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VSD - Circuit Design & SPICE Simulations - Part 1


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So, you are a professional in VLSI, doing tons of tapeouts and accurate timing analysis.​

Learn how things got started in VLSI
What you'll learn

Understand, in brief, Physics of MOSFET

Run SPICE simulations on your own and test your own circuits

Get better understanding of Timing Analysis

Learn VLSI from scratch to advanced (this includes my other courses as well)


Basic understanding on Industiral physical design flow, clock tree synthesis and static timing analysis to get applications of this course

Even if you are not aware of above one's, that's even better, you can start from scratch


OR, say, you are a student, who already went through my previous courses on clock tree synthesis, physical design flow and crosstalk,

But, sit back, and give it a thought "Have you done it all?" "Did you know, where does the delay of a cell actually comes from?" "We have learnt about delay models, but are the models accurate?" "How do you verify, if what you are doing in static timing analysis, is correct?" and many more.

These are some of curious questions we wonder about, but hardly find any answers. Even if we found the answers, as a passionate learner, we are still more curious to do some practical things on our own.

And, here's the answer to all of them. SPICE (Simulation Program for Integrated Circuit Emphasis). This course has answers to almost all questions that you might have as a serious timing analyst

So let's get started and keep those questions coming in the forum, and I will answer all of them.

See you in class !!