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VSD - TCL programming - From novice to expert - Part 1


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You should be able to understand basic UNIX commands like vim, ls -ltr, etc.​

The Expert In Anything Was Once A Bner
What you'll learn

Build TCL scripts on their own from scratch

Build their own UI (user-interface)

Build their own procs and commands


You should have a virtual machine with UNIX and TCL running, if using a Windows laptop

You should be able to install any linux package


And I really believe in that...

I was a novice in TCL programming 10 years back. One thing that led from novice to an expert is "Practice"

Be it learning scripting language or an EDA tool, nothing beats 'concepts'. I have been proving this in my courses, how learning a tool is the last 5% task of entire learning flow.

My students, who have been working with on several projects and also learning through my courses, have not only learned sonductors, but lived the journey. And I promise, the same will happen with my this course on TCL scripting as well.

I have been using the same approach in last 10 years for solving problems, be it a TCL script issue or an issue with STA timing violation or an issue with DRC or an issue with floor planning or an issue with routing congestion, you name it..

You will witness the same in all my courses and in this one as well. Let's unveil the concepts of data flow and manipulation using TCL scripts

Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants to do TCL programming

Anyone who wants to learn basic programming algorithm and data flow

Anyone who wants to code