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Xavier (Mystic Mountain Book 2) - Reina Torres



Xavier (Mystic Mountain Book 2) - Reina Torres
epub | 296.42 KB | English | Author :Reina Torres | B088TWTLP5 | 2020

Book Description :

He thought he wanted his freedom and his solitude more than anything else in the world. until he met her.

Xavier Salazar lives the life that he wants. He has his friends and his home carved into Mystic Mountain. It's his retreat, his refuge. When a gorgeous woman sho up in town to help make the resort's bar a brilliant success, he's torn. Xavier is determined to drive her away, but his panther wants to touch her all over, hide her away in their den, and add to the family that he was slowly creating around himself.

Oh, he was going to fight. hard. And yet, even he knew he was probably fighting a losing battle.

True Sinclair is at the top of her profession. Being a world class mixologist means she kno how to blend all kinds of things together. She just can't fathom why Xavier treats her like he's oil and she's water. There was no doubt that he was combustible around her.

At first, he can't seem to force himself to be civil or even make an effort to share the same town, but she finds herself drawn to the dichotomy warring inside of him.

True kno what he is and she kno what she wants, but she won't wait around forever if the man who makes her blind with love and drunk with passion won't even meet her halfway.

Category : | Paranormal Ghost Romance, Paranormal Witches & Wizards Romance, Paranormal Werewolves & Shifters Romance

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