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Vue 3 using Composition API, Tailwind CSS and Firebase


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This course is structured in such a way that someone with a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript could master the Vue.​

What you'll learn

Usage of Vue composition API for robust web app development

ATOMIC design for web development

Integrating Tailwind CSS with Vue 3

Firebase authentication

Deploying Vue 3 project on AWS Amplify


js framework.

The course bs with basic theoretical concepts like 3 tier architecture, Single Page Application, Server Side rendering.

Then the next section is about installing Node.js, npm and Vue CLI and creating a project using Vue CLI.

Then the next section covers all the basics of Vue right from project structure, how Vue code works to all the features and properties required to create a Vue 3 application. Each concept is explained well and in as simple words as possible.

Then the next section is all about the action of coding. First, we will see how to install Tailwind CSS and use it in Vue 3 with JIT mode, then how to create a Firebase project and lastly it is all about coding an app with a proper firebase authentication system. I have been coding web applications for various sizes of companies for 6+ years. I will be putting in all my experience and learning to create this app so that you could also use it to develop your next portfolio or your dream project.

Please note that this app is developed completely client-side using serverless logic of Firebase and APIs. However, you could use the same client-side logic and substitute Firebase APIs with your own APIs as per your API logic.

About the App

This is app is for educational purposes and is meant to be used ethically.

We will be creating a Vue 3 app that will take an IP address and will make an API call to get the details of that IP address. Using Google Maps API we will then plot the location of that IP on the map.

We will be then deploying this app on AWS Amplify using Github.

This app is developed with line by line code explanation. We will be login in, login out and registering the user using Firebase Auth API and will also put a navigation guard on the route so that only authenticated users could use our IP app. We are storing user details in Vuex and hydrating the store on page refresh.

The mastery for this course depends from person to person but if you take and study this course properly then you could at least use Vue comfortably for any projects. Of course, some practice will be required from your side but this course will give a clear direction and understanding of Vue 3 and composition API.

Who this course is for:

This course is perfect for those who want to kick start their Vue 3 journey and take it to advance level. Before joining this course all you need to know is basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The course will start with basics of Vue and then step by step the concepts will get more advanced.