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True to Life Intermediate Workbook

Diskusija u 'Strani Jezik' započeta od arcadius, 12.08.2017.

  1. arcadius

    arcadius Član


    True to Life Intermediate Workbook with key+AUDIO-True to Life is a course designed especially for adult learners of English. The three levels-Elementary, Pre-intermediate and Intermediate-can be used in sequence or independently.

    True to Life is built around topics, language, tasks, and approaches to learning which adult learners will find relevant, stimulating and enjoyable.

    Key features of the course are:

    • Original content and tasks which will engage the interest of adult learners
    • Use of learners' own knowledge, experience and creativity
    • Development of grammar and vocabulary through interactive tasks
    • Review and development in every unit
    • Wide range of cross-cultural material
    • 'Dual level' recordings, offering a choice of shorter or longer and more challenging versions of many listening tasks
    •Grammar Reference at the back of the Class Book

    The Intermediate level consists of 22 units, providing upwards of 72 hours of class work, depending on the options followed.

    The Personal Study Workbook provides further practice and consolidation of language for learners to use on a self-study basis. It contains both structured and open-ended material, covering grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation exercises and skills work, plus a full answer key. The Personal Study Cassette or CD contains the recordings of the listening texts and pronunciation exercises for the Personal Study Workbook. A special feature is the Visual Dictionary component, for vocabulary development.

    File Type: PDF+mp3 File Size: 94.30MB

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