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Yan Muckle - SleepTracks Sleep Optimization Program [MP3]



You can sleep again

Deep down, your body/mind already knows how to sleep naturally.

Even if you think it has forgotten. Even if you think you are in some way flawed in regard to your ability to sleep. Your body still knows.

But it needs some reminding and re-training. It needs a reboot.

Sleeping pills destroy your health without providing real, lasting access to the deep sleep you need.

We believe sound sleep cannot be built on the foundations of poor mind/body health.

This is why SleepTracks is a “health-first” program: it has been created from the ground up with your long-term health in mind.

Rest easy: you’ll soon know what to do and how to do it. You’ll be helped by the suggestions embedded in the audio sessions, and steered in the right direction with the Fast Start Guide and the Optimal Sleep multimedia course.

Before long, you’ll reach mastery; you’ll handle stress better when it shows up, let anxiety flow past you, and truly welcome sleep when bedtime comes. Best of all, you won’t describe yourself as an insomniac anymore.

1 Anxiety Ease 33:00
2 Fall Asleep - No Voice 50:00
3 Fall Asleep 50:00
4 Insomnia Buster - No Voice 22:00
5 Insomnia Buster 22:00
6 Power Nap 26:45
8 Whole Night 2 1:17:00
7 Whole Night 1:17:00
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