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MP3 Yahel – Discography


Genre: Progressive Trance music, Progressive House, Psy-Trance music
Codec: MP3 and FLAC tracks, tracks+.cue
Quality: MP3 320kbps CBR and FLAC Lossless


2000.02 For The People (Shiva Space Technology, SSTCD006)
2000.09 Waves of Sound (Phonokol, 2175-2)
2002.01 Private Collection (Phonokol, 2209-2)
2003.02 Hallucinate: Journey Into The Unknown (Phonokol, 2259-2)
2005.03 Around The World (Phonokol, 2331-2)
2005.11 Super Set (Phonokol, 2349-2)
2007.02 Super Set II (Phonokol, 2375-2)
2008.11 Xport (Phonokol, 2410-2)
2013.01 Super Set 3 (Web, tracks, Phonokol, 2495-2)
2013.12 ArchiTech (Web, tracks, Plusquam Trance, PQT311)
2013.12 ArchiTech (Plusquam Records, PQT311)
2015.06 Time Travel (Web, tracks, Global Army Music, GAMEP039)


1999.12 Skywalker / Going Up (Web, tracks, AVANTI 401-5)
2000.04 Open Your Mind (Web, tracks, Black Hole Avanti, AVANTI 404-5)
2001.06 Sound & Melody EP (HOM-Mega Productions, HMCDS01)
2001.12 Private Collection EP (HOM-Mega Productions, HMCDS02)
2002.06 Run Away (Web, tracks, Cyber Records, CR 051)
2003.05 You Feel (Web, tracks, Cyber Records, CR 057)
2005.01 Liquid Love EP (Web, tracks, Phonokol, 50192)
2005.11 Sugar One / You Inside (Web, tracks, Cyber Records, CR 055)
2007.10 Devotion (Web, tracks, Cyber Records, CR 040)
2012.12 Creatures (Web, tracks, Perfecto Fluoro, PRFLU024)
2013.06 I Dive (Web, tracks, Perfecto Fluoro, PRFLU034)
2013.08 Single Touch (Web, tracks, Hotune Records, HOT016)
2014.01 Dune (Web, tracks, Perfecto Fluoro, PRFLU045)
2014.02 Dune (Web, tracks, Perfecto Fluoro, PRFLU045A)
2014.08 Where Do I Begin (Web, tracks, Global Army Music, GAMEP025)
2015.03 Liquid Love (Web, tracks, Borderline Music, BORDM050A)
2015.07 Shadows (Web, tracks, Perfecto Fluoro, PRFLU067A)
2015.08 Black Hole (Web, track, Prog On Syndicate, 10095255)
2015.09 Butterfly (One Function Remix) (Web, track, Dropzone Records‎, DM042)
2015.10 Voyage (Eelke Kleijn Remix) (Web, track, SPRS‎, SPRS064)
2016.02 Open Your Mind: The Afternova Remixes (Web, tracks, Abora Recordings, ABRD108)
2016.03 Dawn Rises (Web, tracks, Global Army Music, GAMEP051)
2016.03 Surrounded (Web, track, Perfecto Fluoro, PRFLU077)
2016.09 Liquid Love (Punch! Remix) (Web, track, Biopulse Records, PUN001)
2016.11 Yin Yang (Web, tracks, Global Army Music, GAMEP061)


2001.01 Mixing In Action (Phonokol, 2197-2)
2003.10 Something To Remember (Phonokol, 2287-2)
2008.09 Worldwide Trance Sounds Vol. 3 (Web, tracks, Armada Digital, ARDI765)
2014.01 Full On Fluoro Vol. 02 (Web, tracks, Perfecto, PRFD073)
2016.04 Private Party Vol. 1 (Web, tracks, Caliente Records, BLV2358464)

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