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Yardie (2018)

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Set in '70s Kingston and '80s Hackney| Yardie centres on the life of a young Jamaican man named D (Aml Ameen)| who has never fully recovered from the murder| committed during his childhood| of his older brother Jerry Dread (Everaldo Creary). D grows up under the wing of a Kingston Don and music producer named King Fox (Sheldon Shepherd). Fox dispatches him to London| where he reconnects with his childhood sweetheart| Yvonne (Shantol Jackson)| and his daughter who he's not seen since she was a baby. He also hooks up with a soundclash crew| called High Noon. But before he can be convinced to abandon his life of crime and follow "the righteous path"| he encounters the man who shot his brother 10 years earlier| and embarks on a bloody| explosive quest for retribution - a quest which brings him into conflict with vicious London gangster Rico (Stephen Graham).
Antwayne Eccleston , Fraser James , Aml Ameen , Rayon McLean , Mark Rhino Smith , Sheldon Shepherd , Christopher Daly , Reshawna Douglas , Alexandra Vaz , Chris-Ann Fletcher , Paul Haughton , Everaldo Creary , Carol Lawes , Raheim Edwards , Sean Lyn

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