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Wagtail for Beginners

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h264, yuv420p, 1920x1080 |ENGLISH, aac, 44100 Hz, 2 channels | 8h 7 mn | 3.92 GB
Created by: Kalob Taulien
This course is designed for developers who are new to Wagtail CMS.​

Together, we'll create a brand new Wagtail website from scratch, and at the end we'll deploy it to the web. Here's a preview of the final website: Rocketman

Note: This course assumes you have a basic understanding of Python. If you know some Django, that's great, but not required.

If you're unsure whether this course is for you or not, consider the follow topics we'll be covering together, and if you're unfamiliar or not completely comfortable with all of these subjects then it's likely this course is for you. Here's what we'll be learning:


You'll learn how to install Wagtail using venv and Pipenv

Create 7 custom

Including services, misc pages, testimonials, StreamFields, a custom menu, contact pages, and global site settings

Contact pages

Creating the initial page and the landing page

Customizing contact form options


Basic StreamFields

Repeating StreamFields

Custom StreamField validation

Table blocks

Reusing StreamField components

Adding additional logic to StreamFields

2 ways to create StreamFields

Custom pages

Page validation

Custom page fields

Working with images and for keys to other models

Create listing pages to automatically populate content as soon as you create a new page


How to speed up your website with caching

How to delete caching when you save a page or model

Create a custom menu

You'll create a sortable menu system from scratch

You'll be introduced to Orderables and Clusterable Models

Register the menu with Wagtails ModelAdmin

Create a custom Django template tag to work with your menu templates

Create Django models

Use Wagtail as the main admin interface

How to turn Django models into reusable pieces of data (Wagtail snippets)

Create custom site settings

You'll make site settings globally accessible

Cache these settings

And delete cache when the values are updated

Custom image cropping and renditions

And .webp image support

Creating a sitemap

2 super helpful debugging tools

My personal methods for learning Wagtail quickly and efficiently

Launch your website on a brand new server

Using Digital Ocean and Ubuntu 18 with x and Gunicorn

Install an error monitoring service for your live website

And here are some bonuses this course comes with:

All the source code

The frontend build tools to customize the theme

A sample x config

Sample gunicorn files

If you think you could benefit from a course like this, definitely enroll today and let's get started.