't slurpin', then you better off jerkin'
You got a lot of nerve, to wanna serve my curves
My 36D, 36 hips
The way I shoot the gift, I swallow coke bottles
And you would swear it was Lil' Kim lips
Eh, I really like you baby
Do you know how to wife this lady?
Give me what I want, don't talk, don't touch
Unless you got a bank account that make my face blush
Now shush... in my bush
And I can give you what you want, make a whoosh
Just throw it, I'll show you how to push
Kinky sex, tie ropes around your wrist
Come on..


[Outro: Missy Elliott]
Come on... hah... oh..
Come on... hah... oh... aha-ha
Oh... aha-ha... whoo!
Come on!


[Ghostface Killah]
Aiyyo I'm lost underwater
I see a pink dog with a crystal handle, so I keep swimmin
Amazed that I'm not drownin
Butterflies took control when I arrived, I opened the door
No I knocked first, I'm not on my turf
I seen a ray of lights that resemble live fireworks
Some mermaids with Halle Berry haircuts flashin they tail
Like follow me now, don't be afraid
I'ma show you where all the djinns and spirits pray
If you scared to face this life you shouldn't stay
So I kept on swimmin, grabbed on to her fin to help me out
As we got close I seen the boat all shot up with his anchor out
Then she asked me politely what I'm thinkin about
I said nuttin - she said nuttin leaves nuttin
If you fill me up bet this'll bring that out
I seen rubies, diamonds, smothered under octopus
Jellyfish sharks soar, aquaproof pocketbook
Pearls on the mermaid girls
Gucci belts that they rock for no reason from a different world
Up ahead lies Noah's Ark, but that's waves away
And way to the right, that's one of our bangin spas
She quoted I took notice, Spongebob in the Bentley Coupe
Bangin the Isleys, he slow backed up
Then he passed me swoop, seen his chick eyein me hard
He got vexed and smacked his boo
Took off, continued my travels
Seen a rock from the Titanic
Lookin fat and nah it wasn't damaged
Then I seen somethin real big, sky blue and gold
with whitewalls, behind a large city
That was lost before Christ walked the walk
upon the waters that's so bright
Everytime we got close the mermaid held on tight
All I heard was "Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar"
"Bismillah ar-Rahman, ar-Raheem, Allah screamed"
That we heard from afar, everyone selat
And the world's banginest minds got crowded in
With life that I can't explain
They said sir yes I'm glad you came, greeted me with Qu'rans and Torahs
Prayed after that we said amen
"Walk Around"

"Walk Around"

[Intro - chorus plays along with the intro]
Get the mic on
I don't know what happened, son
I just lost my mind, son
It's like I wasn't strong, G, I couldn't hold it when I seen it
A nigga flesh on me, I can't really-- I couldn't hold it, G
I don't know, I'mma, listen, no I went like this, nigga

I walk around acting strange, like a man in a daze
People talking to me and calling my name
But I don't hear a word they say...

[Ghostface Killah]
It was him, the cornerstore and a buttered roll
The shit dropped when I gave him two stomach holes
One to the face, he fell sideways
I was up close, so part of his nose was stuck to my padres
Standin' over him shakin', kid, screamin'
He slapped my girl, that's the reason why I was f'in to lean 'im
Everything got real slow, I ain't hear shit, my word
At least 40 seconds, I stay dead stiff
I pound him with the gun out, Big Din came, opened my hand
Removed the gun and the 16 spun out
He floored past 90 on the BQE
I threw up all on his door, splashed his Gucci seats
I couldn't speak, I'm in a state of shock
About now there should be yellow tape on the block, a raid at my spot
Hey, yo, I feel a li'l bugged out, insane, I lost my mind
People tellin' me, Ghost, you actin' mad strange

[Interlude - chorus plays along with interlude]
See what I'm sayin'? I don't know, I just don't feel right
Havin' flashbacks, bugged out, man, knahmean?
Nah, I don't wanna go to the clinic, I don't want the hospital, son
You know, I just feel like I'm lost, reality, man, y'knahmean?
My face feels numb, son


[Ghostface Killah]
Flashbacks to me blowin' his brains out
All I remember's my shirt, I couldn't get them goddamned stains out
Oxy cleans wheat 'round the chest area
Righthand side, I'm pluckin' off li'l pieces of meat
And my goons want me to bounce to Tennessee
But I said no, I got these two snow-bunnies in Venice Beach
On the low, son, I sleep with the hawk, in East New York
'Round my man Killa' way where all the murderers walk
Manhunt, police searches, swat ran in my crib
Battering rams, early mornin', yo, waking my kids
Now my aunt gotta stay wit' my wiz
She paranoid, havin' anxiety attacks 'cause of these pigs
Plus my connect, they goin' crazy, they try'na slay me
I told 'em, Friday I'll have they money, faggots try'na play me
I'll never eat up out a garbage can
I'll Larry Davis a cop, and if I make it alive, it was the Father's plan

[Outro 1 - outro 2 plays along with outro 1]
I ain't goin' nowhere, I ain't goin' nowwhere, I'm aight, I'm aight
But I know one thing, if anybody touch me, I'm blowin' they head smooth off
Cops, connects, I don't give a fuck, they gon' feel that Eagle, they gon' feel that Desert
They gon' feel that Bulldog, y'knahmean? I don't give a fuck
Don't put me in no mental clinics, it ain't nothin', y'knahmean?
If I make it out alive, I make it out alive, if not, fuck it
Yo, I can't take this shit no more, it's too hype
Niggas thinkin' I'm buggin' out, I ain't buggin'
Y'all niggaz'd be buggin' out too if you had somebody's flesh on you
Motherfuckers, fuck ya'll niggaz, I ain't goin' crazy
Sleepin' on couches and shit... I'm goin' back outside, fuck ya'll niggaz, man

[Outro 2]
I walk around acting strange, like a man in a daze
People talking to me and calling my name
But I don't hear a word they say
I walk around acting strange, like a man in a daze
People talking to me and calling my name
But I don't hear a word they say
I know my Mother's worried about me
'Cause they might have to put me away at any time
'Cause when my baby packed up her clothes and left me
She oh! I believe she took my mind...
"Walking Through The Darkness"
(feat. Tekitha)

"Walking Through The Darkness"
(feat. Tekitha)

[Intro: Ghostface]
Yeah you are now listening to the sounds of Ghost Radio
777 FM, we in God dimension
Sponsored by Stark Enterprise
Shout out to everybody on Staten Island
Don't touch that dial...

Ay yo, ay yo, my name's on your roster kid, I mean business
Big elevators mean big businesses
Sleeves rolled up around five, I, loosen my tie
Rough day though the stock was high
Plus I'm hungry, move like the boss of the joint
I know it don't mean nothing 'cuz I brought the joint
But still, realer hits, card dealin' shits
Bass lips, murder topics, niggas ain't shit
So what, I had a rough day?
That's right, and if y'all don't like it
then motherfuck, ya'll is Ghost in da house!
Make noise if it's C.R.E.A.M. in da house!
Aww shit now, fly coffee tables, haircuts dust
Money this long, you wish you could roll with us
Supersoak us, your bitch chose us
Be sure to stay away from friends you can't trust

[Tekitha (Ghostface)]

It's been so long
(Yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh)
Since he had a true friend
(That's right, that's right)
True friends are sure hard to come by
But then again
His loyalties lie within
Always kept his head to the sky
And they can't see... no n-n-no-no
(Check it..I want all y'all...remember this? Yo...c'mon, c'mon)
They can't see him walking through the darkness... no-n-n-no-no
(Ooha-ooha! yo, Ooha-ooha! uh-huh, yeah, Ooha-ooha! Ooha-ooha!)
They can't see him walking through the darkness

Yo, yo, yo, the new President America
Flash money, act funny
Party, ride the bubbly
Goons and thugs, double hennessey
One shot to the nose, double energy
I don wallabees, fucking remember me
Guess who's back? The W embassy!
Even in the dark we electricity, rap celebrities for the longevity
Staten and Manhattan, that's all liberty
B.E.T, MTV always big on me
That I rock coliseums, cop a drop BM
Drunk throw his dick out on stage, I gotta see 'im
[Then he sung:]
Ha! Let's get druuunnnnk! Ha!
Let's get drunk and hiiiiiiiIIIIIIGH yeahhhh!

[Ghostface (Tekitha)]
Yeah, yeah, uh-huh, throw your hands in the air, throw your hands in the air
(They can't see him walking through the darkness)
Like this y'all, like that y'all... c'mon, yeah
(c'mon, no-o-o they can't see him walking through the darkness)
Yeah... ma, c'mon boo... yeah that's right... motherfucka
(No-o-o, they can't see him walking through the darkness)
Yeah... c'mon ma, rock that sick... that's right yo, look at ?? over there
C'mon, c'mon we breakin' it down
(Ooh no-o, they can't see him walking through, walking through)
Uh-huh, these are the best dancers in the house tonight,
Ladies and gentlemen give them a round of applause
(No, and the earth, they can't explain... on his road to become... become)
Uh-huh, that's how I like it, that's right, listening to the sounds of Ghost
It's like that y'all... Staten Island, New York
(the chased and get hazed)
New York in the house, make some noise!
(but ???)
"We Celebrate"
(feat. Cocoa Chanelle, Kid Capri, Trife Da God)

"We Celebrate"
(feat. Cocoa Chanelle, Kid Capri, Trife Da God)

[Intro: Kid Capri]
Oh yeah.. as we celebrate hip-hop, baby
Oh yeah.. as we celebrate hip-hop, baby, whoa
Yeah, it's Ghostface and the man Kid Capri
Let's celebrate New York, around the world, and
Yo, Ghostface, go in heavy, man, let's do it

[Chorus 1: Ghostface Killah (Rare Earth "I Just Want to Celebrate" sample)]
(I just want to celebrate) Like my squad won the Super Bowl
(I just want to celebrate) Like we bangin on New Years Eve yall
(I just want to celebrate) Like we just beat trial
(I just want to celebrate) We hype for just bein here

[Ghostface Killah]
Stones on every arm, the crib is ten million
The corks from Dom Perignon can't reach my ceiling
Four maids with four grenades
When the sun's in my face, all I do is lower the walls for shade
The pool's a pain in the ass, fifty grand on Windex kid
They keep it clean the whole bottom is glass
So you can see the sharks and piranhas, a pair of pajamas
That's my neighbor, the faggot disresepecting my mama
No cars in the garage, it's underground shit
They way the floor open up you think I'm hiding spaceships
French chefs, the best grapes on they breath
Louie aprons on the Yank cats, the puffy cooks the rest
Besides I got birds that never leave the nest
They fuck with me, I'll watch em confess, then I'll go rest
Get back up deposit them checks
Muthafuckas fuckin up a good time by snappin your necks, come on

[Chorus 2: Ghostface Killah (Rare Earth sample)]
(I just want to celebrate) Like my baby's first steps you heard
(I just want to celebrate) Like my first time platinum yall
(I just want to celebrate) Like my first piece of nookie, Uhh
(I just want to celebrate) We hype for just bein here

[Ghostface Killah (Cocoa Channelle)]
Money for everybody, candy to the kids
Catch me on dateline, Starky too big
I'm like a mannequin, I stay jig
Mansion parties for all star weekend in my L.A. crib
We can to party, run out of Goose we got Dollies
Shorties wettin me, check out her body, uhh
Throw up your hands like it's your birthda, mommy
Let's celebrate, now I got her girlfriends behind me
Now I'm in the middle, watch is all chiseled
I can holla at the birds like Dr. Dolittle
(What's that in your pocket Ghost?) a Dill pickle
(Not that) oh that's the forty-five stainless nickel
I'm pullin a green, gotta G for the biggest ass
On the floor who look right in them jeans
If you fat, I might take one for the team
But I gotta get drunk first knowhatimean, come on

[Chorus 3: Ghostface Killah (Rare Earth sample)]
(I just want to celebrate) Like we won the Power Ball money
(I just want to celebrate) Tony Starks won an Oscar yall
(I just want to celebrate) Like all of my goons just came home
(I just want to celebrate) We bout to have a good year

[Ghostface Killah (Cocoa Channelle)]
Na-na-na-na-nah, you can't catch me
I'm out like Thomas in, in a five-fifty
Police be fiendin to frisk me
I'm so legit I walk away with the car keys pissy
Back at the labo, shorty wop need a Dutch
He fuckin wit a Goose dick, tonight I'ma beat it up
Your thing to wet, you sure you ain't seeded up
(That's how I get Ghost, especially when you eat it up)
My goodness gracious, ass is flirtatious
Move it around like a snake miss or sexy waitress
Ghost don't have no patience
I like you, I usually change chicks like radio stations
I'm, definitely not lookin for love
But if you give it to me right now I might say I was
You can chill if you want I got crazy bud
But before we do what it do, go jump in the tub, come on

[Chorus 4: Trife Da God (Rare Earth sample) {Ghostface Killah}]
(I just want to celebrate) Throw ya hands up nigga
(I just want to celebrate) Pop the 'pagne, pop the cork
(I just want to celebrate) Representin on the streets of New York
(I just want to celebrate) {We bout to have a good year}

[Outro: Kid Capri]
Yeah, we gets it in, gets it in, gets it in
New York, we been had it, we gets it in
Outta town we fuckin' up but gets it in
Worldwide we doin', we gets it in
The Ghostface, Kid Capri, I gets it in
That's no joke, when we here, we get it in
No kidding, in the building, getting it in
All day, getting it in...
"We Made It"
(feat. Chip Banks, Hell Razah, Superb)

"We Made It"
(feat. Chip Banks, Hell Razah, Superb)

"Tony Starks fights again for survival,
and by just a thin thread of electric current
wins another victory."

[Superb (Ghostface)]
Ugh, c'mon, yeah, c'mon y'all
(Bounce wit us) Hip-hop
(What? Celebrities, what?)
(Street corner) For all my niggas
Crack spot niggas
[Chip Banks starts to sing "we made it"]
Chicken ass mothafuckas, envious bitches
Yo, you know what y'all...

Make me wan' pop sumthin', no champagne
Two-five on me, weed and crack stalk me
Bitch motherfucker tried to get a rep' off me
Leave him there, never know, get him off me
I remember days when we just fucked bitches
Bought a lot of clothes and just played the ave.
Now we rap niggas with a lot of wardrobes
and if we want a nigga dead we pay the cash
I ain't tryin to waste my career on y'all
Even scuffle with y'all, waste gear on y'all
But if I gotta go out, you know I'ma show out
You gon' fuck around and get your whole back blown out
I remember on the Island, can't tone out
The mess hall crawler, about to zone out
Dumb motherfuckers with our microphone out
We just dumb motherfuckers with our microphone out

[Chip Banks]
See.. see.. see me
I roll with Ghost and cats that carry they toast and
make the post and from pagin, sin astasian
When it's time to bust off them things, it ain't a game man
We rocked out own diamond rings, see them 'Bling, Bling'
Got big boy toys, Porsche, Sixes
Dime bitches, told y'all before we import those
Jury stay froze, court cases get closed
Niggas hate Nino cuz how fast I roast them
Like George Jefferson and em, steppin on em
The headline read, "Starks had the weapon on em"
The best, what y'all expect? He a vet
Plus the best, now tell me how we gon' foul
when we dealin with 'Supreme Clientele'

[Chorus: Superb - American Cream Team x2]
From Riker's Island to the Camay Island
We thugs like, life is the same challenge
Do the knowledge, recognize your talent
And if you live the streets, you better stay silent

[Ghostface Killah]
Yo, spotted at a mirage, Ghostface walked by groupies
Minkal monk stars, I come in cat, invades Mars
Hallyed at a sanctuary, first dent placed upon entry
Fainted when the book mentioned me
Keep ballin, new systems, high sciences
Drop that, Ghost listenin, the track sizzlin
Angelica, Judey Plum for bitches, Goines king of the century
Best sellers, but niggas stay together
Posted up trucks, leanin on the Benz
Cinemax smile shot in thrity-five lens
You program, broke bottles of Dom
Seven inch bangles, back breakers
I'm a dope feed, look at my art, Popeye strength
Rap with a British accent, Gucci clothes
Dennis Coles in the latest fashions
Blow backs in, flip raps like fourty-eight bundles
Dinner plates, deadly front gates, celeb Brian Gumble

[Hell Razah]
Interlapse this in like Deniro, words in your center earhole
Blocks of ice like Sub-Zero, we been right since day zero
Shatter your soul like glass windows
Turn verses to nymphos, pop these hollows at fake cats in a Tahoe
Wild out, throw your liquor bottles at hood rats to the richest models
We conversate like Christ and the twelve apostles
Livin life without you, can't count you as great men
Murderers in the state pen', bein caged in
The wage is a sin, before they read up they pop our tape in
You ain't gotta tuck you chain in cuz here we want the head of Satan
Durags and our pants hangin

[Chip Banks starts to sing "we made it" again]

Uh-huh, uh-huh
That's right y'all
Street corners
Jail niggas
Riker's Island
Ge-Grey Haven
Big Un
That's right y'all
Word up
All y'all, all y'all crumbs
We made it, nigga
Step the fuck off
True indeed, true indeed
Yeah, Ready Red
That's right, my nigga Born
That's right yo
Lil' Free in the feds
That's right, you'll be home nigga
Yeah, we made it
Yeah, C Allah, word up
That's fam
Yeah, check it out
Staten Island
True indeed
Five boroughs
Check it, uh-huh
(feat. Tash Mahogany)

(feat. Tash Mahogany)

[Kool G. Rap:]
You ain't sayin' nothing slick to a can of oil
Tell your man to tell his man that his man's a girl
I holds weight, ya'll niggas skinny like Olive Oil
We throws atleast half a ki' in the pot to boil
Royal niggas, rags to riches
Because your boy breaks bitches like glasses, dishes
Burn money like I put it in some grass and spliffed it
If I don't get my man that's passed, it's not misses
Female donkeys, ya'll niggas ass and dickless
Hard white rap, just some foil like chiclets
Never had a wife, you better settle for the mistress
The truth like Al Capone dying for the syphlis
Cross me, you name flying on the hit list
Ya'll niggas buck, won't even pop a clutch on the gear shift
That ain't the hard pose, nigga, you just scared stiff
I'm on my grizzly, you might walk right into bear shit
You rock your pants too tight, get off that queer shit
No turning back when it's on, I ain't trynna hear shit
Like the coast guard, I got them choppers than can airlift

[Chorus: Tash Mahogany]
Sword, don't you know what you bring?
You destroy everything - all the blood that you give to men
There's, no excuse I could give - we just all want to live
All the war that you bring to men
War - is comin' home - takes families
War - I'm not a great big fan of it
War - is something that is scandalous
Oh no – oh no
War - is comin' by air, land, & sea
War - is man's insanity
This world... for sure...
Must stop - this world of war

[Ghostface Killah:]
Tell ya fake niggas don't get me involved, my back is chunky
Four-five hanging out the jeans, is crunchy
Facial hair beard, looking like Abe Lincoln
Stand next to you and my jewels look like ya cage is shrinking
Love sweets like a dope fiend, nodder with fat hands
Keep birds around me, they be calling me Batman
Precisely I pop like cheap luggage, prefusely bleeding
Word on the streets is you lost three buckets
Fuck it, you keep dying, I'm into red diamonds
Rob me, bitch, I have your whole hood crying
Lighting candles on the street like, 'why you trying? '
Oh lord, why you had to lullabye him
His jewels is cursed, his seeds is first
When he do shows, he pop a wheelie off his murst
Six three, medium built, tall like Lurch
While ya'll faggots be sleep, he be putting in work

That's his absorbance stance, I got it down to a glance
It's war, I got the biggest gun down my pants, pants
Got a rock, rocket in my pocket
For to knock ya head right out the socket
Turn teardrops to smile, been glanced this spare child
Spra ya gallon of mace in your face, burn off your 'brows
No phone home, you dribbling, we stone ya sibling
Get my bloods from Tilden, to burn your building
Poison tip dagger sword, chop through your collar bone
No, you don't got a fucking chance to holler home
Nice dream, your sliced spleen, cut through your ice bling
G-O-D, heats, melts you like it's ice cream
I'm not vanilla, I'm black panther chinchilla
My cousin's an orangutan, my brother's a gorilla
The other's a ape, he turn a rainbow straight
Get you trapped in the jungle now you can't escape
War it is, that's the biz, glock pop, plops the feds
Split your wig, crack your whip, smack your wiz, blast your 'quip
Chains and whips, planes and ships, guns, swords and flintstones
And bricks, munch, clothes and kicks, you know it's