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"The Get Back"

"The Get Back"

[Verse 1:]
Who want to bet us that they can't fuck with us
Stack cheddar forever, live treacherous, all the etceteras
Until the death of us me and my confidantes, we shine
We make the ambiance you niggas just rhyme
You little niggas need guidance you barking up the wrong trees
Pissing on the wrong hydrants, on my hyphens
I grew up around violence, you grew up playing violins
In your hood silence, where I'm from sirens
They just killed this vibe, they just killed this vibe
There's something about killing shit that makes us feel alive
We feed off your energy, we see you on that Kenny G
Just tooting your own horn, do your thing my N I G
Whenever you (ven aqui) to that mighty NYC
We gon' check that name you claim, bring your YACK! and I.D
We take it the wrong way, all gold everything
One gold watch, two gold chains, give me all those - everything
Y'all don't want to bump heads, (Ocho), Everlane
Them boys will leave you butt naked, the mall closed and everything
The (Streets Is Watching) asking if you gon' reply to them
Seems like I woke up sleeping giants - Eli and them

A major comeback up from my minor setback
They still don't know we living just thinking about the get back
The get back [x8]
I crack a smile knowing God has a day for me
Until that day comes I slay these niggas faithfully
The get back [x8]

[Verse 2:]
I'm like Nino with the uzi back of the motorcycle heading
To get back at them Italians who killed Keisha at the wedding
I'm like dough boy looking for Ricky's killer - one last soldier
Niggas who turn they backs on me turn your punk ass over
Y'all smoked my cousin Harold, now I'm in the Camaro
Loving and Happiness playing, me and my dog with this double barrel
38, 40 belows, live or die motherfucker
I'm Pac, you Rademez, "Riverside Motherfucker!"
The get back everybody better get back, tell my niggas in the jet black
Until the seats let back on your jet back, if you're a gambling man you could bet that
It's a sure thing not just a New York thing or a rich or a poor thing
It's a lace your boots pull your drawstring who want to go to war thing
It's a who gon' protect your thing who really want it more thing
Putting legends in coffins and some bullet holes in the door thing
It's a nobody saw things, street cold not a law thing
It's kids that wasn't taught things, old ladies like poor thing
Poor thing and the get back is important
Poor thing for the dead homies we poor 'paign
Like what you say while it's cocked back to him
Guess what goes around comes around got back to him


Now these motherfuckers smoked your God damn cousin in front of you nigga!
Blew his head off in front of your face and you ain't gon' do shit?
You acting like a little bitch right now nigga!
Man fuck that I ain't letting that shit ride!
We gon' go in there and smoke all these motherfuckers I don't care who the fuck out there!
Goddamnit! Is you down nigga?
"The Hope"
(feat. Jadakiss)

"The Hope"
(feat. Jadakiss)

[Verse 1 - Jadakiss:]
Don't make me put one of y'all in the grave
I'm playing with money, y'all niggas save
The pain I'm a cause is something y'all counldn't face
A couple niggas shot cause one of y'all niggas brave
Rushing him to the ER, rushing me to the stage
This The Soul Tape 3, nothing we need to say
Leave the handguns at home, fuck 'em, just bring the K's
For the homies in the county with nothing that's eating trays
Since I started eating my motto is eat away
Top 5 is always followed by DOA
Thought I was on top when I bottled a key of yay
Then I went straight from the block to the VMA's
The way the hands move on the clock you'd be amazed
You just feel the burn, nigga. you don't see the blaze
Take a good look at my eyes, you see the haze
Right left, life or death, either way
Same tough guys will cry when they see you laid
Never show your hand, they dying to see your spades
I'm married to the game, you dying to get engaged
You only gangster when the lions is in the cage (coward)
Your life's worth nothing, the goons had it appraised
I might do the ray for maroon with the beige
Bad bitch with me, Louie with the shades
If you ain't self employed than truly you a slave

[Verse 2 - Fabolous:]
Tooly to your waves, brain on your winter coat
Niggas burning bridges then expecting you to send a boat
If I'm coming at your neck think a bullet in the throat
Never gone forget you niggas, got 'em written in my notes
I'm a send the goons, a snitch gone. send the folks
They gone kill you just cause, don't make me send the locs
New blue hundreds spending c-notes
Fresh pair of Timbs, vintage pea-coats
I'm a stand up nigga, never been a joke
Riding since pedal bikes with reflectors and the spokes
I snuck up from behind, put the game in a yolk
You apply a little pressure and them rookies finna choke
Niggas looking washed up, it's something in the soap
You looking like Adrien Broner in the ropes
My shoes is 2 racks, I should be in the slopes
Might come through in bubble same way they send the pope
Parading down 5th Ave like I'm in a float
That new H50 push button like remote
Control is hard to have, especially when you broke
They sleeping because they eating, but you hungry and you woke
Shorty mouth wet, but her strength is in the stroke
Greatest of all time so her name has been the goat
She say you got the people waiting for it then it's dope
The game is fucked up, but if you back then it's hope, nigga
"The Plug"

"The Plug"

Mi amor usted no sabe cuanto lo quiero

She callin' me Fablo
She think that I'm Pablo
She watch too much Narcos
She think I'm the Narcos
I buy till the bar close
I hit Neiman Marcus
Fuck a Wells Fargo
It's stacks in my cargos
Griselda Blanco, she got the donk though
Whippin' that foreign like it's the Bronco
I'm on the highway like I caught a body
Me and compadre smokin' beats by Dre, loud to the head
Takin' loud to the head
First we count up the blessin's
Then we count up the bread
I can count on the squad
I can count 'em like one, two, three
Everything gotta run through me
You know Jefe the one to see

Don't you get comfortable nigga
Cause that's when they come for you nigga
Not here to comfort you nigga
Lay you like comforter nigga
You know where I come from my nigga
I am from the iron jungle my nigga
I done seen the lions rumble my nigga
Listen up you Brian Gumbel ass niggas
Young OG is back to humble you niggas

I got what you want, I know what you want
I got what you need, I know what you need
I got what you like, I know what you like
I got what you love, I am your plug
She fell in love, she fell in love
She want the plug, she want the plug
She fell in love, she want the plug
She fell in love, she want the plug

She givin' me Besos, she feelin' my dress code
I blame Ernesto, it's your fault Ernesto
Took me to the west coast, linked me with Nate Dogg
I gotta cook up now, ain't no marinate dog
It's no time to wait dog, wait dog, wait dog
We done sellin' weight dog, weight dog, weight dog
If I fell away dog, they feel a way dog
They come with AK's dog, like it's Kuwait dog
All we know is B.I.T.E., we aggressive sharks
Don't you ask us nothin', fuck a question mark
Flyest nigga in it, spit the freshest bars
This is Narco swag, call me Freshcobar

I got what you want, I know what you want
I got what you need, I know what you need
I got what you like, I know what you like
I got what you love, I am your plug
She fell in love, she fell in love
She want the plug, she want the plug
She fell in love, she want the plug
She fell in love, she want the plug

Leave me some head, she need a plug
Fuckin' me good, she need a plug
Holdin' me down, she be the plug
Whatever I need, she be the plug
Que lo que esta pasando
Te necesito tanto, te extraño
Por favor regresa Pablo
Pablo en la calle no hay amigos
Porque no me contesta
Usted lo sabe que yo lo amo, regresa
Pablo yo lo amo y no te podemos perder
Por favor tenga mucho cuidado porque la calle es mala
Y aqui hay muchos traicioneros, regrese
Pablo tu estas mejor, yo lo amo para toda la vida, mi amor
Cuanto lo quiero
Pablo Frescobar
"The Wake"

"The Wake"

It really was all Drama's fault, I been had the mixtape done
He's like, yeah, that's cool but I'm 'bout to go to the Bahamas
Bahamas? Nigga, we got work to do
We gotta finish killin' the fuckin' competition
We can start the funeral service

First off I wanna send my condolences
First off I wanna send my condolences
First off I wanna send my condolences
Rest in peace to the competition, yeah

Rest in peace to the competition
What's up, Drama? Y'all know what this is right?

Da, da grillz, da, da, da grillz
Da, da grillz, da, da, da grillz
Da, da grillz, da, da, da grillz
Da, da grillz, da, da, da, da, da

I am logged on to fuck niggas dot com
And I am everything these fuck niggas, not Drama
I am logged on to fuck niggas dot com
And I am everything these fuck niggas, not Drama

Must be some confusion, you niggas are not me
I am an illusion, really what you cannot see
So picture me like a paparazzi, H dot N dot I dot C
We don't play when we roll, no Yahtzee
And I hate you niggas, no Nazi

But this the holocaust, rap genocide, yeah
Ike Turner take that bitch slaps in the ride
My shorty tellin' me, kill the competition boo
And I be tellin' her There Is No Competition 2, nice

There Is No Competition 2
It's good to wake up look in the mirror
And the only competition's you

And even that nigga ain't seein' me
My reflection have a hard time bein' me
So they tryna do me shit, it's time to dead it
I'm what ya don't do even if Simon said it

I kill 'em with the shine, yeah, these black diamond's credit
And my watch is sick but I have no time for medics
Black ice in the Ottomar, this is custom order bra
First I call the jeweler up, then I call the coroner

My car is foreigner, my bitch is from Florida
I killed the pussy last night so now her man is mournin' her

Good mornin', sir, I goodnight, niggas
Y'all on death row, I Suge Knight, niggas
Time to depart, I book flights, nigga
Wassup son? What it look like, nigga?

Black dress, black suits, black shades, black boots
Black truck, black coupe, guns blow, black flutes
Black card, black jewels, black party bag
Black Friday, throw it in a body bag

Black Barbie, that's what I call my black braud
African plug, that's what I call a black chord
Get ya sharps, get ya flats, that's the black keys
Gettin' slick'll get ya holes in ya black tees

Black limos, black town cars, black hearses
Black register books signed in black cursive
Black tears, white tissues outta black purses
That's procedure when I'm sendin' back verses

The wake, it's the wake right here
Come before the funeral, nigga
They call me funeral fab, nigga, a.k.a Young Funeral
I'm killing these niggas

And I'm the undertaker, Drama
With the body in the bag
All these niggas is dead
You look around, they're all dead

This will be fun, it's tree fam nigga, affiliates, nice
"The Way "Intro""

"The Way "Intro""

I said..fuck em all, muthafuck em all
Ya'll done turned a good guy into a Chuckie doll
I would've been your friend till the end bitch
Guess there ain't no friends in this shit bidness
Just a bunch of assholes in the shit bidness
But they won't flush me down the toilet bowl without my tissue
These bitches talk shit out the same mouth they kiss you
These niggas kiss ass with the same mouth that diss you
Eww, you niggas disgust me
And they ain't talkin bout shit unless they discuss me
Let's talk about how, I'm killin errything I touches
Or how I walked in this game with no crutches
No Diddy, No Dupri, No Dr. Dre
No Cash Money from Baby and no rocs from Jay
And I'm still here
We still here
What does this break dude?..It's still here
And dude talk, concernin New York
When I was runnin the city you was learnin to walk
So I watched you niggas take they first steps
And I was happy for ya, daddy was clappin for ya
But, wasn't for me prolly wouldnt've happened for ya
So I rest my case
I'm a rappin lawyer
That's unless you wanna talk bad bitches
Section full of bridezillas, that's mad bitches
No words, I describe em with letters best
They pretty as can be, curvy as the letter "S"
They keep it G, they sweet as T
Look good in the passenger seat of V
They ride double R, smell like double C
The Bags are L.V., D, or a double G
Fly as hell, shades wire cell
On E, sippin P.J., high as hell
And please don't even talk about swag
I'm cool and collective
A Fool with perspective
I'm far from being typical my respect is reciprocal
I already came up
You still on the zipper pull
And I would say my style is 5th Fab meets Brooklyn
I keep the hood watchin, I got the streets lookin
They watch what I do, so they know what to do
Lil money never told big money what to do
Money talks, if you speak guapanese
A language better known if you gettin cheddar holmes
If not get a loan, use that like Rosetta Stone
And that way you can holla bout a dolla
I hear em cryin broke, they holla like a toddler
Come holla at yo gualla, dont holla at sovallas
You'll end up down under tryna holla at Koalas
I keep that nine on me, ala Iguodala
We can get it jumpin like the drolics on Impala
I feel like Neno lettin em rock wallas off the colla
Somebody tell me something, What the fuck happened?
Somebody talk to me, muthafuck rappin
They infiltrated the game, but who let in the pookies?
Kingpins is snitchin that shit is not lookey
So fuck new friends unless they stay solo
Cuz who gon' watch you back after you kill Manolo?
Isn't it ironic Santana's own fella stabbed him
The king of New York die while I yellow cabbed him
No Carlito's way
When I spot a hater drop him like a hot potatoe
Youahead, got me later
Yeah I keep it gangsta but Im'ma do it my way
The new day of the week is called My day
So its my say, Pass my K
I'm thru talkin
"The World Is Yours Freestyle"

"The World Is Yours Freestyle"

(Whose world is this?)
The world is yours, the world is yours
(It's mine, it's mine, it's mine
Whose world is this?
It's mine, it's mine, it's mine
Whose world is this?)
Yo the world is yours, the world is yours
(It's mine, it's mine, it's mine
Whose world is this?)

Ayo I can't stop til I kill 'em now that's dedication
You slow niggas get .38 special education
You ask who the sickest and in need of medication
They ain't gotta think too hard, ain't no need for meditation
It's me and my federation, flowing with steady pacing
I'm a nightmare on Fridays, call me Freddy Jason
I'm ill with it, sometimes I lay in bed like patients
But can't sleep at night, the thoughts in my head are racing
'Bout niggas having runs and forget the Feds are patient
They jog behind niggas when they out here cheddar chasin'
Wait til your legs are tired, flip a regular buyer
Crack 'em and watch you scramble like eggs in frying, pans
The Testarossas turn to testifying, man
The don't knows start identifying, damn
That's why I bullshit with them generic hoes
Hit it and show no emotion like I'm Derrick Rose
Bend 'em over put 'em in the Walls of Jerichos
But I need queens not Hillside or Merrick hoes
Nigga every lyrics goes, I don't take a bar off
My chain hang like big tits with the bra off
Don't push buttons except for when I turn the car off
But homie in the Yankee let the AR off
Yeah, I call him A-Rod nigga
If I point he start shooting like we play guard nigga
And that's the reason that I'm chilling Big Willie style
Check the chip tooth smile and my whips roof now
Got the stars in it and a honey with talent
The Wraith black like homeboy from Money and Violence
I keep ballin' but never falling six foot deep
I'm out for presidents to represent me
(Say what?)
I'm out for presidents to represent me
(Say what?)
I'm out for dead presidents to represent me

(Whose world is this?
Its mine, it's mine, it's mine
Who's world is this?)
Aye every morning I tell my son he gon' be a king
And every night I tell em the world is yours
I want him to believe that shit
"There He Go"
(feat. Paul Cain, Red Cafe, Freck Billionaire)

"There He Go"
(feat. Paul Cain, Red Cafe, Freck Billionaire)

[Hook: Red Cafe]
I'm so fly, so fly
You might see a nigga if you look up in the sky like
There he go, (there he go), there he go, (there he go), (there he go)
There go that motherfucker

I'm so fly, so fly, so fly, so fly
You might see me when you look up in the sky like
There she go, (there she go), there she go, (there she go), there she go
There go that motherfucker

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
I'm so fly they should put me in disguise
My shits tight like they didn't put me in my size
I already know don't put me on surprise
They gone be like there he go if you put me in disguise
Only be with winners they should put me as a prize
And you pussy niggas should be put between some thighs
These diamonds here clearer than HD
Them niggas over there squarer then a H3
They can't reach us that is why they pointin baby
I'm on my job them bitches gonna need appointments baby
And if you suckas tryin to see me just look me up
I hope the first place you look be up
Here I go


[Verse 2: Red Cafe]
Ugnh I did it yup yup I did it
I'm super fly with it paper arrives with it
Get the magazine if you wanna vibe with it
That rich young queen like I mixed Tide with it
Now I be live with it
I turns on my lovers the lollipop girls
Now they are all suckas
And we are all gutta
The flyest of em all
Light fi fire to em all
Yeah we airborn I took her airborn
Stones clear Like her mama was Liz Clairborne
I'm goin down down baby
Your street in a Spur flyin you see the blur
Ugnh what else!


[Verse 3: Paul Cain]
There he go!
I'm doin my damn thing (there he go!)
Leanin off of that champagne (there he go!)
It's the homie they call cain (there he go!)
I'm gettin money you fools should do the same (there he go!)
Fly as a G4 plane (there he go!)
White and yellows all in the chain (there he go!)
Y'all niggas no I stay so fly
Got the top down when I blow by
With the dough I am multi
You know why


[Verse 4: Freck Billionaire]
Ayo you see this the drop head coup I just added room
It's so crazy I should park it in "The Padded Room"
I'm with my bad young bitch she Israelian
Nigga, she so bad she got em staring like she alien
Philly B the one the bitches wanna deal with
Nowadays I just screw them like a drill bit
Straight Homicide and murder every verse rappin
Philly Freck bitch I'm flyer than the first captain


[Outro: Fabolous]
I'll take it, no contingencies
No loans, no leases
Cash, Fabolous
"Thim Slick"
(feat. Jeremih)

"Thim Slick"
(feat. Jeremih)

[Verse 1 - Fabolous:]
Sometimes I like slim, sometimes I like thick
Sometimes I combine and I like them slick
Thim slick probably went over your head
Couldn't lay up, I just went over for head
Made a change of plans when she bent over the bed
And now she on the balcony pint over the ledge
Been a few days, but I sent over some bread
It can get rough with tuition and rent over your head
Not to save hoes or rescue anybody
But a nigga know what stress do to the body
And I done seen you in your best shoes buzzing naughty
Shit be looking like fresh shoes on Bugatti's
And I don't who invented high heels
But I swear we all on one
And if you do know that man, girl
I be like "where you know him from?"
You so slick, so small, curvy
Teeth all pearly, hair all curly
Was a Tom Boy, now you all girly
Never look tired, but you wake up all early
Hit the gym, keep it toned up
Progress pic, holding your phone up
Aw shit, waist getting smaller
Niggas on Instagram like "damn, I need to call her"

[Hook - Jeremih (Fabolous):]
That body perfect in my eyes
No matter what they say, everything looking just fine
You got that blessing in disguise
You wouldn't know, girl you got it
(Thim slick girls get me every time
Thim slick girls could get every dime)

[Verse 2 - Fabolous:]
She like "hold up, let me throw on something light"
Bitch really went and threw on something tight
Came downstairs in her Superwoman tights like
"Dida dida, dida dida dida"
Damn, I ain't know you was holding like that
I ain't know brown skin Kelly Rowland like that
Never knew you had it with your sneaky ass
She said "I never seen you looking with your peaking ass"
34, 24, 36
Finally got a selfie after taking thirty pics
36, 24, 40
D-cups caption, double cup shorty
And it's angles to this shit, angles to this shit
Gotta hold her phone up and put the angle on the pics
And then they poke it out and put an angle on that hip
Having thirsty niggas come from every angle at that bitch
Lord, Heard when they thinner you get deeper in her
They say when they thicker they make you cum quicker
(Thim slick girls get me every time
Thim slick girls could get every dime)
That ass in the gym; squat life
Gotta show 'em love in the era of the shot life
This is all from my mama, this is not knife
Niggas love her shit, give a fuck about likes

"Think Y'all Know"

"Think Y'all Know"

Uh, I think y'all know by now it's F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S (uh, yeah)
I think y'all know by now it's ..

[Verse 1]
You ain't never seen a nigga this large (nah)
Motherfuck the house (nah), the nigga's garage is as big as the projs (yeah)
I move from city to city like a nigga at large (yeah)
This move is Billy D, but it's Jigga's da bars (woo)
Like you really gon' get me (uh huh)
You look hard, but on the inside you softer than a silicon titty (haha)
The chilla's wrong with me (uh)
You can look at the kid and see just how them Chinchillas gonna fit me (uh huh)
I strut through like I conceal a chrome with me (uh huh)
Pockets bulgin like I got some millions with me (yeah)
Any bitch that chill her jones with me
End up butt ass naked inside a Villa Horn with me (uh)
I got a ziplock the killer grown with me
I hit it as Bobby and let me fill up on Whitney (uh)
Justin will cry rivers like he feel I boned Britney (uh)
I really don't get me (uh), I really won't get me

I think y'all know by now that I ain't nothin to be fucked with (yeah)
I think y'all know by now that I don't care 'bout who you fuck with (yeah)
I think hoes know by now that I'm that nigga they should bump with (yeah)
I think y'all know by now it's F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S

[Verse 2]
I'm often asked, HEY, ain't you that guy (uh)
There's no one else from head to ankle that fly (uh uh)
Who put slugs point blank through that guy (uh huh)
And there's nothin (uh huh) these dudes ain't do that I (uh), can't do at my (uh)
earliest convenience (uh), your girlie ain't foreseen since (uh)
the feature with Lil' Mo, over 2 million people, I've reached with my little flow (yeah)
They said sounded like the guy who's speech was a little slow (uh huh, uh huh)
Personally I think they was reachin a little dough
But now they callin just to get a feature so it'll blow (yeah)
I'm teachin my little bro
to stay on the grind and away from the leeches and little hoes
I'll lose the Black Star Power on broads (uh)
Even devil worshippers got up outta the God
I know all you cowards is hard
Your career's dead so I send flowers and cards
With our regards, nigga


[Fabolous - talking]
Uh, uh, nigga
I think they know by now
Who the fuck I be
Uh, yeah, but um

I'm with that S-T-R-E-E-T F-A-M-I-L-Y

Uh, for you non-spellin motherfuckers, Street Family
Yeah, uh, Brooklyn
Uh, fuck up, word to Brooklyn
"This Is My Party"

"This Is My Party"

[Intro: Fabolous]
Hey-hey-hey yo [3x]
Hey-hey-hey yo [2x]
Hey-hey-hey yo [2x]

[Verse: Fabolous]
Ain't no tellin' what this hypno will do to me
I'm feelin' like I can do what I want now
Dip-low immunity
Shorty! just shake your hips slow and move wit me
Take a hit a this and sip slow and thoroughly
You're sneakin' out on your man, tip-toein' to the V
Cause I know you got him whipped though like wannabe
Let's put on a live strip show just you and me
But girl, I'm lookin' at them lips though like who is he?
They ain't never seen a whip, clothes or jewelry
So when I ask "you wanna leave the zip-code?"
Say "sure" and be me

[Chorus 1: Fabolous]
But this is my party
Stroll by if you want to
Or ya'll can stay home
But why would you want to?

[Verse: Fabolous]
We gon' party, till we laid in graves
Sweat out our doobie braids and waves
Then scream "hey-hey-hey yo"
That groupie made her wait
Cause when she seen the whips and chains
She started talking 'bout she ready to be made a slave, c'mon

[Chorus 2: Fabolous (2x)]
This is my party
So get fly if you want to
Get high if you want to cause I know you like to
Put your hands up as high as you want to
And if it feels good scream "hey-hey-hey yo"

[Verse: Fabolous]
I don't know about y'all
But we doin' it over here
All the glasses got liquid that brewin' it over here
Cigars got somethin' sticky that's gluing it over here
Ladies movin' it over there, movin' it over here
I can fit a few in a Rover's rear
We havin' a good time, don't ruin it overs this
You see why we asks is to see ID
Cause girls will do anything for some VIP access
Me I relax this (easy)
Cause I'm used to ballin'
You could tell that these guys need practice
But if it was a problem then I would confront you
You saying "no" but your eyes say "you want to"
But a pitcher that probably slugs, pitches and talk a put
I ride wit the top down and switch to the top-up look
Would you believe most these bitches go bop up shook
Their asses pokin' out like them pictures in pop up books

[Chorus 2]

[Verse: Fabolous]
Oh yea! We's off the Richter Scale
Hate will get you, put in coffins quick as hell
If the ladies would show it off and thick as hell
For my hustlers knockin' off them bricks as well
And everybody, up north that's sick in jail
I probably feel y'all, send you all of the flicks in mail
The Street Family speed off six SL's
To all them chicks at Yale "hey-hey-hey-hey yo"
Shake your glasses back and forth to mix it well
Shake your ass back and forth as quick as hell
And just from lookin' at them thighs from the front view
Girl I know that these guys say they want you
If I wake up in the same clothes from yesterday
Same hoes from yesterday
Lightin' clips to the same dro' from yesterday
Her hang-overs yesterday
You ain't mistaken we in Benz's today
But we had them Range Rovers yesterday

[Chorus 2]

[Outro: Fabolous (to fade)]
Hey-hey-hey yo...
Hey-hey-hey yo...