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Will Penny (1967)





Charlton Heston is Will Penny, an aging cowhand who rides off at the end of a trail drive looking for a drink of whiskey and his next job.He and friends Blue (Lee Majors) and Dutchy (Anthony Zerbe) come across a bull elk that looks like it’d make for a tasty meal.But a dispute breaks out over the animal with a rag-tag family approaching from across the river. Soon, gunfire rings out.Dutchy is wounded — perhaps by his own bullet. And a son of Preacher Quint (Donald Pleasance) is dead by the river bank. The preacher vows vengeance.Penny eventually parts from his friends after getting Dutchy to a doctor. He finds a new job too, manning a line camp for the winter for the Flat Iron ranch.But he finds his cabin already inhabited by Catherine Allen (Joan Hackett) and her son Horace. They’ve been abandoned by the guide leading them to California where Catherine’s husband has a farm.Nesters are prohibited on the Flat Iron range, so Will orders them off the property. He wants them gone by the time he returns from checking out the range he’ll be patrolling for the winter.That’s when Preacher Quint returns with his two remaining sons. By the time they’re done with Will, he’s stabbed, burned, beaten, bleeding and left for dead.He manages to make it back to the line camp where Catherine nurses him back to health. Over time, he becomes fond of her and her son.He and Catherine begin re-examining their futures too. Catherine faces one with an unloving husband. Will faces one of endless drifting.But they won’t have a future if Preacher Quint learns that Will is still alive.

Directed by:
Tom Gries

Charlton Heston … WIll Penny
Joan Hackett … Catherine Allen
Donald Pleasance … Preacher Quint
Lee Majors … Blue
Bruce Dern … Rafe Quint
Ben Johnson … Alex
Slim Pickens … Ike Walterstein
Clifton James … Catron
Anthony Zerbe … Dutchy
Roy Jenson … Boetius Sullivan
G.D. Spradlin … Anse Howard
Quentin Dean … Jennie
William Schallert … Dr. Fraker
Lydia Clarke … Mrs. Fraker
Robert Luster … Shem Bodinehe
Dal Jenkins … Sambo
Matt Clark … Romulus Quint
Gene Rutherford … Rufus Quint
Luke Askew … Foxy
Anthony Costello … Bigfoot
Chanin Hale … Girl
Jon Gries … Horace, aka “Button:
as Jon Francis




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