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What Doctors Don't Tell You - February 2018

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What Doctors Don't Tell You - February 2018
English | 84 pages | True PDF | 35.2 mb

- Sort your blood pressure without drugs 53
Lynne McTaggart and Bryan Hubbard offer alternatives to yourdoctor's prescription
- Eat to beat the Mk menopause
Most of the symptoms of menopause can be sorted with simple changes to your diet, says Dr Shawn Tassone
- The best supplements to control your diabetes
Dr Mona Morestein has a special medicine chest of little-known nutraceuticals to help you master your condition
- How I beat juvenile arthritis'
Lauren Vaknine ended up in a wheelchair after taking powerful medication to treat her arthritis. Thanks to a holistic approach, she is now back on her feet
- Are the bacteria in your gums hurting your heart?
Bryan Hubbard reports on the evidence linking gum problems with heart disease

and much more.....
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