Šta je novo?


"To The Max"

"To The Max"

I wake up every morning to text messages
From foreigners saying they love me, they miss me
They want me, are you in town?
When are you coming over, are you around?
How’s life treating you? Are you holding it down?
Can you wear my T-shirt? Can you come to my store?
How much for a verse from Kendrick Lamar?
Is Q really from Hoover? Is Rock still signed to Tech N9ne?
And this is just when I rise, imagine my whole day
My momma smiling more than ever, man and it’s so strange
It’s what I asked for though, I can’t complain
I wanna say “I told you so” but that won’t change a thing I’m afraid
I paid my little sister’s rent last month, man, that was great
My grandpa thought I wouldn’t graduate
Now I’m selling out shows and he’s stoked and shows all in his face
I even put my step pops in his place, for questioning my objective in this place
I don’t blame him, I’m just saying, always knew I was the man
I owe nothing to no one, except those who told me I was the one
When lowkey I wasn’t, that was what I was becoming
Now I’m buzzing and everybody my cousin, that’s phony
Y’all don’t know me, where was y’all when I was lonely?
A pack of Black and Milds every twenty four hours
Skipping showers ‘cause I felt dirty, unworthy of power
Though I never cursed the Lord, but I questioned his motives
I still do, except now, I’m exceptionally focused
However the road ends, I’m rolling, say amen
You foes won’t stop me or succeed like I can
I see snakes, the grass must be cut, is it Wednesday?
And I’m happy especially nip it at the bud now
And what is happening exactly? I’m sick of the smoke signals
Like a green cross in a dispensary window
Unit 6 woulda been dope but the industry wouldn’t let it
Creativity don’t tend to mix with business endeavors
Whatever though, you know the anthem is get money and some
Become a legend and leave a legacy for your grandson
I told Lani I’mma do it, and I did it, hope she forgive me when she hear me saying shit like
“G’s up nigga, hoes down, if the bitch can't swim, then she gon’ drown in it”

You know I stay on my humble but these days ain’t fuckin’ with me (ain’t fuckin’ with me)
I go from Carson to Harlem, I hold it down, how couldn’t you see? (how couldn’t you see?)
You know I’m here for the long term, it’s my turn, pull up a seat (pull up a seat)
Go ahead and light up the smoke and throw up your hands and wave with me
Where’s Max B when you need him?
Where’s Max B when you need him?
Pour up your drink and wave with me
Where’s Max B when you need him?
Where’s Max B when you need him?
Where’s Max B when you need him?
This is the new wave now jump in the sea

[Max B:]
Ay yo, y’all niggas stay wavy man, I love y’all man
Keep the wave goin’ I told y’all I was gonna leave y’all with that wave
About 500 out there in the [?] county
Man y’all stay strong, I’m still staying strong, I’m focused
I’m on my way back, prophecy will be fulfilled
It’s wavy for life, don’t forget it I’m still wavy
Oww, Oww


"Top Dawg Under Dawg"

"Top Dawg Under Dawg"

You would have thought I was infatuated with being underrated instead of renowned
Got me feeling like King David before the crown
I too have my views like you
Look what I do to stand on stages in front of crowds
I need food but I'd rather smoke a Black & Mild
Get back in the booth and spill my heart until I bust a valve
And that's the truth, hand over my left titty
I had faith in hip hop before she met Biggie
Just take this shit a day at a time
I thought I was on after Day In The Life
But you know our shit get put on hold after reality strikes
You ain't know [?]
How you eat when there ain't even a bowl?
My stomach sound like something in the jungle
My mind saying give it up, the people saying don't go
It's easier to leave when you ain't got no dough
Cheap champagne wishes and thirty ratchet hoes
All up in my videos until you niggas see the vision (I ain't playing)
Guess a nigga never checked out the tension
In my second childhood making music from the soul
Just so you know, cracker back [?]

On and on and on and

They think me and these other rappers have something in common
God bless them, all men
I ain't stressing, I'm all in
They in Lois Lane, I'm Clark Kent
Go back to what's happening
Jay Rock finna drop and walk you all around [?]
Kendrick keep getting chased by cameramen
And for the first time you've seen a Hoover Crip on the charts
As for me I'm still an amateur, venting
Looking for the right cannon
To capture your attention, I need honorable mention
Most of all I need to exist in the fourth dimension
But niggas say I sing better than I rap
Who give a crap about all them damn metaphors and diction? (fuck that)
Took a step back to reevaluate my steez
Went to friendzone alone and wrote a gang of trees
Labels calling for everybody except for me
Like I ain't got the recipe
Like this ain't my destiny
You know how much my family expect from me?
Especially considering I'm literally chasing a dream
Told G-packs I'm a slip through the crack
Get that cream, that's a fact yo
Whoever thought I'd get to write for Dr. Dre?
He probably thought it was trash and threw that shit away
But it's a new day, new possibilities
My time'll come sooner enough
No hostility, that type of shit'll slow you up
Don't get caught up in all of the marketing to show you up
He from Top Dawg?, he more like a pup
He ain't from the streets, where the fuck he come from?
Who cosigning [?], don't believe the hype
You niggas can't see me, can't call me on Skype
I'm all bite, no bark
A Benz to a Go-kart
All I do is go as hard as adult film costars
So on and so on
Never lag, never that
You can't see?, look
They told me to break a leg, so now I'm an amputee
Give me fifty feet like G-unit's sneaks
Soul brother number two times whoever you bring


"Track Two"

"Track Two"

B-O, what up my nigga?
E3 I'm a get you on these backwoods last thing I do nigga
Oh shit nigga! Oh shit nigga!
These niggas done did it again
Tae Beast why you do that man?
Why the fuck you had to do that man?
This shit sound like a 100 birds under the Carson Sheriff Station
I told Rizac I get off my stash
We really out here my nigga!

[Verse 1:]
When I roll through the city it give me a rush
Yeah I'm high off life but I'm rolling blunts
And they couldn't wait for Soul to reappear
Click, boom. T.N.T., TDE, we in here
Mm, mm, mm! I can smell fear
From a mile away, you might as well get from round here
I run the town like Roc Nation, no exaggeration
Bet I rise like Lazarus, use your imagination
Fascinated by you faggots hating
Get an occupation
You in violation, provoke annihilation
Flow like the Nile river, yo it's now or never
You had a release date, but now it's never
Yeah, welcome to the Control System
I'm stimulating the hoes and educating my niggas
I wiggle through potholes, my destination is vivid
To the end of the road I'm driven
Y'all trippin'

And we stunting like
Ab-Soul, abstract, asshole
Give the people what they need
Damn right, let 'em know
You got some kind of disease
I'm the illest in the business
If you ain't with the business, mind your business
And we stunting like
Ab-Soul, abstract, asshole
Give the people what they need
Damn right, let 'em know
You got some kind of disease
I'm the illest in the business
If you ain't with the business, mind your business
And we stunting like

[Verse 2:]
Like I ain't never had shit
Cause I never had shit
Same Chucks, two years straight, doing bad shit
Sick, twist two spliffs out my dime bag shit
Pissed, tryna get a good response out this bad bitch
Which one of you niggas wanna call my bluff?
Wish granted, call his ass granite, now he mopped up
Never been locked up but I keep a sentence
Winners win and sinners sin only to ask God forgiveness
In this world of luxury cars, illegal tender
Johnny want me like Wyclef Jean gone til' November
Pop my collar like I'm Don Juan, green to my slippers
Just remember that they don't want me to get ignorant
Sinister literature, given from this wicked minister
Witness your future diminish
No present from Saint Nicholas in particular
You're just a thing of the past
I'm a diamond ring in the trash
No reason to brag, it's Ab


[Verse 3:]

What's your life about, enlighten me
Is you gon' live on your knees or die on your feet?
Can't lose, you niggas must admire defeat
You lying like Nala nigga, you know where to find a nigga
Del Amo, Carson in the house
The View, The Village, Scottsdale and right back around
Can't forget about The Patch, matter fact
I got some homies off Grace Ave., we go way back
Been running round since L train cut up at our people
Rocket was my role model, Lil' Rocket my number one O-migo
With fifteen in the back alley
Hop fences and skip school
Fellowship with the gang members, and goddammit I still do
But just imagine if Einstein got high and sipped juice
Broke rules, got pussy, beat up rookies on Pro Tools
You probably call his ass Soul Brother #2
And I just took a number two
And ain't this track number two?


"Tree Of Life"

"Tree Of Life"

Quiero vivir como los árboles
Breathe Easy!
Trees, trees, trees
I just wanna, I just wanna
LT3 shit, nigga, look

I just wanna live like the trees
Shoot the breeze, stay around some leaves, you nah mean?
But I'm about to go on tour
Can't wait for wind, pollination to plant my seeds in the soil
Around '07 TDE Struck oil
It's my turn, Mr. LongTerm of turmoil
I'm holdin' up the terminal takin' flicks
I'm irritated but they're the reason that I'm gettin' rich
Cheese, Give me an upgrade, see
Then I'll be on my way, I'm on my way to NYC
Last time I was there I swear I sold out SOBs
In Times Square with my circle of G's, you nah mean?
Fuck you niggas with your hands out
Suck my third leg while I branch out

Cause I just wanna live like the trees
Shoot the breeze, stay around some leaves, you nah mean?
But this money got me on the run
And it don't grow on trees, I'm tryna get me some
Get me some, get me some, some, Get me some
Get me some, get me some, some, Get me some
Get me some, get me some, some, Get me some
Shit don't grow money on trees, breathe easy!

I got most of you motherfuckers stumped
Rap like I go to church with work in the trunk
Lord forgive me but my pennies turnin' into dubs
I'm losin' my sense, they say I changed up
And I don't feel no different, I'm still the same nigga
Maybe my brain's bigger, gettin' brains quicker
Used to cop a little deuce
Now I cop a whole case of Actavis to give Sprite stock a boost
Ab-Soul, yeah I'm gettin' loot
Bitches walkin' bow legged out my dressin' room
Was at the Travelodge but now we at the W
Just to shower, be out in an hour, I got shit to do
Plenty empty Backwood packs in your face
In my backpack more OG than your hood, dang
Hey, can't live without the Benjamins
But I'm interested in Photosynthesis


Me and She sittin' in a tree
First comes love, then comes marriage
Fuck that! I'm just tryna get up in your panties
Where the trees, trees, trees
Where the trees, trees, trees, trees
Burn the motherfuckin' trees, trees, trees, trees
With the trees, trees, trees, trees

[Interlude: Joey Bada$$]
It's still World Domination
Keep a Backwood and a motherfuckin' eighth and
Always got the trees, so what the fuck you mean
I ain't about to rise to the top with my fuckin' team
Nigga it's still a World Domination
Keep a Backwood and a motherfuckin' eighth and
Always got the trees, so what the fuck you mean
I ain't about to rise to the top with my fuckin' team

Heaven ain't far Curtiss, it ain't far at all my nigga
Check, Joey I know I told you, quote it in a verse
But we called it the third eye when it could really be the first
Wha gwan Jah no rarseclart me
I took it to heights these parasites can't see
Rarely do I bark, hope you get the analogy
Top Dawg Ent barkin' on the whole industry
Niggas get to bitin', I be like Breathe Easy!
Your cardiovascular isn't fast enough
I'm Canibus smokin' cannabis, sippin' Actavis
Before the Mathers diss I used to work at Magic Disk
With a dollar and a dream, why you think money is green?
Color of vegetation, the most important thing Trees

Gimme some, gimme some
Gimme some, gimme some
Gimme some, gimme some


(feat. Aloe Blacc)

(feat. Aloe Blacc)

[Hook - Aloe Blacc:]
I'm gonna get in my car
But wherever I go
Seems like trouble will find me
And I don't want trouble to find me

I admit I play hide and seek with the violence
String theories together just like a violin
Red roses, blue violets
The top pick in the cockpit
That's fly shit
Like defecating on a private plane, it's simple
G4 with it, women with me
In the present, here's a test
If you tour the future then the past represents death
Life, will it take me under? I don't know
The good die young and the ugly get dough
I feel this prickly feeling on the back of my neck
The reaper tippy toe behind me everywhere that I go
That's why I ride slow, I used to be in a rush
Fast life, slow motion
These days, I'm so focused
And as soon as the chauffeur hold this door open I'ma


Here's a tiny tip
There's no escapin' the trouble that come with this grand hustle
You willin' to give everything for the glistenin' wrists
Findin' the right fabric to keep your family knit
Vanity slave, runnin' red lights, smokin' weed, they in love with you
When you're untouchable, sonny
You was born to fuckin' die, 'til then get money
The belly of the beast ain't no tummy, you mistaken
Track record longer than a train station
You just record tracks, what a waste of wax
Name an individual exempt
From a candlelight vigil and bring me his head
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
Optimistic but they say I need an ophthalmologist
Now they just look at me like they owe me apologies
So many red eyes I might need Visine
Audio pilot, that's why I'm so high up
The trouble still finds us like a citation, that's why I'm hatin'
The waitin' and silent conversation with God like
Why the Hell is Heaven so far?
Don't need a stairway, I need a rocketship to blast off
So what? No buts, I work my ass off
And all my champions comply
It's do or die when I ride, Tracy Chapman didn't die, nah

[Aloe Blacc x2:]
I'm gonna get in my car, I'm gonna drive real fast
But wherever I go
Seems like trouble will find me
And I don't want trouble to find me

[Aloe Blacc:]
No more, no more, no more
I don't want trouble to find me no more
Said I don't want trouble to find me no more
I don't want trouble to find me no more
No more, no more, no more, no more


"Turn Me Up"
(feat. Kendrick Lamar)

"Turn Me Up"
(feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Yeah, come come now
Soul brother number two, I'm the one now
Sun up to sun down, still kickin' that shit
Put your gun down
I come in peace like a extraterrestrial being
Eat me a meteor and walk across the moon barefeet
But don't nobody rhyme like this no more
Call me the 2010 Rakim
I got soul, there's more in store
Feel like a CVS, open 24
Spent nights tryin' to overshadow my shadow
For niggas tryin' to block my light like a solar eclipse
I bring a knife to a fist fight and when I cut a record
So when I cut the cheese, shit you know what it is
Mr. Absoulutely the most incredible at this
So adjust your bass, your treble and then

Yo, turn me up some
Yo, turn me up some
Yo, turn me up some
Turn me up some, turn me up some

Finna break this blunt down and burn me up one
Then sip on this Remy 'til it turn me up some
For me it's more difficult to be simple than it is to be complex
As a lot of apartments
You niggas comedy, I'm laughing at you probably
We are not the same, there's no strand of monotony
Between you and I until we die
Revelations say you either fry or fly
And it's hard to find God when you ain't never seen Him
It's pie in the sky and there's bodies on the cement
And I know you lookin' at me like, "You don't speak English"
I bring the heat like a phoenix, a son under Phoenix sun
And I'm rootin' for the Lakers when they play the Phoenix Suns
I ain't really into sports, that's just where I'm from
Long Term Two
And if it's in your possession then follow the directions my dude


[Kendrick Lamar:]

Come come now
Pac told me fuck the world, I'm 'bout to cum now
I've been a pro, but now I'm profound
Propane on posers, restraining from the doja
Imagine if I smoke, I probably come up with a quote
So heavy you'll forget every album you heard from Hova
Or 2pacalypse I'm Hub City's novelist
Come and get your scholarship, I'm taking kids to school
A pool full of spit, dive in, I'm 'bout to drool
You'll drown trynna backstroke on concepts that I wrote
I was a black sheep, but now I'm just a goat
And I'm 'bout to elope, married to the game joe
This is hip hop at its finest, where'd you find this? In a Ziploc
Til the wheels fall off, fuck a pit-stop or what not
Where my tear drop? I murdered it
My pot-holes is turbulence
I'm in the sky wit it
When you listening to Kendrick, just


This for my niggas that really rap all night
No sleep, do it with your eyes closed
I can see your vision from Del-Amo
Poppa took the television, but left the radio
Ill niggas, wack niggas, what's the ratio?
Is this shit degrading or inspirational?
I'll have you know I must've wrote about a thousand rhymes, a thousand times
I give you my word

[Kendrick Lamar:]
Cause I just gotta be heard
I just gotta be heard
I just gotta be heard
Said I gotta be, yes sir I gotta be
Heard, heard, heard, heard



(feat. Jinx & Short Dawg)

(feat. Jinx & Short Dawg)

[Intro - Ab-Soul:]
Jinx what up my nigga?

I get turnt, I get rowdy
Backwood full of some of the loudest!
I'm fucked up! I get wasted
That's a hundred dollar cup I just wasted!
I'm Twact!
(I get high, she get low)
Motherfucker I'm Twact!
(I get high, she get low)

[Verse 1 - Jinx:]
Uh, Twact out till I pass out
If you ain't fucking with the team then you assed outFlow dope like a crack house, bitches pill poppin'
House poppin' like a Frat House
Keep 16s like a verse nigga
Codeine got me leaning in reverse nigga
I popped a Xanny then she dropped her panties
I get the dough and bring it home, to the family
See I ain't fucking with you man if you ain't paying me
I'm from the village baby, I'm just tryna win a Grammy
Uh, smoking Backwoods back-to-back
Double cross the squad and get popped like Cracker Jacks
You see the look in my eyes so you know I'm strapped
A real Compton resident, yeah you know I'm that
I pulled up to the function with the pack
Turnt in this bitch to the max!

[Hook - Doeburger & Jinx:]
My nigga I'm twact (I get high)
Turkey bag full of that gas
Nigga I'm twact (she get low)
Styrofoam cups, no glass
Nigga I'm twact (get high)
Got them bars on me, no rap
Nigga I'm twact (she get low)
I don't even know where I'm at
Nigga I'm Twact!

[Verse 2 - Short Dawg:]
I just got home boy I'm glad I made it
The Codeine got me activated
New mix alert, Soul you have to taste it
Know I got the lean on me, like tax evasion
I mixed it with a whole lot of cannabis, mind travelling, getting throwed like a javelin
H Town slang I done poured up a Matt Schaub
Drugs got me like woah I'mma twact raw
And now on a mission just to get some cheeks
If she don't answer when I call, Imma hit delete
I don't love these hoes at all, boy I be with freaks
Cause they know if I fall it's gone be asleep
And I'm back on the road sipping mud again
Tryna stay inside the lines like I'm coloring
The cops say "I seen you swerving, tell me why."
I told em I ain't even gon' lie...


[Verse 3 - Ab-Soul:]

Soulo ho, well known from Del-Amo to Soho ho
This ain't Arabian night but let me see your camel toe
I might even set up my camera too
Oh, do the splits on the dick like aerobics
Them other niggas talking shit but they don't know shit
No, they ain't on and ain't on shit
Yeah they on that, I'm on this...
And I don't need no necklace cause I be off the chain
And all they say is yes when everybody know your name
Got a pack of Jet fuel that they don't use for planes
Unless it's a metaphor for how high I'm remaining
Seals in the cut like Navy training, along with a couple other things I shouldn't be naming
Eh, Long Hair Don't Care, how come I'm the most faded in here?



Ladi-dadi we likes to party
We might cause trouble, we might body somebody
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Ladi-dadi we likes to party
We might cause trouble, we might body somebody
Ah! Ah!


(feat. JMSN)

(feat. JMSN)

[Intro - Ab-Soul:]
All my life
All my life

[Bridge - Ab-Soul:]
I say all my life, all my life, all my life I knew I was tight
I say all my life, all my life, all my life I knew I was sick
I say all my life, all my life, all my life I knew I was ill
I say all my life, all my life, all my life I knew I was I'll be here

[Verse - Ab-Soul:]
Everywhere, tell the truth you wouldn't dare
Cross me like the gold you wear
Soulo flow like the solar flare in the open air
So much smoke that I'm comatose, but I still want mo'
TDE generals, she ain't spiritual but she still want Soul
God bless, God body, no fear in nobody, no thing
Can I proceed? Collect all of my proceeds
Don't I flow like I don't bleed? Every cut is just dumb
After me there will be none I told you there is only one (Soul)
Yeah, and I just might be in your hood
Causin' havoc with my bros, and instill all to the good
Horse and carriage when I roll, it's sober hopin' so it's 'stood
I'm in Hollywood cause I remember when I had 50 Cent, up In Da Club
All my life I knew I was major, I don't need no major
I don't even write rhymes, I really shouldn't have to sign paper to dominate the
Game yall praise on hand and knee, just waited till it came to me
I just kept it real with yall, keeping it real with me

[Hook - Ab-Soul and JMSN:]
Cause I ain't got no fear, under the atmosphere
Trying to stay high, as long as we down here
Listen closely, see what we bout here
Who really bout that, you'll see when the smoke clears
Cause we really out here! (We really out here!)
We really out here! (We really out here!)
We really out here!
(We really out here, yeah yeah yeah!)

[Verse 2 - Ab-Soul:]
Uh, and it might not be such a bad idea if I never went home again
Fuck the same hoes again, bumpin' "Druggies Wit Hoes Again" with my bros again
No, I want the world chico and everything in it
Every beverage with Codeine in it
How the fuck you say I sold my spirit?
I'm still taking blows at the Senate
Claims of Illuminati, I'm just tryna Illuminate
Praise to the most high, God, Jah, Allah, Yahweh
Selassie eye and I'm proud to say, I never need a 9 by my waist
Niggass still respect my gangster, celestials respect my space
And I just might be in your hood
Causin' havoc with my bros, and instill all to the good
Horse and carriage when I roll, it's over ho, it's over stud
I was overlooked, I went overboard now I'm overbooked
Ab-Soul-Lute just, my life is like an open book
Read between the lines nigga
I did this shit legally blind nigga
Yeah, Soulo ho, Carson arson with Del Amo (Knock Knock!)
Tell your folks I said hello, I ain't never scared

[Hook - Ab-Soul and JMSN]
[Bridge - Ab-Soul]

[Break - Ab-Soul (Interview):]

These days, at this point in my life, I kinda really wanna use music to help people get through their days instead of just staying in the dumps, just keep going. Bring light to the situation, maybe, you know, try to find your own personal message in that incident, that experience and try to move forward

[Battle Verse 1 - Ab-Soul:]
Y'all got me, everything good, y'all can hear me?
Before we start, lemme just say this, lemme just say this
I'm dating you Day
Wait, wait, pause
No gay shit
What's the difference between a date and a day anyway Day?
A date is a day that's marked
I'm smart, and just cause I know you love 'em so much
I came with name flips for days, tailored just for Day
I'm expecting Day to base his verse on data based on turds
My database said Day the basehead that date a basehead
Is he dope? No
Who gave Day the base, ball is what we do best
Flock his projects, that's a home run, Day
The baseball is what we do best
Carpe diem, that's how you say seize the day in French
I stand behind these bars for the rest of my life
I will never see the light of day again
Now witnessing this rare occasion I bear fruits of my labor this grape is green
I gotta eat on the go Day
I hope they told you that everything that Soul say don't go a long way
Don't go a long way, what?
A ho in Chipotle, no
This is food for thought, from a dog on top
We been nuts
There was a fool who thought we was new to this
But who knew this would end up, a glow stick and a uterus
That's light in a box
And that's light, that's light
But light like to lick twat a lot so that's right
That's what y'all call street?
No tales from the Crip this evening, he slip
Seems he forgot what the C meant
It's your dumbass fault that last part was so concrete
But I guess you'd have to be Ken to get that bar b, pardon me
I bet right about now you feelin' like Jordan down in the Jordan Downs
In fact it's crazy that you even play ball to clear your thoughts before raw backwards
And that's cool, but for this round, save the bull before you let the Jordan downs and Jordan down
Now, as for the crew
Well, uhh, the villain been itchin' to skin a dog
And this nigga bought, what, a hundred and three dalmatians?
It's safe to say your mob of dots won't make it
And I'm a fan first
But it won't take too many seconds to leave you in a damn urn
You deserve this disservice
I put this man in ERs if he don't got no manners, man word
I'm expectin' some etiquette in your segment kid
I brought you to the 'Stu to show how we do
So all them antics and funny shit you do for the cameras don't get aired here
They can't see you
Wave your title to this tidal wave, we do
And you don't appear to be a peer to me, forreal
You should kneel to me or somethin'
Fuck it, to keep it 100
You're nil to me, that's nothing
Heard they been raisin' raisins down on Grape Street, that's crazy right?
That's what happens when you expose them grapes to too much daylight
So your chances of standin'
Much smaller than my plan to defeat you
Wait, what, do I gotta put it in photosynthesis or somethin', son?
Shed some light on Day?
'Til he's cropped out
No not now, I won't need a plant to defeat you
The sequel, this movie, won't need to be continued
You finally encountered somethin' you can't counter, coward
You're counterfeit
You ain't gotta be in a Walgreen's pharmacy
To see quill drug over the counter
After your mother consumed you, you were the fruit of the womb
After you were born, I'm sure you wore Fruit of the Loom
Now I'm tryna figure out, is you from Grape Street, Crip?
Or just another fruit in this room?
It's crucial, you choose, I'm sure you don't want me to assume
I should be against the law to run into
Cause we all know in LA I'm double you, all so true
Today is the day I split Day in two
What the fuck has battle rap turned Day into?
Are you from Gotham or from Watts?, Are you Batman, Spawn, or Davon?
Did you really think "Paul Walker" was a dope song?
If so, you were wrong
Hold on, I got one more, and don't lie to me
Do you really have a Batmobile outside, my G?
Don't be so transparent, this nigga's light - through
If you don't know what transparent means, let me enlighten you
If it's transparent, that means that it lets the light through
So I should smack this trans' parents for lettin' light through
Like, he nerve of this cat
Lyin' with a motionless emotion
This nigga Day all bitch
Somebody get Quill a quilt before Quill get kilt
Do Quill got skill at all, homie?
It was some Braveheart shit, all I heard was Nas, homie
Did you really expect to last, Day?
You know Revelations say that we livin' in the last days
I mean, I see you skimmed through Genesis and Timothy but did you get to that page?
You got Gats?
You think your little arm'll get in the way of Armageddon?
Forget it Day, no, really, forget this day
If I had a time machine, I'd go back in time to see
Just how many people would say "Yes" to Day
Nobody, fam, nobody, fam
That's why I'm ahead to day
No, no body fam, that's why I'm a head today
No, nobody fam, that's why I'm ahead of Day
Somebody check the clock, I think I'm ahead a day
Send him to the choppin' block, off with the head of Day
It's only right I be blunt to Lyt
I only gave Lyt a match to light a blunt
I see I should have used the lighter instead
Chill Loc, we ain't smokin' no purple
We need the fire instead
When I think of daylight, I think of shit like
Breakfast, morning, birds singin', kids playin'
See where I'm goin'?
That means you better break fast, or I'll have your family mournin''
When that bird sings, kid, I ain't playin' and you know it
But you know what?
(Hold on, hold on, let me get you right, we have this shit)
Take this 500 before you clap this shit up
Say this, let me say this, let me just say this
These flashin' lights got Lyt flashin', nigga, for the glory
You're Buzz Lightyears from here, Quill, and you tellin' toy stories
You boys bore me, that's why I'm hoggin' all lanes
All your bars Häagen-Dazs, that's on everything
Day a dairy queen, Deluxe, Blessed king
Dearly beloved, all first verse, all first verse
You know I brought a hearst for the sausage you brought worst
Dearly beloved, here lies this little light of mine that tried To let it shine
And I hate that we have to
Hear the lies from this little light of mine that tried
To let it shine
But I'm ill, you men ate when I finished Lyt
You get it, Lyt?
That's how you ILL-u-min-ate, and finish Lyt, good night
(Hold on, hold on, hold on, let me get you right
You got that for me?)
Brought you some complimentary TDE ski masks

[Battle Verse 2 - Daylyt:]
Question, you know how many copies The Matrix sold?
It don't matter, The Matrix's old
I double cats, I ask 'em if they seen the glitch
No, no, no
Face it, I got it covered
Prevail, they say the sail was a thread to Hell
The gravitational stitch cause some niggas seem down
They come up with this perfectly clean round
But I hope you not doin' this cause of fear
Of the pen, I'ma prove you pussy within
But I guess it's up to you to risk your career
I retire niggas, I'm the [?], I could OD too
And even the odds some
He thought he could least get a baby victory
But all he got was "Nah, son"
Check this out, he not ready
Either you fight back or I ether you
Thought you could face what I hand you, well this is impeccable
Soon as I took a peek at you, you looked shocked
Peep at you, put everything at stake
Well done, this is beef, right?
Jesus, holy cow, cut the bull, soul before you get meatsliced
I'm from the third, I gotta try you
Guy you play Ryu, lose a Ken in street fight
You still couldn't see Lyt
Division, I got it covered, I'm so eye lit
Pilot, fly, I be the goblin
We battle for a stack, in fact they had to get a cataract cause I be the problem
But it's useless, use less filler
Excuse this, excuses, but, but, but
These asscheek niggas dead
You said you would fry Day previously
But that's what the last week nigga said
But, but, but, keep cool Joe cause a dog crazy
Get down, we turn niggas vegetable if they don't let us up
He know the heat blowers like Daffy at the casino, nigga you better duck
But I tell them tails we never tuck
We gon' line that ass up
I from the Watts block for decision
My profession is stompin' squares the fuck out
We played hopscotch for a livin'
But that's def, that's just plain old def
It's funny how we're all in here but bro don't listen
Have a seat, picture this, picture this photo
This a Soulo [?], hold up
Is it because he 'bout to get smoked?
Common roll the physics, so exquisite, thought I was in here dolo
No bro, somebody tell Soulo this not a solo mission
The deal closed, SoHo is it
Thought you could fuck with Me Gal? I gotta Cotto split him
Look at your girl dead in her eyes and say "Fuck Dorothy dog"
I'm toto dissin'
But at this moment, everybody in the room should be scared as Hell
As I release bars, they better bail
Objects that I process is parallel
Let's get this aligned
Minus sinus, the stuffy nose flew overhead, it's cold
Redemption, stay still, as I apply Dayquil
Cause you look like you need medical attention, don't mind me
See where mind be is a mine, explosive
Interior is inferior, this is a hobby probably
Y'all see I got the drop on everybody
That's why I reign superior
Whether you like or not, it's Hell for you, ice plate
These blister niggas still can't overshadow a nice Day, remember
You did say you would fry Day
But you don't realize you're on the weak end to the streets
Preacher for they peeps, you asshole
You in the motion to grab toes, you're reachin' for defeat
I tell 'em I got the foreign
Cut the sheep, it's all for the woolish
Game, I play is death, get sword for the hoodish
Actin', it's Tinactin, it's all for the footage
I'm dope, I'm practical, crack to you
I need a lot of space, the galactic crew, the actors knew
You feel it it's Felix, see what the old cat could do
But you got the roots stirred up
Gelatin dropped and slide, this game is stormchasin'
Based on whether you got the drive
Win rounds, destroy their whole city
Will they get toured? Nay, do you realize
I still got a break, brother
When I quake in action, think of Blake and Jackson
Take cover
That's Lyt work, Soul
Cut your lights switch, see how the Lyt works, Soul
I cut the light switch off and your light switch off, Soul
Somebody get this nigga help
I mean, like, Soul, assist him
Get him help, I'm sendin' this nigga out the Solar System
I mean it's simple, Aretha Franklin, you a soul sister
(That's enough, man Imma have to throw one of these masks on, man
Should I finish him off?
Use the mask, Day
I ain't done)
And I told you once, I gotta give 'em the quill
And I gotta give 'em the skill
I be on the tip like I tried to give 'em the bill
New approach, Bull coach, I tried to give 'em the Phil
For Watts, starvin', gotta get us a meal
Bein' modest, this is modern astrology for the real
You can't back up defeat but I try to get up the hill
Cold, rack up the heat but I'm tired of niggas that grill
Chicago in my blood, but I used to be the shyest
Cat form, but now I'm back searchin' for the highest
Platform, see where I come from, it was sirens
Blackboards, eyelids see the violence, what is that for?
44 shoot, they screamin', "Who's that guy?"
Jesus, his face, they screamin', "Who's that god?"
We be on the top, careers gettin' too high
They knew I would get a million dollars, what I do buy
That pink kid in the cup, that Majin Buu fly
Tragic, twin maggots, I grew up too fly
They askin, "Who I?" in front of that triangle black
That's that guy that come with the side kangol hat
We take it back from slangin' packs to the stars mission
Older now, I'm in the Rover but it's not a Mars mission
Settle down, one child, marry, feel like I'm Marge pimpin'
Bitches wanna eat my shorts, feel like I'm Bart Simpson
I feel this a full moon, chocolate, dreams puddin'
They be likin' everything I do, they're teen wolfin'
But you got it, you got it bad
2Pac, [?]
Two watches, that's pocket change
Dude coppin' that clock exchange
Credit good, I'ma pull the card out
Better be hyesterectomy, show 'em how to ball out
Cough, they can show that they're stomach so they fall out
Whip, double roof, dog barkin' in the dog house
And I gotta give 'em the Lyt
My people in the struggle, I gotta give 'em a fight
Ain't no equal piece of puzzle, hope God'll give us the mic
Ain't no sequel to this puzzle, I gotta give us the life
Wow, they say the Bugatti went up in price
Wow, that's a million
I'm done

Ces jours-ci, je suis très concentré




More than a man, I been died and rose again, yeah
Fast life, slow motion - {These Days}

[sample of Jackson Browne's "These Days" (Ab-Soul):]
Well I've been out walking
I don't do that much talking {These Days} (I gotta stop smokin' cigarettes)
{These Daaaaays} (yep)
{These Days} I seem to think a lot
about the things that I forgot to doooo, for you (man)
And all the times I had the chance to

(Yo, how the fuck my new girl got me jealous of other girls?)
(I think I live in another world) And I had a lover (fuck!)
But it's so hard to risk another {These Days} (These Days)
{These Daaaaays}
(Ay, he wrote this shit when he was 16 he said)
(This is, I'm 27, this is like my whole life)
Now if I seem to be afraid (like this second, yeah)
To live the life, that I have made in sooooong
(You know all I like to do is keep it real - Soulo, hoe)
Well it's just that I have been losing, soooooo long
(Can I win one time? Yeah, yeah this that pain you was talkin' about)
(Can I win one time? Uh, uh)

So many pills I should have slipped already (yeah)
My lungs the same color as my lips already (yeah)
Expensive clothes and sufficient funds
Me and my bros switchin' hoes just for fun (yeah)
The money and bitches is all we care about
Very far from home if you worried about my whereabouts
Chasin' the light at the end of the fuckin' tunnel
Pray for Sydney, send Tia a text, tell her I love you (I love you)
The devil is a lie, never let him persevere
God took my angel and left me here, it's Heaven here

[sample of Jackson Browne's "These Days" (Ab-Soul):]
Well I'll keep on moving, moving on (yeah)
Things are bound to be improving {These Days} (it's Longterm, this shit real)
I love These Daaaaays (it'll all make sense one day, my nigga)
(I've even been on songs with Common, it's crazy)
{These Days} I'll sit on corner stones (can't stop me my nigga, yeah)
And count the time in quarter tones to teeeen, my friend (uh, yeah)
Don't confront me with my failures (can't achieve success without failure, baby!)
I have not forgotten them

Diggin' for gold in these codeine bottles
Trying to picture potential in these Instagram models (like)
Information racing around the Internet
Before the iPad was invented, I had a pad of writtens
Smokin' a cig on the side of the house tryin' to figure it out
The axe didn't cut it, moms told me cut it out
Clem told me always take pride in my work
I clutch the mic with blessed hands at all my concerts
Why his name Soulo? How is he so smart?
We can see his four footprints in the sand when he walk (Black Lip Bastard)
I like to refer to myself in third person from the third person (3's)
That's a out-of-body experience of self (yeah)
So I can see me for me and no one else
Don't need to see a Emmy, award or no jail (Soul)
I'm at them like a cell, I just want to be free
All this chatter from the chattel nigga, I don't speak sheep (yeah)
This TDE and nothin' beyond that (infinite)
Told Du-Dog I don't even need to read the contract (hahaha)
Yeah, as if some legal documents can stop me
Legalize, legal lies, legal eyes so I see
I did it while you were sitting wishin', ask my nigga DZA
All my verses hearses leavin' {Church's}, not the cheap chicken (yeah!)
And I love the beast coast but what about the best one?
What's your life without a soul? A dead one

(Yeah Mac, you ain't got bars like that Mac!)


"Watch Yo Lady"
(feat. K.Dot)

"Watch Yo Lady"
(feat. K.Dot)

[Verse 1 - Ab-Soul & Kendrick Lamar:]
I'm a soldier mane, thought I told ya mane
I aim and flame ya, I'm the pro-to-pane
Niggas sizing me up like I'm buying a tux
So I interrupt, crease 'em, iron 'em up
With the nina, not talking 'bout the two singers
Cause a leprechaun wouldn't even press his luck
I'm sure to pluck any chicken with a rhythm I could fuck
I tell 'em call me up
Like is it on or what, can I cut 'til dawn, or what?
A slut say she want a slice of all of us
Intelligent, say her marble's marvelous
She go down south like black colleges
I'm a psychologist, I tell her I can adjust
Anything in the world that be bothering her
Everywhere I go, guarantee she go
Pussy pop on the low like a silencer

[Bridge - Ab-Soul & Kendrick Lamar:]
Back to the realest shit, cop a car, mash that
Crash that, then I'm back at the dealership
Diamonds on my necklace, diamonds on my left wrist
Diamonds on my right wrist, damnit I'm the brightest
Back to the realest shit
You an exclamation, fuck an explanation

[Hook - Ab-Soul & Kendrick Lamar:]
Better watch yo lady!
(Boom!) Bounce (Boom!) Bounce
(Boom!) Bounce (Boom!) Bounce
Better watch yo lady!

[Verse 2 - Ab-Soul & Kendrick Lamar:]
Back to the realist shit, niggas ain't raw
You grilling, I'mma menage a woman and I
Barrage, be intimate, a massage beginning with
Caress from her tongue, deep throat raw
Lot's of trauma, ya baby momma
Brain is crazy: Jeffrey Dahmer
And I'm finna shoot like a dirty llama
Big truck kicking up dust: conquer
Chocolate seats: Willy Wonka
Passenger: Pretty Woman
Directed back, bring ya compass
You bringing Carson, you bringing Compton
Y'all bring the nonsense, we bring the real
Like pro tools, never gross 500 mil
And we out in Brazil, in the green like Blankas
Bonkers, tell 'em Top Dawg is here!

[Bridge - Ab-Soul & Kendrick Lamar:]
Back to the realest shit, cop a car, mash that
Crash that, then I'm back at the dealership
Diamonds on my necklace, diamonds on my left wrist
Diamonds on my right wrist, damnit I'm the brightest
Back to the realest shit
You an exclamation, fuck an explanation

[Hook - Ab-Soul & Kendrick Lamar:]
Better watch yo lady!
(Boom!) Bounce (Boom!) Bounce
(Boom!) Bounce (Boom!) Bounce
Better watch yo lady!

[Verse 3 - Ab-Soul & Kendrick Lamar:]
I think it's that give us that back
Whatever war you bring, send me to Iraq
I rap like my tongue was sitting on a match
You struck by lightning, frightening, gotta be a Heisman
Trophy, lowkey, the one and only
Slay a ho, play a ho like an oldie
Yup, and I'm dope like Opi
Um, so I'm out when the police
Come, like a nut, I'm a nut
For the bucks like a shotgun bust, and I bust
Venom inside the brains of young dames
Like Mr. Dash speaking to his kids on Jay-Z
We running the game
Y'all slipping like run in the rain
Ya bitches running away from y'all to us
In God we trust, at y'all we bust

[Bridge - Ab-Soul & Kendrick Lamar:]
Back to the realest shit, cop a car, mash that
Crash that, then I'm back at the dealership
Diamonds on my necklace, diamonds on my left wrist
Diamonds on my right wrist, damnit I'm the brightest
Back to the realest shit
You an exclamation, fuck an explanation

[Hook - Ab-Soul & Kendrick Lamar:]
Better watch yo lady!
(Boom!) Bounce (Boom!) Bounce
(Boom!) Bounce (Boom!) Bounce
Better watch yo lady!