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English Idioms and how to use them 4th Edition

Diskusija u 'Strani Jezik' započeta od arcadius, 26.03.2017.

  1. arcadius

    arcadius Član


    English Idioms and how to use them 4th Edition
    -This established reference book for intermediate and advanced students of English as a foreign language has been completely rewritten to make up-to-date, of its kind. A new introductory chapter covers:

    ■ growth and change in the English vocabulary
    ■ changing attitudes to language
    ■ different aspects of the idiom
    ■ when and where to use idioms

    The bulk of the text lists, explains and contextualizes in a great variety of ways all the different sorts of English idiom.

    This includes particular words used idiomatically, noun phrases, phrases of comparison, verb-noun and adjective-noun collocations, adjective + preposition phrases and common proverbs. There is also a detailed chapter on idioms from special situations and categories. The first part deals with the use of language in various situations, for example buying and selling, holiday and travel, illness and health, work and industrial relations.

    The second part groups idioms around the special categories of animals, colours, parts of the body and time.

    Other features include:

    ■ a detailed chapter on verbs with prepositions and adverbial particles
    ■ a full list of verbal contractions
    ■ an appendix on abbreviations
    ■ a comprehensive index to key words used in idioms
    ■ a subject index

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