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Windows 8.1 Phone Activation- Permanent Activation

Diskusija u 'Tutorijali' započeta od vladcepesh, 03.09.2013.

  1. vladcepesh

    vladcepesh Urednik

    Windows 8.1 Phone Activation Helper v 1.1 By AR_Alex


    1. Run Windows 8.1 Activator version 1.1(.bat) as an administrator.
    2. Select the option on the screen
    <1> Activate Windows 8 Pro
    <2> Activate Windows 8 Pro WMC
    3. There are currently 10 working Retail Keys chose any key you wish to use click 1 till 10
    [As soon as we notify any keys blocked we will replace with working one]
    4. After click the key number you will be direct to `Select your country of region` screen
    5. Just click enter you will be on Installation Screen


    Zao nam je, ali morate biti registrovani/prijavljeni da vidite ovaj sadržaj!
    Name: Windows 8.1 Activator version 1.1.(.bat)
    Size: 6.33 KB
    CRC32: A5261E7C
    MD5: 06B141C08FF4397AADB9409D38E072A5SHA-1: B5990D8BE29C40C24FE4B949525B3135EBC3DA15

    Carry on rest of the procedure via Skype as usual posted on main instruction

    6. Next you will get installation ID in this step you enable Internet Connection...


    7. Use Skype Free Microsoft Call Center to Get Confirmation ID....


    Important Notice: When you are talking to Robo make sure you DIAL 1 for every question you have been asked dialling other numbers caused your installation ID BLOCKED!Dial UK number free call using skype [+448000188354] I strongly suggest use this number first or

    US Minor Outlying Island] [+18007548300]First question are you home user or business ***[answer home user -dial1]*** Important Type installation ID without making mistakeAfter second question how many computer you activate using this key ***[Only One Dial 1]***Important

    After giving Installation ID, the end of the call Talking Robot will give you Confirmation ID fill them related box correctly or click start if you did not hear ang Group Number Properly to be repeated.


    9. Click Activate Windows.......


    10. Check your activation status and genuine
    Right click the start menu and choose "command prompt (admin)

    slmgr /ato

    Other Command Activation Check Prompt

    Check Activation remain grace period:
    slmgr.vbs /dlv

    Volume activation
    expireslmgr /xpr


    Upgrading Windows 8.1 Windows Media Center Over Activated Windows 8.1 Pro

    Things you need to know before even start Upgrading Progress:

    1. If you activate Windows 8 Retail Keys make sure you are using Core Edition or Windows 8 Pro with upgradable WMC Edition to order to use Retail Keys cause Windows 8.1 Pro Volume License Edition need MAK Keys to activate and there is NO Get more features with new edition of Windows option on Volume License Edition


    2a. Have you actually download your copy of Windows 8 trustable source and unmodified version if not please use the download link i provide all MSDN Untouched version you will see them

    2b. Have you ever tried to activate your copy with any of the Hacktivator you will largely find on internet if you did uninstall them and also make sure scan and clean your system files doing this simple step:
    Open cmd with elevated privileges, (run as admin), and enter:

    sfc /scannow

    About Windows 8 Pro With WMC Activation:

    If you want to activate Windows 8 with WMC you need to follow this way and its the only way.

    1. Install Windows 8.1 **CORE Edition or Upgradable Windows 8.1 Pro** >>>> Activate Offline via skype with *****Retail Keys*****
    2. Go to the ad features option and install the WMC Keys lets Windows install all necessary tool FOR WMC Edition
    3. PC will restart
    4. Now activate WMC Retail Keys earlier you install to convert W8 Pro to W8 Pro with WMC*** All Retail Keys, Windows 8 Core Edition download link and detail instruction first page
    When you call MS Via Skype common mistake people do:
    During call Robo will ask you 2 Question Dial 1 every question you have been asked cause if you dial 2 any of those question your Installation ID will blocked there is no way to activate therefore you need to change the key and get other installation ID!

    Dial UK number free call using skype [+448000188354] I strongly suggest use this number first or

    US Minor Outlying Island] [+18007548300] First question are you home user or business ***[answer home user -dial1]*** ImportantType installation ID without making mistakes. After second question how many computer you activated ***[Only One Dial 1]***Important

    All the Keys i have checked and posted into Pastebin Link If some reason any of the keys blocked by MS try other keys cause usually not all the keys blocked at the same time! If you are new comers we use sharecode link in this forum you need to read about how to open share code link topic . Please do not PM and ask me where is the keys are they are on page one on the top of the topic!

    6. If you believe you done all right but still you can not activate using Retail Keys for Windows 8 or WMC then ask me i may be provide one of my unused or less used Retail Keys... Please do not share those keys i PM you any other website!

    Step By Step Instruction:
    Instruction assuming you are on Upgradable & Activated Windows 8.1 Pro in this instruction more detail about it on the explanation above.

    1. Go To Control Panel\System and Security\System


    Click on Get More Features with a new edition of Windows

    2. Click I already have a product key.


    3. Enter Your WMC Promotional Product Key [If you still have Promotional WMC Keys best to use it if you don't then Use the keys below:

    Windows 8 RTM Pro WMC Offline Activation RETAIL KeysSite:
    Sharecode[SUP][?][/SUP]: /ww8TDCeV


    4. Tick accept the license terms and click Add Features



    5. Windows will add the WMC Features and after done your PC will Restart

    6. Your WMC still not Activated even you add the key earlier that was for add features Installation therefore we need to activate the same key we already use for Installation.!

    7. Activating WMC Retail Keys same way we did for Windows 8.1 Pro Activation therefore i do not want to repeat myself see >>>>> How To Activate Windows 8 RTM Via Phone [Permanent] Above and Follow the Instruction from Step 1 to Step 9.
    Check your activation status and genuine
    Right click the start menu and choose "command prompt (admin)

    slmgr /ato



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