Šta je novo?
"B.K. Style"

"B.K. Style"

Yea, Its bout to get real hard for these niggas to move man
Somebody get these niggas some wheelchairs or somethin

Goin to war is still a scary issue
But in my hood they train to kill wit every pistol
Like they military issue
Guess you a star if you sell a million every disc two
Catch a gun case and bounce and still they'll barely frisk you
Cuz, I proved I move the retail
Make the smoothest grooves wit female
And I remove the rules on V12's
You aint never seen it move this smooth on sprewell's
I'm a hustler, you just a middle man to me
The way I pass the rock could make Jason Kidd a fan of me
Just cop one joint, I'm a one point somethin
Still I'll have you at gunpoint, with one joint dumpin
So watch what you say to them crackers
Ill put a couple G's on yer head like you play for the Packers
I'm rap's Labron James, I quickly see baskets
These scrubs wouldn't make it to the Mickey-D's classics
You got some sticky weed? Pass it
If not put it out, im pushin it before they put it out
Wit the dash, wooded out, Shaq O'Neal footed out
Blastin a (?) get it first, before they put it out, Clue!

Yea, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

Maybe wouldn't be a million kids wit they faces on containers
If cops pursue the same way they chase us entertainers
In the hood, a few big faces and a chain a-
Get metal in ya mouth like braces and retainers
Even the young bucks be scheming on somebody change
Tryin a sell somebody 'cain, before they even potty trained
You can smooth talk your way into a hottie brain
Have her suckin long enough to leave a nigga body drained
I wasn't taught, I learned from watchin stupid people
That'll run up shootin, in front of a group of people
I lay in a cut, the same way the troopers peep you
Ride up on yer coupe and creep you while you let a groupie deep you
Cuz even if you reppin like a man of skill
You gon' still need a weapon when you layin a deal
One for watch you slippin like you steppin banana pills
Think a nigga ain't gon' pull a weapon cuz you scanned a mil? (what)
I crept in and got handed meals
Now the white and black rides look like salt and pepper on the bannon grill
Think I wouldn't hold a Pepsi in my hand for mils?
You must be fuckin stupid, nigga

[Ad-Lib til end]
(feat. Mike Shorey)

(feat. Mike Shorey)

Fab... [5X]
Can you be my B-A-B-Y?

[M.S.:] I'll never call another lover mine

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
And why would I, and why should I
When I seen a lady tonight, with my good eye that I would try and make
I was up in the club putting my hood high
When I saw you, and I stood by
Just lookin at your onion girl I could cry, and I could lie
I mean I could try and say you ain't sweep me off my feet
But only one thing could keep me off the street
And that's if you be my, B-A-B-Y
I can be why you always be fly
And I'm from B-Stuy, just like B.I...G. was, that's how F-A-B does
We can sip something 'til we both be buzzed
In a V-dub and that's only be-cause

[Chorus: Mike Shorey]
Need someone to be my (baby)
Kind of girl you find in the club rockin those (baby) Phat jeans
Gonna find someone to be my (baby)
..I see some ladies tonight that should be having my (baby, baby)

[Verse 2: Fab]
After the baby talk, the goo goo ga ga
You like this, that, you do bla bla
Couple good jokes, a few brouhaha's, this how imma do you mama
First I'ma put you on your back
And make you scream out (baby)..just like I put you on the track

Then I'ma lay you on your side
And slowly stroke you while you telling me the way you feel inside
But my sex drive won't make me play you on the side
You know you get the keys any day you wanna ride
And my baby know how to start me up
You got the kind of kiss that'll speed a heartbeat up
And you got the kind of touch that'll gimme the chills
I ask you cuz I know you gonna gimme it real
It won't be fake, and don't we make a good couple
And won't we make a good...(baby)?

[Bridge: Mike Shorey]
Ooh, if I seem just a bit taken, pardon me
But you're so amazing
I just want us to do this exclusively
Say you'll be my baby

[Verse 3: Fab]
My baby's the only one I bring to the villa
That can get the bling and the scrilla
Girl, I know you smooth enough to spring a chinchilla
And still take a sting of Tequila, the way you swing is a thriller
I'm watchin that like the boxing match in the ring of Manila
I wanna keep it comin like the singles of "Thriller"
I mean if you still uh..my B-A-B-Y


[Intro: 'til end]
"Baby Don't Go"
(feat. Jermaine Dupri, T-Pain)

"Baby Don't Go"
(feat. Jermaine Dupri, T-Pain)

[Intro: T-Pain (Fabolous) {J.D.}]
I try to play cool
Actin like what you do don't phase me, don't phase me
Meanwhile I'm sittin at home, all alone
Tryin to keep myself from goin crazy
When I'm in the house, when I think about
When I see you out, when I hear about {T-Pain}
I want my baby back! {'Lo-so} And I thought it would be easy
but it's hard for me to let you GO~!
(Baby don't) GO! (Baby don't) go!
(Baby don't) go (baby don't) {y'all know what this is}

Now I'm better than your ex, gon' be better than your next
Baby Screwed Up so you better be from Tex-as
Can't seem to doubt that I creamed her out
Now you dream about how I turned Nieman out
Nothin to scream about just back your Beemer out
Pack it up in the trunk, go back to Kima house
Cause I can play cool, but I can't play fool
There's options in break up, you ever play pool?
Better do you cause I damn sure does me
And what your buzz be is only because of me
The wifey, hus-by, never was me
I does me, trust me
I don't wanna another you so I'ma slide (yup)
But I got another boo, on the side, bay-bay

[Chorus: T-Pain (Fabolous) {unlisted J.D. ad libs}]
I try to play cool
Actin like what you do don't phase me, don't phase me
Meanwhile I'm sittin at home, all alone
Tryin to keep myself from goin crazy
When I'm in the house, when I think about
When I see you out, when I hear about
I want my baby back! And I thought it would be easy
but it's hard for me to let you GO~!
(Baby don't) GO! (Baby don't) go!
(Baby don't) go (baby don't)

Through the time I been alone, time I spent on phones
Know you ain't lettin them climb up in my throne
Now, baby that lime with that Patron
Have me talkin crazy, it's time to come on home
Now, I talk with someone above
It's okay to lose your pride over someone you love
Don't lose someone you love though over your pride
Stick wit'cha entree and get over your side
We break up to make up at Jacob's baby
Her parents fought too, I'm the makeup baby
Wake up baby, love'll have you open though
I mean you seen Tom Cruise on the Oprah show
So I just can't bet on the next hand
There's too much in this pot just to give to the next man


Now if you ain't never went through it you ain't really into it
The next rap to show you I really been through it
Every other day I'm givin the love away
That's what your friend's sister or little brother say
If I'ma do somethin, it's the undercover way
When them hatin ass watchdogs look the other way
And others may not see that we need each other
But if we on the same page we can read each other
They should learn us, instead of try to turn us
Mr. and Ms. Smith, we both got the burners - UP~!
If you love your baby then turn this up
Know we keep this hot like a Thermos cup
Relax, don't be tryin to perm us up
We already straight - yesss


[Jermaine Dupri]
Fab we gon' have to make a dance to this song man!
Y'knahmean; ain't no WAY you can't dance on this
Uhhh, T-Pain!

I want my baby back! And I thought it would be easy
but it's hard for me to let you GO~!
"Back To Do The Damn Thing"

"Back To Do The Damn Thing"

("All day") Just keeps callin me man
Just keeps callin me!
I'm back to do the damn thing
Now I'm back to do the damn thing
{"Cannon~!"} I'm back to do the damn thing
{"Tre-tre-trendsettaz"} Back to do the damn thing

I feel like the ex-champ back in the title fight
The young contenders are lookin at me in idol light
Fresh taper, waves lookin tidal tight
Yea I'm in the building, like a Corey Lidal flight
I'm married to the streets, this is my recital right
I got the Phantom drop dressed up bridal white
Hehe, you know them doors are suicidal right?
Sorta like they slit your wrists when I'm tryin to sit your miss
Nigga picture this, like a Kodak moment
I'm off the bullshit, 'bout to go back on it
And I ain't hard to find, bet ya Lojack on it
Call it corn row roof, cause it go back don't it?
I gotta get it now, ain't no pinchin plan rappin
Fuck bein friends, save me the hand dappin
Understand captain, you'll be under land nappin
If you keep thinkin that it can't when it can happen
Ask Scarface, faster than a car chase
At ya grandma's place, lettin AR's waste
Sports Coupe, not too much car space
The trunk look like Desperados guitar case
If you say a thing wrong, I won't let it string long
All I gotta do is push the button like ding-dong
I don't play the back and forth game 'less it's ping-pong
Mike Tyson flow, so I ain't in the ring long
Nigga you ain't King Kong, thinkin that you bit shit
You gon have your man sick, someone sing his theme song
My nigga Freck plugged me in with this Beijing joint
So hot, she play Alaskan with a string thong
Real delicate, I just call her China Set
Fendi fur, Gucci gators, guess she like designer pets
She saw a few things, that get her vagina wet
SF, G4, and it's not a niners jet
But check the body drop, baby boy shittin
But it's just sittin, so it's like I made a potty stop
It's like karate chops, we be breakin bricks down
Cocaine tour, I been through six towns
Open with crack as the openin act
Heroin headliner, stage name China
(What you call that?!) That's what you call a trap star
I could get the kingpin charged for these rap bars

That's right nigga, we still do this shit
Man on the street tip too man, we touch things
Y'knahmean like the body shop we touch shit up man
Get this shit movin man, it's Loso
Big shout to that Street Fam, what it look like y'all?
What's goin on Brooklyn?
It's your boy, I'm back man
We got Brooklyn lookin better than ever now man
These niggaz can't fuck around man
I'm back to do the damn thing ("DJ DRAMA!!")
"Bad Bitch"

"Bad Bitch"

Ha ha ha ha
I'm a Ghetto Superstar nigga
Most niggas trying to get one chick, right?
I'm trying to get two
You know
Two is always better than one, right?

I'm trying to kill two birds with one stone
It's 151's prone, that have you and hun's stoned
Trying the unknown
Doing things I know y'all parents wouldn't con-done
It's you, her, and me, eyes too blurred to see
Speech too slurred to G
But you know "Young'n" would love ta, see ya upon each other
Feeling on me while tongue'n each other
Wow! it's a wonderful thing
To have a pretty female under each wing
The cake can prob'ly Pollie, both of these Bobby Darlies
That take off their Rockavalis?
My job is gnarly, from getting slobbed on Harley's
Getting smoke from the supplier, robbing Marley
I hope this ain't took in wrong
But ma now I wanna see how both of y'all look in thongs

I got a bad bitch on my left side (oww)
Bad bitch on my right side (okay)
I suggest it be best if we get by
Said a bad bitch on my left side (oww)
Bad bitch on my right side (okay)
I suggest it be best if we get by

I'm willing to geese 'em, if they're feeling a threesome
I'm pulling up in the GT before the dealers release them
I ain't with the blazay blah
Cause I hold the record for the most Menage à Trois and lama taje [?]
I got a bad chick on my left lap
Bad chick on my right lap
Do as I suggest, I confess
At my request, they gonna get right
So when you see lipstick on both cheeks
That means I slip dick in both freaks
They started calling me Two Time Johnny
After repeatedly leaving the club wit two damn mami's
This brother done had 'em
From close friends, the girls who all know each other from Adam
I'm always this humble boo
HELL YES! it's cool for your girlfriend to come through too


At the most it'll take an hour together
To get these girls from dancing wit each other, into taking showers together
They know, it's a studio in Fab crib
One of y'all can rock the mic while the other one ad-libs
Boo, my government is personal
But I got enough sets of twins to make "Doublemint" commercials
After trying X
I can only imagine what y'all be trying next
The stacks that I be splurging, have girls in the back of the Excursion
Forgetting bout the fact that they was virgins
I don't care who you bringing wit you
Just let her know I'm poking her while I'm fingering you
I love that thing that you do
And I know about the tongue and nipple, but I ain't know you had a ring in it too
I can tell when they came, cause they start spelling my name
Like F-A, B-O, L-O, U-S (oww)

"Ball Drop"
(feat. French Montana)

"Ball Drop"
(feat. French Montana)

Well in just about 15 seconds from now, it'll be 1990. We're gathered down below as we say goodbye to 1989. The ball is moving, the crowd sees it, you can hear 'em. Oh can you ever hear 'em. They know when it hits the bottom it'll be 1990; goodbye to the 80s
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!
Happy new year!

[Fabolous (French Montana):]
Whoa, whoa, whoa [x7]
(Haan, change is good for everybody)
Montana, Dre fitted it, haan)

[Bridge - French Montana:]
When that hate don't work they start telling lies
Baby work, go on bust it wide
It's that new money, let the drugs dry
I cut my bitch off when the ball drop

[Hook - French Montana (Fabolous):]
(Whoa whoa whoa) [x4]
I just don't know why

[Post-Hook - Fabolous (French Montana):]
Hating hoes ain't happy
And happy hoes ain't hatin'
Better check the situation
I could fix your situation
Whoa whoa whoa [x2]
I cut them bitches off when the ball drop
New year, new money, then the call dropped
(New year, new money, let them drugs drop
Cut them niggas off when the ball drop
Cause them real niggas ain't haters
And them hatin' niggas ain't real
And baby I could help your situation
No top smokin' medication)

[Verse 1 - Fabolous:]
This the new year resolution
We gotta be the winners cause the rest is losin'
I told em get money, that's the best solution
When you do, wear your rocket like you rest in Houston
When niggas throw my style I ain't stressed to boostin'
It's time to make more money, less excuses
My old bitch on death row, it's time for execution
My new bitch is bad ass, she the best since Boosie


[Verse 2 - French Montana:]
12 o' clock then the call dropped
Cut them niggas off when the ball drops
Young boy, hard head in the soft top
Cause when them shots ain't ringin', you can't call shots
Mix some white and brown on the corner strap
Might be the next Mike Brown where you rollin' at
V with hundred on the Lincoln
3 quarter mink blew the top off Lincoln, God
Niggas scared to play it like jail or Richard Mellor
I hope I never Tom Heller, God
Scramble like a dope fiend (dope fiend)
Keep your head up like your nose bleedin'
My right hand got 30 on his left arm
On that left lane nigga, what a bitch for?
I just don't know why




[Verse 3 - Fabolous:]
Cuttin' off hoes when the ball drop
Ridin' with my woes til' the casket drop
Quiet 'fore you suckas hear a pin drop
I buy this mother fucker like the price drop
Shawty bag it up, let that ass drop
Mommy killin' em, tat tear drop
Bitch I'm on fire, need to stop drop
Nigga this the flow that got your artist dropped
Heard he was a rat, heard he done dropped
Hit em in the head, watch the body drop
Dollars coming down like rain drops
New year, new money, nigga ball drop

"Bang Bang"

"Bang Bang"

Chitty chitty bang bang
Chitty chitty bang
Chitty chitty bang bang
Chitty chitty bang
Chitty chitty bang bang
Chitty chitty bang
Chitty chitty bang bang
Chitty chitty bang

Yo if niggas don't know nothin
They know not to try me though
Yeah I like pussy, just not standing by me though
My man did 15, he came home grimey though
Hold his gun eh'day, still think he in '94
We missed him, but we caught up with his slimey hoe
Shooters ain't picky so it's Inny Minny Miney Moe
Catch a nigga by his toe
We don't play no games
But it sound like Call Of Duty when we let that P90 go

Chitty chitty bang bang
Chitty chitty bang
It's not a pretty thing so it might get ugly
It could get knifey, it might get slugly
I send the family at em I might get Pugsly
Might get Wednesday, Gomez, Cousin It
We on some can't find em, we run up on ya cousin shit
Always sayin what they does and knowin who they wasn't wit
All we tryna do is make the pieces to the puzzle fit
So we question niggas wit the gun out
The story changes, the excuses never run out
It's Summertime so we gonna make sure the heats felt
See me reach hear the clip, don't think it's a seatbelt
Think of 9mm think of .45's
I get away wit a bitch, I must let shorty drive
I tell her keep it running, honk if them people coming
I bought her a Louis bag, it's just to keep the gun in

Chitty chitty bang bang
Chitty chitty bang
Follow me my nigga cuz I know where they hang
Chitty chitty bang bang
Chitty chitty bang
Stand back click clack, watch me do my thang
Chitty chitty bang bang
Chitty chitty bang
Follow me my nigga cuz I know where they hang
Chitty chitty bang bang
Chitty chitty bang
Stand back click clack, watch me do my thang

[Fabolous talking, chorus repeats]
(feat. Wale)

(feat. Wale)

[Verse - Fabolous]
Beauty's when you just got out the shower
Hair still drippin', wrapped up in a towel
Beauty's when you ready in a hour
Them long legs, I call em the Twin Towers
You put that arch in it, put your hand on your hip
Put your hair in a bun, and you handle the shit
Beauty’s when a strut compliments ass
You know ya booty look good wit ya confident ass (shit)
Straight up, but the rest swerve
You know it's beauty when the smile is her best curve
That's real beauty, no makeup shit
The girl you dream about, and wanna wake up with
Waiting time, looking then you throw it at me
Go down on me, then you look up at me
Awhh man, that shit right there
Probably give your ex nightmares

[Wale - Talking]
Miss Brooklyn New York
I'll give you whatever to get to your heart
Know your worth, baby girl, love
This Soul Tape shit
Enough to make shit, all naturale
Put it down, Young Ralph
Let's get it

[Verse - Wale]
Beauty is knowing nobody's real as you
Truly condolences for that pairs of shoes
Killing the scene, this type of love will make you complete
Now roll the weed and get the munchies, she be in the cuisine
And I’m in the jeans and stealing tune with the inner being
Her inner thoughts, her worst fears she give to me
Beauty is loyalty to the fullest, ‘cause cupid made me a target for she had received a bullet
For she had the super d, maybe speed up before I pull out and sex is a weapon
But beauty don’t need a bullet, beauty is the beauty that her mother gave her
May you be going about God, me and grandmama's angels
It's God given, never complicated
A lot of niggas talking, I don’t got the heart to say it
The heart to tell you I see potential in how you do it
I pray you know you’re worth from niggas don’t notice your beauty, truly

[Fabolous - Talking]
You see, beauty isn't a rush
It's a process, sometimes it's slow
I mean there's beauty in everything, ya know
You just gotta recognize it
Shoutout to the people who do
And I feel sorry for the people who don't
Soul Tape 2!!
"Been Around The World Freestyle"

"Been Around The World Freestyle"

[DJ Clue & Fabolous:]
Live from the 718
World Famous DJ Clue.. Desert Storm
The Kid Loso... Welcome to Friday Night Freestyle Baby
We turning up for the Streets... This that Hall of Fame flow baby
Stop Playing.. (Lets Go)
Yea kid mobbin' with the gods... (Clue)
Uh huh, Uh huh we like it
Yea Kid mobbin' with the gods
You don't want no problem with the gods

Look I talk it cause I live it, stand on my own pivot
I don't need your credit, and you ain't got it to give it
All I do is fill up banks, Aunt Viv it
Drink Belaire Champane and Club Liv it
I come from the era where you really had to live it
Couldn't say you Bentley, you're really a Honda Civic
Every thing you said painted pictures so vivid
So when I talk clippers, know that I can Doc Riv it (swish)
Big man, pace your self like Roy Hibbert
You feel froggy than leap, stop all the ribbits
I pop up at your crib and cats lookin' like Xzibit
Box braids and mean mugs, I mean thugs
Type you would merge with on some purge shit
Put in 'work' ASAP, on some Ferg shit
My homies said "niggas just tryna wave surf you
Tryna jump aboard the wave you gave birth through"
All these niggas late and want me to waive curfew
Talkin' like they shooters when they wouldn't spray perfume
They know who the hell I be, I'm L-I-T
I pass one to French like "c'est la vie"
Ju L-I-E, stay off the L-I-E
The 2 Chains made a single no L-I-E (Truu)
I mean I don't care what her man says
He better come 'airing' like Hernadez
Or you gon' hear that 'Braat' like Birdman says
Leave him hanging out his helmet, Richard Sherman Dreads
See, I hit shorty like I need that bouquet
Her man hit me back like "you need some WHO cake?"
I text him right back like "you heard that new Drake?
You know that if you reading this it's too late"
See you ain't offending me
It ain't like you ain't heard son is fly as Kennedy (JFK)
Riding in the six, got a lot of enemies
A lot of people tryna drain me of the energy
I know how it be, you know me from Brevoort
Used to call me "Sport", now it's Resorts
Boats and sea ports, foreign v's bought
Stamps and p-port, bunch of bitches in them Ms. Parker jean shorts
Mami got some head that'll stop a deport
Throat game have me stuck, call it deep thought
But watch where you kick it
You park in the wrong spot, you know you'll get a ticket
All of that tough talk, and now the shit is crickets
Be alot of places where these niggas can't visit
They think yo mans missin'

["I been around" hook chant]

I been around the world nigga..
I been around your girl too
Stop callin my muthafuckin phone talkin bout who this?
Deez NUTS! GOT 'EM! Hahahaa... GOT 'EM!

[DJ Clue:]
DJ Clue... Desert Storm...
Street Fam... I told ya'll...

Don't let me catch you in the wrong spot nigga
Dem boys gon give you a ticket
Tryna take the waaave from a nigga

[DJ Clue:]
We ain't done yet
Ya'll niggas is sleeping at the wheel
We on auto pilot
"Bish Bounce"

"Bish Bounce"

Let these niggas know your worth
Ain't no discounts
They ain't got it better get it
Tell a bitch bounce
All dimes see a nine point that bitch out
She get ejected and corrected like a miscount
Bitch bounce
Had to tell that bitch bounce
Vinylz on the track and that bitch bounce
Bitch bounce
Had to tell that bitch bounce
Ass like that make that bitch bounce

You should make more moves and make less announcements
Ain't with that talking bitch save that for counseling
Looked in here brown skin just keep that shit bouncin?
All of these boys wit me bring large amounts in
All of these gold chains weigh 36 ounces
All of this foreign shit can’t even pronounce it
Is it g-vin-chi or is it Givenchy
T- seater seats and now its a givaungy?
Top off that wrangler
You know me no stranger
Hang like a dangler, bitch look like Topanga
That boy meet world I swear you are in danger
Its time to score I don’t choke I’m no strangler
I ball
I'm ballin' my nigga
Ball on these bitches
Thats word to scott digga
Gimme my shot and I’m squeezing my trigga
My homies bust two and thats word to Rah Digga


Bounce up and down, need no trembling
Made it slow down, no promethazine
Run me my money, no hesitance
You no my work need no resume

Look, ain't go to say that I flex check my biceps
In your bitch mouth like I’m gossip
That boy be so fresh to death burry me in my closet
Don’t make excuse make deposit
Ain't even suppose to be here boy I come from the projects
Shawty just fuck with my progress
I swear I came here with nothing, all this shit is profit
Should look at me like a prophet
And when these niggas throw subs It just confirm my gangsta
Scared to say my name now ain't cha
No disrespect we just on different sides of the wave
I’m providing the wave you just riding the wave, bounce