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VSDOpen2020 - VLSI online conference


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Applying community models to ICs - Why and How​

What you'll learn

How students from all over world designed analog IPs and RISC-V core from scratch

Launch of VSD-Intelligent Assessment Technology and its benefits in VLSI training

RISC-V and open source hardware - A golden opportunity for India sonductor industry

Computation in the Post-Moore Era: Reflecting on the The role of Open Source

A brief history of open hardware: learning from the freeand open source software movement

Government Initiatives in ESDM Space


Should be a part of VLSI industry or should have taken VLSI subjects

Should have completed atleast one of VLSI udemy courses


JOIN VSDOpen2020 and be a part of open-source revolution !!

VSDOpen 2020 was bigger and better !!

VSDOpen 2020 had LIVE Tutorial Session for first 3 days

VSDOpen 2020 showcased open-source analog IP's

VSDOpen 2020 was for 4-days

View VSDOpen2020 last day conference!!

We are excited to showcase some masterpieces of work done by Research Interns over last year, and also, we are really excited to introduce you to novel techniques of learning and designing analog/digital IP's. This , we are about to showcase you a list of projects which was achieved for the very first in the field of open-source.

To B with: First in the open-source world,

1. We have open-source analog IPs built from scratch using OSU-180nm PDK, Magic and eSim EDA tools, by undergrad and post-grad students. Unbelievable!!

2. We displayed to the RISC-V community around the globe how you can design a basic RISC-V core in just 5-days from scratch using TL-Verilog and Makerchip IDE. Unbelievable!!

3. We released a cloud-based VSD-Intelligent Assessment Technology platform which enables VLSI training for all -zones at one go and is about 99% effective compared to any other training around the globe.

4. We will show you how you can develop your own SoC using real 130nm PDK from Skywater and OpenLANE EDA tool-chain from efabless

Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants to get an overview of VLSI industry and get started in the field of open-source

Anyone who wants to learn how to build analog IPs from scratch

Anyone who wants to know about next-gen cloud based RISC-V and VLSI trainings at affordable costs