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Wanna Be a Fiction Writer? Learn From a Published Author

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Tell your story to the world in your voice and your words.​

Overcome the obstacles that have so far kept you from getting started.
Get your story out of your head and onto paper.
Understand that you have the ability to write fiction.
Space on my blog to present your original writing to the world.
A Bonus Chapter on where to get your writing published.
Do you have a story to tell?
Do you want to write fiction, but don't know how to get started? Are you looking for some guidance as to how to navigate the waters of becoming a fiction writer?
Hi, I'm JB Vincent. While my career has taken me down many paths, the one thing I have always been, somewhere inside, is a writer. I spent many years compiling stories from my life experience, and one day I decided to make the jump. I have several works published, and several more in the queue. I have been successful, and now I want to help you be successful as well no matter how you quantify success, be it financial or the satisfaction of obtaining the lifelong dream of being a fiction writer.
The 5-Star Reviews Are Coming In!
"Great Starting point" - "Well Structured, Rich & Informative" - "Excellent!"
Don't take my word for it, see what our current students are saying.
What Is Covered Here?
This course will cover all of the basic areas the student will need to get from where they are today to their goal of becoming a writer. The topics covered are:
Conquering Your Fear Of Getting Started
How To Get Started
What Type Of Stories To Write
How To Select And Work With An Editor
Tips and Advice
Where To Get Your Writing Published
By the end of this course, the student will be armed and ready to get out and realize their dream of being a writer and tell their story to the world.
This course is for anyone who has ever wanted to be a fiction writer, but thought the barriers to entry - whether in their own mind or in the actual literary world - were too much to overcome. This course is about how to begin to tell your story, it is not a grammatical, structural or technical manual. This course is about unleashing creativity for the benefit of the student and their future readers.