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Auto moto popravak knjige na engleskom jeziku

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Automotive Repair - Large collection

Whether you're working on a truck with a V8 and a carburetor, or a car with twin cams and a turbo, you need to know how to work smart.
That's why you need to take a Haynes repair manual with you to the garage every time.
Older vehicles may seem simple, but they still have pitfalls that a Haynes repair manual can help you avoid.
And as for newer cars, well, a Haynes manual can tell you what all that wiring and plumbing under the hood does.
The neat thing about Haynes repair manuals is that each one is based on a complete teardown and rebuild by the folks at Haynes repair manuals.
That's right: Someone there at the Haynes auto repair manual headquarters turned those nuts and bolts so that they can tell you exactly how
it needs to be done. That's why, even if you already own a shop manual for your vehicle, a Haynes automotive repair manual can give you tips
and techniques showing you how to get around trouble spots and work more efficiently.
That means a Haynes repair manual can save you time, which is your most valuable commodit

this is my entire collection of Haynes Databook repair info