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50 Cent

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"Who U Rep With"
(feat. Bravehearts, Nas)

"Who U Rep With"
(feat. Bravehearts, Nas)

[Verse 1 - Nas]
Hats off, to da rich ones who flash and floss
Pour some liquors out to my dogs trapped up north
Reminisce on the deceased who no longer exist
Only wishin' we could bring them back with songs like dis
Old flicks on us chillin' wit da old time click
Holdin' nines, thoughts of death, not our lives we risk
How it use to be, early morn, pumpin' in shifts
Jakes wit pale faces in the night is the scariest
They handcuff me, they knew my government and alias
Various calls were made up for awarin' us
The D's in the marked vans and cabs
In our land, hoodrats get stapped by niggas who forty
Turnin' out young lady's and make them make thoughties
Got them coked out, the hood is bugged out
Thug babies, famous in they strollers
Before they walk they knew the hood talk
It's in the air of New York
So everybody'll pick em up, kissin em up
Treatin' them like they own, in dis hood we call home
Fist fight till we grown and these guns come out
Circle of life, it's kinda deep how we end out.

Yo them niggas that wanted beef before
Don't want no beef no mo
Now that they know who I rep with
Who I rep with
QB NIGGA!!! [repeat]

[Verse 2 - 50 Cent]
Ya'll niggas better sober up before ya'll speak to me, don't come at me high
Last rapper that raised his voice to me, got japped in da eye
Now if I say I'm gone get you, I'ma get ya
On da strength of da inf, from long range I can hit ya
You find out them niggas who wit ya ain't even wit ya
After da gem stars split ya, you need an MD to stitch ya
Peep how I use words to paint pictures
Peep how I got niggas with bodies askin' me for ten cents to got hit ya
Look my name up in the law book, Curtis Jackson
Known for creatin' action, by rapidly clappin'
Nigga I stay strapped, so much I nickname gats
Got a tech I call Tina, a nine I name Nina
Two niggas went to see Allah afta they seen her
This QB shit, bout to take me to da next level
Next crib, next Benz, next bitch, next bezel.
It's that real.


[Verse 3 - Bravehearts (Millennium Thug, Horse, Jungle, Wiz)]
Yo, aiyyo, who da fuck wanna war
I got a four four, pierce ya'll niggas jaw
You see me thugged out, iced out, Guinness Stout
Hopin' out the Range wit da gun out
Smack your man down, you ran off
I was gonna hit him with two, I left some for you
I put four, QB rugged and raw
I got somethin' for these rap cats, fish held back gats
Scope wit a beam on it, loc put your cream on it
Shine don't scheme on it, I make your dream about it
Forever, whatever whatever get gully
Shots thru your leather and clothe, With your skelly off
Break ya'll clowns off
Yo hollow tips will flood your jacket, I don't give a fuck who you be
Millennium Thug, now who da fuck want it with me.

I mastered the art of slap boxin' niggas in da dark
QB's big man, Horse of the Bravehearts
I'm da Sasquash of rap, collector of gats
Testin' macks at your bulletproof vests and hats.

How bout that, guns bust off, I bust back
When trucks backfire, I bust back
How bout that, stomp a muhfuckin' rib out ur back
Ya'll niggas ain't gangsta rap, ya'll click like Josey and the Pussycats
When we come around da front, stop.

Uh huh, ya'll can't fuck around ya'll get dropped
When guns pop, who's tellin'
Twin barrel nines wavin' and yellin', QB NIGGA WHAT
Two-time felon, straight to da melon, straight to da dome
Send a nigga back, get da shells, go straight home
Never slip, my +Ill Will+ to survive is so deep
Can't sleep, cousin to death, makes me weak
Pullin' triggers at my shadow, Bravehearts pop up
Wiz, Jungle and Horse shot your block up.

[Chorus 2]
Them niggas that wanted war before
Don't want no war no mo
Now that they know who I rep wit
Who I rep wit
QB NIGGA!! [repeat]


"Whoo Kid"

"Whoo Kid"

[50 Cent talking]

You want beef wit me? take a number, and get in line
You bump heads wit me? I pop ya top off wit the nine
You mad at me? Shit cause you can't shine
You ain't gettin' yours? thats fucked up cause I'm gettin' mine

[50 Cent]
I got a M1 in my hand, I'm feelin' to start killin' shit
I'm not the nation's new Malcolm X, but I'm militant
What, I'm supposed to be scared cause you got a big chest?
My four fifth will lift you and your motherfuckin' bench press
Why you screamin' war senseless, I'm tryin' to spaz
Swing my knife, tore break it off in yo ass
Niggas get hugged up in the huddle, I know how to clear 'em out
Four fifth, four shots, that'll fuckin' air 'em out
In the hood niggas love me cause I keep it real
G-Unit niggas, they gon' always make bail
Whether it's two G's or twenty G's
Whether or not wit two pieces or two keys
Bitch please, get on ya knees you can lick these balls
I'm not that nigga that you striptease for
You gotta a problem or anger nigga to call
Cause I'm out like a pimp and a trick, bitch!

You want beef wit me? take a number, get in line
You bump heads wit me? I pop ya top off wit the nine
You mad at me? Shit cause you can't shine
You ain't get yours? That's fucked up cause I'm gettin' mine

[50 Cent talks till end]


"Whoo Kid Freestyle"
(feat. G-Unit (uncredited))

"Whoo Kid Freestyle"
(feat. G-Unit (uncredited))

[50 Cent]
Yo this is 50 cent, yaknawsayin?
I'm here with my man Whoo Kid, you know how I put it down nigga
It's not safe around here as soon as the street lights
G-Unit nigga

[random shout outs]

[50 cent and G-Unit]
We can't get Money selling weed...WE GON SELL COKE
Ain't no money sellin' coke... WE GON SELL DOPE
Ain't no money sellin' dope... WE GON SELL X
And if niggaz wont by the X... WE GON SELL TECS

[Lloyd Banks]
My advice for y'all niggaz is stop frontin
'Cause 50 say pop somethin', I'm gon pop somethin', what up?

[50 Cent]
Don't make me send a nigga to you, 16 shot ruger
Send twelve shots to you, run four in the clip
Get in the whip, it's a wrap

[Lloyd Banks]
Nah fuck that

[50 Cent]
Man, you done hit the nigga twice in the head, that's that
Niggaz running with the steel out, now it's time to peel out

[Lloyd Banks]
50 let me drive

[50 Cent]
Nah I got this, nigga chill out

[Lloyd Banks]
It'd be nice to get the niggaz ice, get it, give it back

[50 Cent]
Just get in the corner store cause it's full of them A-rabs
They blowin' the shit up like it's okay
I got a bomb on my waist I'm Kamikaze [laughing]
I dare Ds to get next to me

[Lloyd Banks]
Or a nigga to creep up and put a tec to me [explosion]
Yeah, yeah that's it, it's a freestyle
The fuck you want for free?
Fucking A-rabs just ran the planes into the fucking building
Coke price went up 10 grand this fucking week


"Whoo Kid Kayslay Shit!"

"Whoo Kid Kayslay Shit!"

[Intro - 50 Cent - talking, breathing noises in background]
Hey pass that nigga, we gettin' high
Yo, yo this is some bomb shit right here man
50 can't even smoke this motherfucker (ah haha, haha)

[Verse 1]
I can't smoke weed, cause my PO make me piss in a cup
Nigga go ahead, disrespect me, I'll fuck you up
I ain't talkin' about a fist fight, I'll cut you up
Yo don't want stitches in yo grill motherfucker, then chill
As a young buck, niggas always knew I puff
Yousta see me go to school, on a smoiler bus (woo)
I'm a sped ed kid, I'm gettin' all this paper (uh huh)
You should sit, scibble lines and see where it take ya
Had violent tendencies, so they thought I was dumb
Why the so called smart kids was poppin' guns
I think about poppin' a gun, and then get the lump sum
Grampa my role model, yousta suck on a bottle
A pint a Crown Royal, make your insides boil
Been smell like Ben Gay, cause his back go out
He the one that taught me, what bein' black's about
Now peep the roach on the walls, that fall and crawl on my friend's
Wrist, Sittin' up in them Benz, to be in the pen
In the hood we hit the number, but never the lotto
Life in the fast lane, one wheel hit the pothole
Let's go, let's flow nigga

[Chorus - Singing - 2X]
War, what is it good for absolutely nothin'
But niggas keep frontin'
Fuck a nigga, live like a soldier
Die like a soldier

[Outro - Talking]
War, state of mercy nigga
You see me pop off nigga
Ain't no peace talk, bitch ass nigga
Fake gangsta nigga, you want to seem nigga (yeah)
You don't seem nigga, yeah nigga
Right? Kayslay, Whoo Kid
50 Cent, new shit
My nigga Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, G-Unit
Niggas, niggas, "Rotten Apple"
And nigga shy money, ain't fail nigga
Uh huh, ya heard


"Window Shopper"

"Window Shopper"

The top feels so much better than the bottom
So much better

[Clean version:]
Ja you's a window shopper
Mad at me, I think I know why
Jada you's a window shopper
In the jewelery store, looking at shit you can't buy
Joe you's a window shopper
In the dealership, trying get a test drive
Nas you's a window shopper
Mad as fuck when you see me ride by
[Dirty version:]
Nigga you's a window shopper
Mad at me, I think I know why
Nigga you's a window shopper
In the jewelery store, looking at shit you can't buy
Nigga you's a window shopper
In the dealership, trying to get a test drive
Nigga you's a window shopper
Mad as fuck when you see me ride by

[Verse 1]
Summertime white porche carrera is milky
Im on the grind let my paper stack when I'm filthy
Funny how a nigga get the screw facing at me
Anyhow, they aint got the heart to get at me
I'll get down, southsides the hood that I come from
So I dont cruise to nobodys hood without my gun
You know the kid aint gonna follow that bullshit
try and stick me imma let off a full clip
It aint my fault you done fucked up your re-up
At the dice game who told you put a G up
Everybody mad when their paper dont stack right
When I come around y'all niggas better act right
When we got the tops down, you can hear the system thump
When we rollin' rollin' rollin'
Shut your block down, quick to put a hole in a chump
nigga When we rollin' rollin' rollin'


[Verse 2]
niggas Love me in L.A. as soon as I pop in
They come scoop me up in LAX and I hop in
When it comes to bad bitches you know I got them
Some from Long Beach, some from Watts, some from Compton
You know a nigga wanna see how cali girls freak off
After that 5 hour flight from New York
I start spitting G at a bitch like a pimp man
Tell her meet me at The Mondrian so we can do our thing
She can bring the lingerie with her I suppose
And we can go from fully dressed to just having no clothes
She can run and tell her best friend bout my sex game
Her best friend could potentially be next man
Listen man, shit changed
I came up from doing my thang
Homey I'm holing, holing, holing
shit man, the store owner watching you
For something get stolen, stolen, stolen



"Winners Circle"
(feat. Guordan Banks)

"Winners Circle"
(feat. Guordan Banks)

[Hook: Guordan Banks]
Are you ready to win?
Come join the winners circle
Put up your hands for me, baby
And do it like we're supposed to
Cause we're gonna win

Consider this the theme song for victory
The shit you say to yourself when you make history
I'm trying to make it feel like the first time
Like a junkie I'm sort of chasing my first high
I'm focused, I'm disciplined, I'm ready
Mentally on point, sharp as a machete
Hard work, I work hard, I get the job done
It's only one number 1, nigga, I'm number 1
I'm confident, you can call it vain or conceited
Cars, clothes, I need it
Condos, condoms and bad bitches to be with
Run with a winner, baby
Be unconventional, freak me off friends maybe
You can be my girl, be my fair weather friend
Or you could be my, yeah yeah, be my friend to the end


I got that disease ambition, success is the cure
They wanna win, I gotta win, I sell the shit pure
I got dopeboy bonds, Einstein brains
The heart of a nigga homicidal on the chain gang
I want yachts and drops, I got spots to watch
I wanna see what life is like from the mountain top
Who says sky's the limit? I'm limitless, I just took the pill
Why you think a nigga slow flow so ill?
Be careful, the shit I got is highly contagious
We hustle 'til it had us all locked up in cages
Time gon' fly when a nigga been busy for ages
War stories and wounds, back and forth, a nigga been trading
For the root of all evil, Lord said it's for Satan
We from the bottom, desperation cause moves that we making
I guess it's all risk versus rewards
And a nigga risk it all for the broads
What's up?



"You A Killer..Cool"

"You A Killer..Cool"

I'll put this shit together, I'll tear this shit apart
Demolition, the architect, I'll let you see the spark
Bullet open your head make your brain a landmark
Put what you thinking on the curb nigga mark my word
If there's a L to take it's gon' be your loss
Double-barrel buck spray, your ass get tore off
You've been warned, you hard nigga I'm just gon' hit you harder
Guard ya, stick ya, rip ya
Extended clip ya
Graze ya, blaze ya, hard to miss with the laser
You talk shit I (hawk spit) spit the razor
The mastermind, the muscle
Boy I know how to touch you
I plot it, plan it, then execute it dammit

You a killer, you that nigga, you put work in all the time
You a shooter it's nothing to you, you maneuver with the 9
I heard it all before, I'm strapped coming at you boy
This what, beef or war? I get the drop, blow your face on the floor
I don't believe you when you say you tough nigga
All that means is you fucked nigga
I get the drop up on ya

Nigga make one false move around me I say "fuck it I'm ridin'"
And ain't no sense in tryna duck me motherfucker I'll find ya
I'm still going through my '50 niggas everywhere I go' phase
Catch me slippin' no days
You pussy niggas no way
To stop me you gon' need at least a Mack boy
Shoot me with a.25 I be like "what you do that for? "
That party popper ain't gon' cut it
But once you crossed the line you crossed the line nigga so fuck it
I'm built for it
Try to do the shit I do get killed for it
Pints of blood spill for it
Beef I'm still for it
Niggas wanna bump with Ferrari, prolly they ain't get the memo
I got cake, it's your wake
My gun or money make a nigga put a mask on
Shoot a head or break a leg, put a cast on



"You Ain't No Gangsta"

"You Ain't No Gangsta"

[50 Cent]
Look If you ain't worth a mil, you ain't far from broke
Got anought heart to sell weed but you scared of dope
I wouldn't snitch on my peoples if the feds grabbed me
Yo ass would hit more notes than Ron Isley
I wouldn't rhyme about Rolleys if I had no watch
Wouldnt write about crack if I ain't had no spot
You talk six coupe shit you only pushing a trey
Got bitches shutting you down in the C.L.K
For cats like you, crime don't pay
You just linger in the hood, them niggaz blow you away
You the type to get paper when I'm locked up, get yo jewels rocked up
Then have to tuck em in when I pop up
Niggaz in the hood sayin "50's Grimy"
Cause they hit me wit Kosami and now they can't find me
If you see it how I see it, my watch is yo whip
And I can cop anotha one afta each assist

[Chorus x2]
You ain't no gangsta
You'se a busta, a customer, a sucker
You fake fraudulent motherfucker
You ain't a gangsta
I should cut ya, cock back and bust ya or stomp you out cause
We don't trust ya

[50 Cent]
You owe a nigga? You don't wanna pay him?
Kill him, that's what they said ta ta disapper him
Y'all ain't got to believe me
When I'm done with this rhyme if theres time I'll hit a flick
Wit Mariella this connect bitch, Peruvian chick
She ain't hot but eevrytime I fuck the coke right drops
When it's time to get it on (what)
I pull over the thong (uh huh)
Fuck till I nut then get up, I'm gone (yeah)
Usualy hit it watchin tele way out in L.A.
I like it when she say "Papi I feel it in my Belly"
Call up all my niggaz in New York on the celly
First thing I'm sayin is "Nigga what da deally"
Pack a trey pound up under my Pelle Pelle
Y'all niggaz want war, clap clap, Oh really?
I watch niggaz slang packs in front of the deli
Got 20 inch chrome sittin on my perili
Lorenzo on the Benzo nigga you feel me?

[Chorus x2]
You ain't no gangsta
You'se a busta, a customer, a sucker
You fake fraudulent motherfucker
You ain't a gangsta
I should cut ya, cock back and bust ya or stomp you out cause
We don't trust ya

[50 Cent]
Fix the cell, blast the room devil spray, turnin proof
Hoe whip, bulet proof, yopu ain't fuckin wit me, duke
Bricks from Filipe, 19 five, what we pay
Cop on a week mad hard to catch him on the weekday
Niggaz backed up, slugs to the gut, that'll bet him up
Gettin fed thru his arm in a hospital wil slim him up
Get it thru yo head, 50 Cent don't care
I cock triggers light the blockup, iller than times square
Real shit, you spit it cause you seen it
I spit it cause I did it and I mean it
Man, I don't like none of y'all
Fuck around I'll run in y'all pop one in y'all
Had the whole hood talkin bout what I done to y'all
Listen I don't give a fuck if you blood or cuz
I got love for thugs niggaz firing slugs
Stage rapping ass niggaz ain't sold no drugs
Gotta show me some love cause my sins are bluffed

[Chorus x2]
You ain't no gangsta
You'se a busta, a customer, a sucker
You fake fraudulent motherfucker
You ain't a gangsta
I should cut ya, cock back and bust ya or stomp you out cause
We don't trust ya


"You Know"

"You Know"

See low we know
I'm sitting on leather I'm a winner
If I crap out the strap out
Cause I snap right back to the beginning nigga

You know I will let it pop front if you want bitch I will make it hot
You (rrr) know you think you ill but you not
You will need a tombstone you will need a plot (yeah)

I peep what niggas hate through my peripherals
Boy if I leave this club back to the car I got some shit for you
Want party? We can paint the town red
Them bottles ain't shit to me a nigga got bread
I'm big money big business I love it
For the bad bitches with big asses and the budgets I'm the boss
Until you know shit is going how it got to go
I don't want talk tonight I might just buy the hoes
My pleasure principle spender's expense
First I'm happy then she happy then she can pay the rent
It's nothing to a nigga when he up
But when they down I bet you he won't give up at your bump
Flipping will catch your attitude 'like bitch what the fuck you want from a nigga huh?, you fucking up nigga huh? '
Look girl you know you sitting on a gold mine
Fuck with them other niggas think you so fine

[Hook x2]

My flow hotter than the gun after that clip done
Don't care about the sit you claim mother fuck the finger bang
I hang around with hustlers and hoodlums that party get the popping
Then we beefing and we shooting
Let's party like it's 1999
Flat top Gazelle, the swag going back in time
I got it locked they can't ignore it
My nigga know some bullshit I'm all for it
Heroin Don seven sixty leaning
Chrome clean spend a nigga scheming trying to hit a lick
Them victim niggas thinking damn why me
I'm thinking why these niggas never try me
Maybe they feel the vibe they know a nigga lie
I let it off inside and outside
The club rocking it's on tonight
Them bottle's popping we getting right



"You Like Me Better Rich (Freestyle)"

"You Like Me Better Rich (Freestyle)"

There's something about the way I get it
I do, I get it
There's something about the way I did it
Like there's nothing to it

You don't wanna see a nigga doing bad
My eyes turn red than I'm pulling out a mag
You see shit clear when ya ass get hit
You like me better rich
You like me better rich
I caught where ya live with the .44 mag
Shut up bitch, show me where the stash
Now we got the dope we just waiting on the cash
You know your getting hit, you're getting hit

Nigga time, money, money time
Smoke the barrell of the nine
See ya see ya blood leak
Tell ya punk ass weak
Lay down, stay down
Go 'head kiss the ?
Police box me in, I will kill a hostage
Bang bang close range, there wont be no get back
For the last time nigga, tell us where the shit at
You're working my nerves and I ain't got patience
Barrell on my tre pound, I'll let ya ass taste it


This little light of mine, I'm gon let it shine
Right under the barrell, I'm sure I wont miss
Say a prayer I don't care, I'm here for the money
Pay dumb, get done, call it murder one
Six shots pop, hit a pop, bullets ricochet
Your catching hot, hell so far away
Cough up the cash before shit get really bad
You don't really really wanna see a nigga when he mad


Yeah, this that Power of the Dollar sound
Some of you niggas ain't even up on this
Uh, yeah 50, Back with avengeance
They gon call this the greatest comeback of all time
This shit gon bring chills up your spine