Šta je novo?




Ride 2 miles per hour so everybody
Get a glimpse of da real or nigga or who inside it
With my cousin G5 we highed up cloudy
Bitches getting stoned just by standing around us
Music turnt up but the smoke way louder
Must be amateur night, these mufuckin kids
Think they fucking with us they fucking stupid
They talking shit just to hear themselves
But I ain't worrying about em
I got a life time subscription of that car and driver
California prescription pounds of exotic
Riding to that old hypnotize mind shit
Stay in the flyest stitches, not even tryin bitches
You lying nigga, smoking that middle class grass
You ain't really high is ya?
I would a put you down if you wasn't such a clown
But I figured I share it with my team cause I came here with em
Grab a plate Thanksgiving, word to Corner Boy Pete, I'm lane switchin
Chevy heavy so is my chain Spitta Andretti
On a paper mission Indy 500 driven
Addicted to this winning, this the victory lap
And fuck the club you wanna get in
I ain't even attending just maintaining my engine
See I got too many cars
And it be 3 months before I got a chance to get in em
Take em out for a ride make sure they doin fine
Mo Money Mo Problems these problems I don't mind
Standing outside trying pick which one I'm a drive
Let my bitches decide appreciating my high




[Background Ad-Libs]
Yea. yea..yea
Ain't nothing... to the next life
Fool ain't nothing changed
Roll something up mama
We fucked up
Make sure of it ..

[Verse 1]
Never will it stop
Crate motors with Triple Digit Blocks
You wanna race I'll leave you by a couple blocks
Blow the doors off, break the mothafuckin' locks
Nigga you know my Steez'
Spitta Andretti, Pedal foot heavy you know I speed
Minus the busing, Keano Reeves
Twistin them Fern-gully trees, Bitch breathe
Your man smokin good, I'm smoking great
T-H-C, Tony the Tiger certified these flakes
Murcielago green, just scored that Ferrari
But I still got them Lamborghini dreams
Confetti fall from the ceiling to the floor
The JETS step through the door issue them awards
Your hoes Hot-For-Me-Type, tissue to their draws
You mad Upset, Me and your girl just up on the set
Playin Black Ops, let her drive my Chevy-Box to the corner store
Rockin Adidas flip-flops, and some J-Crew
Argyle socks, now watch them speed bumps
Love don't fuck my rims up
Maybe well stick with you, put you on the Team Official
But Jet Misses never tell a Jet business
That's how we do it big enough, for us to live in it
Them other fools playing wit it, Blind Rhyming saying they did it
Shame on them niggas, you come through the set,
But never bring them withcha

Yea though, the Vet flow, Best smoke,
Collecting dough, adhering the Jet Code
And the Trill know the Jet Code, We Jets though
Snatch your bitches, bring em everywhere you cant go

Yea Doe pound sign #JetsGO
Nigga, Yea Doe pound sign #JetsGO
Bitch, Yea Doe pound sign #JetsGO
Collecting dough, adhering the Jet Code

[Verse 2]
Now I just wanna fuck mad bitches, for all the days I never
On second thought, I always had em though
But now they look better, and quicker to be down for whatever
Like me, her and her home-girl together
Changing the weather, by the chop of the Cessna Propellers
We landed on the water, the game that I taught her
Got her showing me the Louie that these Duck niggas bought her
Its a game to us, we just hang and fuck
While she swipe your credit cards on Dispensary Pot Jars
I'm laid up, calling the front desk, tell them to send the maid up
While we play the terrace and blaze up
These detailed lyrics is far to intricate to be made up
Not pimping, what you gave her
Was an inch, she took her foot and kicked you in the ass with it
The Famous story of Mike Tyson and Robbin Givens
The Biggest niggas get beat Senseless by little women
Look at Sam Raw-stein, he gave his whole world to Ginger
Even these bosses be slippin, I catch that
Try to be more Flawless wit it, Calculated king of the city
Christopher Walkin wit it, I admire his Empire, as did as Biggie
Machine Gun Fonk, out of the Bowls
Bubble Kush & Hindu Skunk previously rolled
You know the game CHUMP your chick chose
Better luck next time Captain Save her
Jets, Drugs, and Paper
Sex, Sport Cars and Vacations......



"$ Migraine"
(feat. Le$)

"$ Migraine"
(feat. Le$)

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Game winning shot
Ain't even stay to see the body drop
Get them pots, bubbling this hustling
Bitch you ain't here for nothing
Observe how I run shop
If they ever snatch me, inform my brother he'll come after me
Under estimated like expansion teams
Til I flex them championship fingers
The aroma of doja lingers
Door closed and towels by the floor but it's still stinking
If it ain't loud as neon colors you don't need to bring it
Life in the fast lane blinking just as bad as sleeping
Creeps is always creeping
I peeped your scheme while steaming
Business settled this evening under tropical breezes
I work hella hard so I can take it easy, nigga

[Hook 2x]
I got a dollar sign migraine
Money on my motherfucking mind mane
Dollar sign migraine
Trying to put some dope off in the game

[Verse 2: Le$]
Old beamer on them gold wheels
Looking like Ace
Seen ya eyes when I ride by
Looking like hate
The way them hoes be talking about me
You'd swear to God I was rich
Took the tint of that motherfucker
Hope you know that's yo bitch
Living life on that next shit
Still fucking my ex chicks
Just walking up in the game
They showing y'all to the exit
Just give the game I was blessed with
Getting blown on that Sweet Jones
Underground but we been kings, knocking y'all up that railroad
Seen it all like I'm Rothstein, never loving no Ginger
Niggas be on that nigga shit, things you gotta remember
Riding fast so we trying to get it
Fuck dreaming 'bout getting paid
Matching Chevys in ten months
Nah nigga in ten days



"10 Bricks"
(feat. Big KRIT & French Montana)

"10 Bricks"
(feat. Big KRIT & French Montana)

[Intro: French Montana]
Ill slow it down for em you know?
Sometimes they say you gotta laugh
You might laugh to cry out
Oh man, when you get time to relax?
That's the question, know what Im sayin'?

[Verse 1: French Montana]
Homie I just lost my only paper, back to square one
Feel like misery is my only neighbor
They say God protect us, I dunno why I feel safer with a burner
Gettin high got me locked up in the prison
Smellin' like last night, why people sellin' their soul for the fast life?
No nobody loves it, and they tell us go fight for the flag, but don't fight for them colors
Watch some television, have you baptist and your brain washed
What to wear, where to live, what to do when a friend is a friend with a motive em
Broke plans have a nigga down feelin hopeless
Hopin' I can make mills 'fore I lay on my back
On the block where a million niggas flippin' packs
Grabbin my leg, feel like crabs in the bucket cant get ahead

[Hook: Big K.R.I.T.]
Cause either niggas waitin' on ya or they hatin' on ya
Tell em I aint fallin off never
Bitch I say but they dont want it
I put some money on it, coldest motherfucker ever
Cause either you a made man or your game plan changed
Tryna make that kind of money that dont exchange hands
You the pimp type or you hoe'n out
Motherfuckers know exactly what I'm talkin' bout

[Verse 2: Currensy]
Too much goin' on to think about
Old school Camero like the new ones never dropped
Bitch wavin' while Im swingin' but I cant stop
Like that green, bitch we always got that green light, which you mean?
Taco where I please, hoe be like "dont leave"
But baby Im in the breeze
Money dont grow on em, but I for sure smoke on em
Cadillac with the rits with the true spokes on em
Labs whatever you want, we have
Flingin' like the rock fire by David and Goliath
Word rhymin' Heisman, Joe Namath with my fur coat sidelinin'
I bought Rolex watches for all of my offensive linemen
Because its time to make it happen, audio dope boy magic
Burnin' through the plastic, touchdown passes
Flickin' fleas off like ashes


[Verse 3: Smoke DZA]
Niggas actin funny on the daily, spare me
I be in different motions sincerely
Not a fuck given in my body, sorry
Try to hit me with that old school game, Atari
Leave like Lawrys nigga saucy as siht
You know the type back bite, but when they see you straight hop on your dick
I'm like are these niggas stupid or naw?
Rhetorical question as I puff on my 'gar
Aint heard from my homie in weeks he in the hole
But I get that unavailable call I already know
As soon as a nigga press 5, he hit me with a riiiight
I be hyped daddy keepin' spirits alive
Said he heard me on the radio the whole building was live
He like "I wont see daylight soon"
But as long as you shinin' bro I'll be cool



"10 G's"

"10 G's"

I can take 10 G's, and make 20 more G's with that
I can take 10 G's, and make 20 more G's with that
I can take 10 G's, and make 20 more G's with that
I can take 10 G's, and make 20 more G's with that
I can take 10 G's, and make 20 more G's with that
I can take 10 G's, and make 20 more G's with that
I can take 10 G's, and make 20 more G's with that
I can take 10 G's, and make 20 more G's with that
[Verse 1:]
Yeah I'm back in this bitch
Though I never left
I just took a lil time, Climbed some trees by myself
Now I'm way up high, everything top shelf
We ain't die last night, toast to good health
We was fly last night if I do say so myself
Had all eyes last night, them hoes ain't wanna miss the jet
Million dollars worth of Chevys yeah bitches da set
Andretti they ain't ready, So I won't do it yet
Y'all can play for a couple of weeks
And I be back to destroy all the streets
The homie Cardo keep sending me beats, and I smoke em'
They think I'm selling drugs, nah bitch I'm just a dopeman
I woke up and I flew from New Orleans to Oakland
The bro CellSki left the green door open
I'm in a Nova, that 383 strokin'
Gas or that cash flow, that's what keep it goin'
[Verse 2:]
Now I turn the corners, yo bitch watching my car
Got that weed burning, she wish she could hit the raw
Now she's lurking, cause she like what she saw
On Twitter and Instagram, searching the bar
Till by chance we meet again, don't be sleepin' in
On the outside, peeking in
On ya tiptoes tryna see over our fence ho
It's quite simple, see you was fishing for simps
We not them though, focus up, This game soak it up
She can't handle it, it's choking her, Whoa
Open that door before she barf on my Monte Carlo floor
Sorry, no, we can't kick it no mo'
Must go, back to the Gold rush, rush
Bust through, knock down all those who would oppose
Us getting dough, yo, Let's all be millionaires


"10 G's (Remix)"
(feat. Birdman & Gunplay)

"10 G's (Remix)"
(feat. Birdman & Gunplay)

[Intro - Curren$y:]
Let's all be millionaires

[Hook x8 - Curren$y:]
I can take ten G's, and make twenty more ten G's with that

[Verse 1 - Curren$y:]
I'm still at it, they still mad
Her friends hated, but I still smashed
She went braggin' how much fun she had
And now them hoes wanna roll, but that jet done passed
Steak and shrimp on the plane 'til it's 'bout to land
Learn to correctly say the name of where I really am
Buyin' antiques, foreign lamps
Passport, stamps on every page
Old head paper like Zig-Zags, bitch I've been paid
New Benjamins, Raw wraps, cones to the dome
Lone Ranger park the Range on the range
Countin' twenty G's in my D-boy stance
Rap like keys, open vaults to the racks
Niggas like me want all of that, and some mo' of that
Go on and show me where they store it at (go on)
Let's all be millionaires
I heard they got a whole lot of shit in there

[Hook x8 - Curren$y]

[Verse 2 - Birdman:]
Hundred G's on one block, gave straps, go move blocks
We move blocks on one block
I told my nigga we close shop
'89 we came through, that triple beam, we weigh it through
Nigga wanna play games, nigga
We size 'em up when we come through
Them thangs came, we did that
They say, we did that
Came down from H-Town, I told a nigga we moved that
Uptown my block, nigga
We came through, straight stock, nigga
People came, we popped, nigga
Ain't nothin' came from gettin' money
We did that
Catch me stuntin', nigga, every time, so we live this
Top floor, we grind, nigga
When I stunt, nigga, we shine, nigga
It's big money all the time, nigga
It's my life, big time, nigga
New whips, new bitches, nigga
Got that forty with the clip, nigga
Mill on my mind, nigga
Fuck 'em nigga headline, nigga

[Bridge - Curren$y:]
Let's all be millionaires

[Hook x8 - Curren$y]

[Verse 3 - Gunplay:]
I can take nothin', turn it to stuntin'
I do it for ya'll, cause ya'll thought that I couldn't
Told my momma we made it, she said you finally famous
She say that's a blessing, knowing how cut-throat this game is
Turn a five to a ten, a ten to a Benz
Turned one crack rock into a neck full of gems
Had no choices or options, forced to be great
When you walk amongst bosses, hope you relate
Grew up poorer than most, nigga had no bread
But I was holdin' my toast, my back touchin' my ribs
Had to get it, by any means, necessary
Never scary, goin' hard like I won't be ever buried
Boxed in these projects, never felt my palm itch
Niggas lifes cut short by these long clips
How I made it out, still a mystery
Cause Lord knows (how treacherous these mean streets can be)

[Hook x8 - Curren$y]


"100 Spokes"
("Even More Saturday Night Car Tunes" Version)

"100 Spokes"
("Even More Saturday Night Car Tunes" Version)

100 spokes and new clothes [x3]

[Verse 1:]
Cut a moon roof in the '72
That's what the paper tell me do
Spaceship came through, slayed you
Thinkin' that the game new, fool who raised you?
I ain't got time to save you
Paydays I'm on the way to
State to state, many a stage and venue
The stoned saga continues
I'm fin to, collect more residuals
Off digitals and physical
Record in the fortress stable of Ferrari horses
Paved the driveway parked exotics on it
Looking at 'em just make me want more shit
I'm addicted to this hustle I'm so sick
Tug of war with my girl cause I can't split into two people
Wanna work just as bad as I wanna be with you
Sitting in my homeboys Regal, higher than a eagle
Thinking of a loophole to squeeze through
Leave to that paper that's church, cathedral
Take my Kangol off before I enter the bistro
Crooks gotta eat too, in a castle with platters of seafood
Lavish extravagance wishing it could be you
See you when I see you
And when I do don't be looking all evil and deceitful

100 spokes and new clothes [x5]

[Verse 2:]
Boat launch in the backyard
Warehouse garage, full of sports cars
Should inspire you to go for it
I did this you could do so much more
What you waiting on, we got planes to board
High before takin' off, pulling up in racers at the Bape store
Bout paper, my bank chase but baby girl I won't chase ya
I've got aim and a laser, red beam on a stack of green
Contact me if it's a major caper
A dollar and a dream
We can pull it off while them mufuckas sleep like they always be
Look to the set if you're looking for the best
No rest until I see all my dogs eat
Quest for greatness, hella early in the latest
You ain't even know they made this shit

100 spokes and new clothes [x5]


"100 Spokes"
(feat. Curren$y & Young Roddy)
("Bales" Version)

"100 Spokes"
(feat. Curren$y & Young Roddy)
("Bales" Version)

[Verse 1 - Curren$y:]
Single engine Cessna
Amphibious landing gear, terrain treacherous here
Square groupers, blocks of white cheddar
Precious metals, butter soft leathers
Shakers and movers, business is booming
Lil nigga, you know who you in the room with?
Big boss, killer whales and sharks, ain't no tuna fish
We'll know who was fit when the casualties get tallied
There will be a list, carved in stone for all the soldiers buried
In this bloody mud, war on drugs
I just rap like it's packages, ducking the fucking fuzz
Jealous of my status, wan' know what it was
We'll put 'em in that position, to any bust can we link em?
But I'm four joints rolled up, back of that black tour bus thinking
Up more dope by the boatloads, stay afloat no sinking
100 spokes on the Lincoln, Rivieras on [?]
Parked outside the fortress, where the money ain't never sleeping

[Verse 2 - Young Roddy:]
My grandpa left me a Cadillac with the white walls
Was on a mission, hear my tires scratch off
Came up, fell back off
My momma sent me to the store to cop a pack of Newports
And a lotto ticket scratch off
Hope we hit that jackpot at least one time
Trying not to get locked out by one time
That cheddar on my mind I only see green, I'm color blind
Shout out to Sean John and [?] I'm tryna shine
With a hundred bag in my pocket
Seven grams you can acknowledge
Better watch out for your trail, this shit get real when the feds watchin'
I'm known to clock my dollars got his girl dancing topless
Better slow your roll Charlie I run laps around your posse
I spit 'til they start drowning ain't no love for the out of towner
My Chevy engine stay grinding, kept 100 shots in my chopper
That a hundred hoes in that lobby, got a bad bitch and she bout it
She tryna get to my home, I used to roll on chrome
Now I ride on 100 spokes, out


"14 Packs"
(feat. Smoke DZA)

"14 Packs"
(feat. Smoke DZA)

La música de Harry Fraud

Rubber band rap, all my knots
My bitch pulled with a teacup yorkie in a Range Rover droptop
Now I'm riding shotgun underneath the sun
Thumbing through these $100 bills like 1's
Father fly, got so many rap sons
High grade medicinal in my lungs when I swung on blades
Severed heads bled in a pathway we fled
All my friends are dead presidents so stack bread
Clearly, homie, you been misled
Foolish of you to listen to what a hater had said
Life is a SuperBowl bet, million dollar point spread
Covered like comforters on the bed
Money tree leaves hanging like dreads
Company currently on the run getting paid
Company comfortably wearing diamonds on stage
Making movies, killing beats, putting 'em on the front page

[Smoke DZA:]
[?] a lot of stuff on the boat, looks like he might be dumping some more stuff here, how many objects are there about five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen

Right, presidential crowns, presidential suites
Door to door with the pack like I'm Uber Eats
Like move ten of em maybe you can sleep
I left the plug house at 12 he gave me two for free
Drug money in our pockets
The part of is it's all profit
The Never Die Corporation
All these hundred together look at the organization
Ice cold is my aura
Put designer on my sons and my daughters
Bullshits aside, old dodger like Tommy Lasorda
Talkin' stoner lifestyle you tuned in to the fathers
Hm, I'm like why even bother these niggas liars?
They makeup game on Sephora
Pass me a lighter
Smoke one for the illest squads
Traditional mob
This lil' thing of ours

[?] looks like two people went into the water [?]
I wanna know who's left on that boat [?] before someone else gets them