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VMware World Sessions Completed 2012 ( Videos & PDFs)


VMware World Sessions 2012 Video and PDFs Full | 39.78Gb

General Sessions
Monday, August 27 - USJoin Paul Maritz as he shares how VMware is helping customers and partners thrive in the Cloud era. And Steve Herrod will discuss and demo technology at the heart of the software defined datacenter.
Tuesday, August 28 - USSteve Herrod and VMware partners take the stage to demonstrate state of the art technology that is transforming IT and enabling the mobile workforce.
Tuesday, October 9 - EMEAJoin Pat Gelsinger as he shares how VMware is helping customers and partners thrive in the Cloud era.
Wednesday, October 10 - EMEASteve Herrod and VMware partners take the stage on Wednesday as they demonstrate state of the art technology that is transforming IT and enabling the mobile workforce.
APP-BCA1213Virtualizing SAP from Big Iron onto x86 at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
APP-BCA1247Virtualizing Large-Scale Java Applications at Cardinal Health
APP-BCA1270Virtualizing Oracle Database from Big Iron with Near-Zero Downtime
APP-BCA1311Virtualizing SAP : Design and Performance Management Guideline
APP-BCA1333Virtualizing Oracle RAC
APP-BCA1344Virtualizing Oracle for Disaster Recovery with Data Guard and VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager
APP-BCA1373Virtualizing Active Directory Best Practices
APP-BCA1432Virtualizing Oracle Across the World — Success Stories from University of Auckland and Indiana University
APP-BCA1516Virtualizing SQL 2012 : Doing It Right
APP-BCA1530Virtualizing Highly Available SQL Servers
APP-BCA1573Virtualizing Oracle Weblogic-based Applications: A Customer Success Story and Best Practices
APP-BCA1624Virtualizing Oracle: An Architectural and Performance Deep Dive
APP-BCA1684Virtualizing Exchange Best Practices
APP-BCA1695Optimized Virtual Infrastructure for Business Critical Apps
APP-BCA1751Virtualizing Oracle to Save on Licensing Costs
APP-BCA2053Virtualizing MS Exchange 2010 at General Mills - Architecture Details and Lessons Learned
APP-BCA2930Virtualizing SharePoint Best Practices
APP-CAP1250Fast Data Meets Big Data
APP-CAP1426The Benefits of Virtualization for Middleware
APP-CAP1644The Changing Nature of Applications and the VMware vFabric Cloud Application Platform
APP-CAP1676VMware vFabric tc Server Best Practices for Security, Stability and Sanity
APP-CAP1714Next Generation Messaging: VMware vFabric RabbitMQ
APP-CAP1963Big Data and Big Analytics Panel
APP-CAP2165Operating Cloud Foundry
APP-CAP2177Cloud Foundry Bootcamp
APP-CAP2341Accelerate Database Virtualization with VMware vFabric Data Director
APP-CAP2682Build Your First Mobile Application ... in the Cloud ... in 60 Minutes
APP-CAP2743Behind Closed Doors: Partner Success Stories for vFabric Cloud Application Platform Implementations
APP-CAP2757Accelerate Adoption by Leveraging IaaS for a Complete Deployment and Monitoring Lifecycle
APP-CAP2770Plan, Deploy & Manage Modern Applications on vSphere Infrastructure
APP-CAP286010 Reasons VMware vSphere Is the Best Place to Run Java
APP-CAP2881Building Cloud-Ready Applications in Application Director Leveraging Puppet
APP-CAP2956Inside the Hadoop Machine
APP-CAP2985Real-Time Analytics
APP-CAP3310Intel Enterprise PaaS with Cloud Foundry
APP-CAP3600Enable Database as a Service (DBaaS) in Your Cloud with VMware vFabric Data Director.
End-User Computing
EUC1190VMware View 5.1 Reference Architecture
EUC1207VMware ThinApp Implementation and Design Best Practices
EUC1277VMware View with Unified Communications and Collaboration
EUC1305What's New and What's Next for VMware View?
EUC1326VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care: A Technical Deep Dive on Building a Reliable, Stateless, Scalable, Secure Hospital Desktop
EUC1351Directions in End-user Computing: The Post-PC Era
EUC1357Dispelling the Myths of Desktops as a Service with VMware View
EUC1359Mission Is Possible: Live Panel Discussion on How Federal Government Customers Are “Doing More with Less” by Leveraging Desktop Virtualization to Drive Missions
EUC1360New Solutions for Enabling Remote and Branch Office Deployments with VMware View
EUC1363Centralized Management with Local Execution: A Cost-effective Solution for Physical and Virtual Desktops with Mirage
EUC1368Improve Patient Care with AlwaysOn Point of Care Desktops
EUC1450Embracing Macs in Business Using VMware Fusion
EUC1453Managing from the Middle with Horizon
EUC1455VMware Horizon Deep Dive and Best Practices
EUC1460An Insider's Guide to Desktop Virtualization: A Virtual Reality Check
EUC1470Demystifying Large Scale Enterprise View Architecture: Illustrated with Lighthouse Case Studies
EUC1494Plug and Scale View Appliance
EUC1542vCenter Operations Manager for View: Next-Generation, Large-Scale Desktop Operations Management
EUC1688Tackling Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Initiatives with the VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop
EUC1758How Consumerization and Mobility are Affecting File Sharing and Collaboration Strategies
EUC1797Troubleshooting VMware ThinApp Applications
EUC1822VMware Horizon Mobile: Mobility Management within the Enterprise
EUC1823What Makes a Mobile Workspace Better? Security and Technical Details for VMware Horizon Mobile
EUC1916Customer casestudy: Toyota Financial Services Implementation of Business Process Desktop
EUC1920Case Study: Implementing Zimbra as a Private Cloud Collaboration Solution
EUC1964Display Remoting in a Mobile World
EUC2005Troubleshooting VMware View: Looking under the Hood
EUC2021Real World Lessons Learned Designing, Deploying and Managing View in Hertz
EUC2030VMware View and Storage: Thinking Outside the Box (of Disks)
EUC2055VMware View Clients: Your Data, Applications and Desktop from Anywhere
EUC2110A Truly Live Chat Session: VMware View and VMware ThinApp Performance Best Practices
EUC2128Project Octopus: Personal Cloud / Team Cloud -- Next Generation File Sharing from VMware
EUC2130Solving the Problems of the Modern Retailer Through Virtualization
EUC2327Zimbra: How to Defeat the Rest
EUC2406Horizon Data: Technical Deep-dive and Beta Learnings
EUC2411Quantifying The Business Value of VMware View Hosted Virtual Desktop Solution
EUC2592Gain Competitive Advantage with Enterprise Social: Best Practices from Leading Companies on the Front Lines
EUC2620View 5.1 and PCoIP: A Performance Deep Dive for Successfully Optimizing and Customizing Your VDI Deployments
EUC2671VMware ThinApp Technology Review and Evolution
EUC2791VMware Zimbra 8: Messaging as a Service in the Post-PC Era
EUC2792VMware View 5.1: Security Deep Dive
EUC2909Using Socialcast to Build a Successful Internal Social Collaboration Community
EUC3319VMware Workstation Innovations
EUC3380Live Panel Discussion on How Education Customers Are “Doing More with Less” by Leveraging Desktop Virtualization to Reduce Costs While Improving Learning
EUC3456Using Enterprise Social to Rethink Productivity
EUC3601Discover VMware Horizon Application Manager.
INF-BCO1159Architecting and Operating a VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster
INF-BCO1361Backing Up Virtual Machines with VMware's Next-Generation Backup and Recovery Solution - Everything You Need To Know
INF-BCO1436NEW vSphere Replication Enhancements & Best Practices
INF-BCO1505VMware vSphere Replication: Technical Walk-Through with Engineering
INF-BCO1757VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager—Where Theory Meets Practice
INF-BCO1883Deploying an Active/Active Datacenter with SRM 5
INF-BCO2065Disaster Recovery for All—VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5 Puts Real-Time Replication and Disaster Recovery Within the Reach of Every Business
INF-BCO2147VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager - What's New and Technical Overview
INF-BCO2155vCloud DR for Oxford University Computing Services - Real World Example
INF-BCO2159Site Recovery Manager – Simple and Reliable Disaster Recovery for All Virtualized Applications
INF-BCO2167DR to the Cloud with SRM and vSphere Replication - Discussion with VMware and Sungard
INF-BCO2360Disaster Recovery with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager—Customer Case Study
INF-BCO2382VMware vSphere HA Recommendations to Maximize Virtual Machine Uptime
INF-BCO2655VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance for Multiprocessor Virtual Machines—Technical Preview and Best Practices
INF-BCO2807vSphere HA and Datastore Access Outages – Current-Capabilities Deep-Dive and Tech Preview
INF-BCO2891Taking VMware vSphere Storage APIs - Data Protection to the Limit: Pushing the Backup Performance Envelope
INF-BCO2982Stretched Clusters and VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager: How and When to Choose One, the Other, or Both
INF-NET1590What's New in vSphere - Networking
INF-NET1927vCloud Networking: an Extensible and Open Platform
INF-NET1932On Demand Virtual Network Gateway: vShield Edge
INF-NET2161VMware Networking 2012: Enabling the Software Defined Network
INF-NET2162VXLAN Deep Dive
INF-NET2163Troubleshooting and Monitoring Virtual Networks
INF-NET2166Leaders Series: How I Built My SDN-based Cloud
INF-NET2207VMware vSphere Distributed Switch—Technical Deep Dive
INF-NET2227Two Real World Deployments: Scaled-up Virtualization Environments, and On Demand Labs with VMware SDN
INF-NET2313Software-Defined Networking and Security
INF-NET2373Best Practice for Deploying VXLAN with Cisco Nexus 1000V and VMware vCloud Director
INF-NET2965Leaders Series: I've Improved IT delivery with vCloud Networking
INF-NET3457Nicira and the Future of Software Defined Networking
INF-SEC1172Using VMware vCloud Networking and Security and vCenter Configuration Manager to Achieve Better that Physical Security for Business Critical Apps
INF-SEC1282Automating Security and Compliance with Disaster Recovery Using VCM, vCOps, vShield, VIN and SRM
INF-SEC1388VMware Go: The Zen for Small and Midsized Business IT Management (Business Value)
INF-SEC1759Appeasing Your PCI Assessor Using vCloud Networking and Security to Segment and Secure Your Virtual Data Centers
INF-SEC1840VMware vSphere Hardening to Achieve Regulatory Compliance: Better, Faster, Stronger
INF-SEC2031Building YOURcloud: The U.S. Government’s First Secure Hybrid Community Cloud
INF-SEC2031 - EMEABeen There Done That: YHMAN’s Private Cloud Implementation and Lessons Learned
INF-SEC2042Winning with vShield Endpoint - Success Stories From Our Partner Ecosystem
INF-SEC2189A Disruptively Simple Approach to Building Trusted Clouds at Low Cost
INF-SEC2306Integrating Virtual and Physical IT Controls to Support Enterprise Wide Compliance Programs
INF-SEC2330How to Enable and Host Payment Card Industry–Compliant Applications in a Private Cloud Environment
INF-SEC2627Software Defined Security - Myth Busting Data Center Security with Real-life Implementations
INF-SEC2805Big Data Security: Taking Advantage of All That Data
INF-SEC2813Beyond the Hypervisor: Three Key Areas to Consider When Securing Your Cloud Infrastructure Platform
INF-SEC2813 - EMEAWhat's New - Security in the VMware vCloud Suite
INF-SEC2850The Four Must-Haves for a Secure Cloud Infrastructure
INF-SEC3460Software Defined Networking and Security: The Here and Now
INF-STO1198vSphere Storage Features & Enhancements
INF-STO1430Tracking Down Storage Performance Issues: A Customer’s Perspective
INF-STO1521vSphere Storage Appliance – Deep Dive and Best Practices
INF-STO1545Architecting Storage DRS Datastore Clusters
INF-STO1807Just Because You Could, Doesn't Mean You Should - Lessons Learned in Storage Best Practices
INF-STO2143Software-Defined Storage - VMware's Storage Vision & Strategy
INF-STO2192Tech Preview of a Software-defined Storage Technology
INF-STO2223Tech Preview: vSphere Integration with Existing Storage Infrastructure
INF-STO2239Deciphering the Mystical World of Storage Performance
INF-STO2428Flash as a Cache – Rethinking Virtualization
INF-STO2564Supercharged SAN: Fine-tune Your VAAI Enabled vSphere SAN with This Collection of Configuration and Performance Best Practices
INF-STO2980vSphere 5 Storage Best Practices
INF-STO3345Understanding Storage In Virtual Environments
INF-VSP1168Architecting a Cloud Infrastructure
INF-VSP1196What's New with vCloud Director Networking
INF-VSP1232Avoiding the 19 Biggest HA & DRS Configuration Mistakes - 2012 Edition
INF-VSP1252What’s New with vSphere Automation
INF-VSP1252 - EMEAWhat's New with vSphere 5.1 - ESXCLI & PowerCLI
INF-VSP1295vCAT 3.0 – Architecture to Implementation in 5 Easy Steps
INF-VSP1329PowerCLI Best Practices: The Return!
INF-VSP1353vCenter: A Technical Deep Dive
INF-VSP1364Architecting Auto Deploy for Availability and Scalability
INF-VSP1365Understanding VMware ESXi Security
INF-VSP1367Upgrading vSphere
INF-VSP1371Virtualization 101
INF-VSP1372What's New with vSphere
INF-VSP13923rd Partners Integration with VMware's Cloud Suite
INF-VSP1423esxtop for Advanced Users
INF-VSP1475VMware vSphere 5 Design Discussions
INF-VSP1504Ask the Expert vBloggers
INF-VSP1549Insight Into vMotion: Architectures, Performance, Best Practices, and Futures
INF-VSP1622Performance New Features and Best Practices for vSphere
INF-VSP1683VMware vSphere Cluster Resource Pools Best Practices
INF-VSP1729Understanding Virtualized Memory Performance Management
INF-VSP1800vSphere Performance Best Practices
INF-VSP1856Become a Rock Star with PowerCLI and vCenter Orchestrator
INF-VSP2033Auto Scaling and Cloud Bursting in the Hybrid IaaS Cloud
INF-VSP2164Automation of vCloud Director Disaster Recovery
INF-VSP2203Datacenter of the Future
INF-VSP2448Automating Bare Metal to the Cloud and Beyond
INF-VSP2524How Bluelock Built a Faster, More Agile Cloud in Four Phases
INF-VSP2749Get Up and Running Quickly with the Latest vSphere Web Client
INF-VSP2825DRS: Advanced Concepts, Best Practices and Future Directions
INF-VSP3046What's New with Cloud Infrastructure Suite: From Management Application to Integrated Applications and Extensible Platform
INF-VSP3221VM Scare? Heterogeneous Virtualization's Impact
INF-VSP3603Deliver Your IT Services in the Cloud
INF-VSP5849Evolving Towards a Software Defined Datacenter: Overview of VMware vCloud Suite
IT Transformation
ITT1186Accelerate Transformation Assessment Overview
ITT1499Your Journey to The Post-PC Era
ITT1918Is My Organization Ready to Reap the Benefits of the Cloud?
ITT1953Advice From Your Peers: How to Best Run and Manage a Cloud Environment
ITT1954Cloud IT Teams Tell All: Which Private Cloud Service Delivery Model Is Best and Why?
ITT2558IT as a Service Is What Makes the IT/Business Relationship Work in the Cloud Era
ITT2640Predictive Operations: The Gauge of Cloud Tendencies
ITT2887Business Transformation: How Cloud Really Does Change Everything
ITT3237From Reactive to Innovative: The Journey to the Cloud Crosses People, Process, Technology and Measurement
ITT3238Taking Your Workloads to the Cloud: Why, How, and When?
ITT3239On-Demand IT: Leveraging Cloud for Efficient Self-Service IT
ITT3240From Weeks to Hours: Automated Provisioning and Deployment
ITT3241Operating a More Reliable Cloud Through Proactive Incident and Problem Management
ITT3242Managing Cloud Security, Compliance, and Risk Management
ITT3243Delivering IT Financial Management for Cloud
ITT3244Planning and Measuring the Impact of Cloud: IT Metrics that Matter
ITT3245VMware on VMware: Our Journey to the Cloud (Part 1)
ITT3246VMware on VMware: How the Virtualization Leader is Moving to the Cloud (Part 2)
ITT3395A CTO Perspective on Driving a Large-Scale Transformation to the Cloud
OPS-CIM1274Building Cloud Services using VMware vCenter Orchestrator
OPS-CIM1309vCAT 3.0: Operating a VMware vCloud
OPS-CIM1564Troubleshooting Using vCenter Operations Manager
OPS-CIM1645Cross-Domain Performance and Capacity Management of VNX Storage Using EMC VNX Connector and VMware vCenter Operations Manager
OPS-CIM1718Configuration Management for Your Cloud using vCenter Operations Suite
OPS-CIM1775VMware vCenter Operations Customers Come Forward to Tell Their Story
OPS-CIM1900Moving from Reactive to Predictive Performance and Systems Management
OPS-CIM1940Real World Stories of Operational Performance Troubleshooting , Capacity and Configuration Management with vCenter Operations Suite
OPS-CIM2029VMware on VMware: Leveraging VMware IT Business Management Suite and vCenter Operations Management Suite to Run IT Like a Business
OPS-CIM2034VMware IT Benchmarking for Fact Based IT Transformation
OPS-CIM2037An Introduction to IT Business Management: CIO Decision-Making Platform
OPS-CIM2051Managing Operations in a Hybrid Cloud
OPS-CIM2179Transforming Your Cloud with VMware: Day One – Building Your Cloud
OPS-CIM2284My VMware - Best Practices for Simplified Management of Your Entitlements
OPS-CIM2284 - EMEACloud Management Using vCenter Operations: A Deep Dive with VMware Product Managers
OPS-CIM2285How to Improve Service Levels and Reduce Cost with vCenter Operations
OPS-CIM2492Operations Management for Heterogeneous Business-Critical Apps Using vCenter Operations Management Suite
OPS-CIM2638Essential IT Management Tasks for SMBs
OPS-CIM2646Cloud Application Platform Automation Leveraging Application Director: How VMware IT reduced provisioning time by 90% and costs by 30%
OPS-CIM2661Update Management for Physical and Virtual Machines
OPS-CIM2752From Infrastructure to Applications - the Next Step in Your Cloud Journey
OPS-CIM2852VMware's Application Management Platform - Enable Any App Any Where... Collaboratively!
OPS-CIM2852 - EMEAAutomated Provisioning for Business Critical Applications (Microsoft/Java) in Private or Public Cloud
OPS-CIM2892Making IaaS and APaaS Available to the IT Masses: Rolling Out Self Service for the Cloud
OPS-CIM3047ITBM in Practice in the Financial Services World
OPS-CIM3248Transforming Your Cloud with VMware: Day Two – Managing Ongoing Operations for Your Cloud
OPS-CIM3440vPod Design: Building a Better Nested Virtualization Environment
OPS-CIM3602Deploy and Operate your Cloud.
OPS-CIM3604Explore VMware vCenter Operations Manager Enterprise New Features.
OPS-CSM1167Architecting for VMware vCloud Allocation Models
OPS-CSM1209Securing the Virtual Environment: How to Defend the Enterprise
OPS-CSM1307vCloud Architecture Toolkit 3.0 Overview
OPS-CSM1340FedEx Case Study: Lessons Learned Integrating vCloud Director, vSphere and Third Party Solutions with vCenter Orchestrator
OPS-CSM1379Extending vCloud Director
OPS-CSM1449Tech Preview of the Next Generation of vCloud Connector
OPS-CSM1917Becoming Operationally Ready for Cloud
OPS-CSM1930VMware Private Cloud: OneCloud: Architecture and Best Practices
OPS-CSM2033Auto Scaling and Cloud Bursting in the Hybrid IaaS Cloud
OPS-CSM2083What's New with VMware vCloud Director
OPS-CSM2150Lab Management with VMware vCloud Director: Software Development Customer Panel
OPS-CSM2248A Class on Deploying a Production Cloud Architecture
OPS-CSM2258Industry Leaders Share the Impact of Their Cloud Deployments
OPS-CSM2975Orchestrating the Cloud: From API to Workflow
OPS-CSM3045How to Run Amazon Web Services Workloads on Your vCloud
OPS-CSM3439The Automation of VMworld Labs: An Exercise in VMware Frameworks
Technology Partner/Sponsor
SPO1205Proven Ways to Cost-effectively Grow VMware Environments
SPO1325Strategies for Creating Tomorrow’s Workplace, Today
SPO1586Future Proof and Cloud Enable Your Legacy Applications
SPO2069Solving the Application Provisioning Nightmare: Integrating vSphere and vCloud Director with Your Application Delivery Networking Services
SPO2238Application Heal Thyself! How to Automate the Most Important Networking Functions for Your Applications
SPO2395Network Administrators Guide to Deploy Software FCoE and iSCSI Adapters Using VMware Distributed Switches on 10Gb Ethernet
SPO2423The Virtualization Security Journey: Beyond Endpoint Security
SPO2550A Cloud Encryption Playbook – Enforce Confidentiality of Data in Virtual Machines in Hybrid Clouds
SPO2564Supercharged SAN: Best Practices and Considerations for Your High-performance VMware SAN
SPO2644Enhancing the User Experience for Multi-Pod VMware View Deployments
SPO2891Taking VADP to the Limit - Pushing the Backup Performance Envelope
SPO3275I Did It My Way
SPO3276Build and Run a Cloud that Scares Your Competitors
SPO3283Deploying Large-Scale Virtual End User Computing Across Data Centers with Business Continuity and Continuous End-to End Monitoring
SPO3284Disaster Avoidance for Mission Critical Applications using Metro vMotion
SPO3285Storage 3.0: Cloud Architectures Drive Tectonic Shifts in Storage Design
SPO3286Whom Can You Trust? The Rationale for Cloud Security from a Service Provider
SPO3287Everybody Wants to Rule the World. 5 Steps to Successfully Building and Ruling a Virtual Infrastructure Empire
SPO3288Why Virtualization is More Secure!
SPO3289Agentless Security for Server and Desktop VMs– Customers’ Real World Experiences
SPO3290Vblock Systems in the Real World – Right Here, Right Now!
SPO3291Case Study: Networking, Storage and Backup for 1
SPO3292Veeam Backup & Replication: Tips and Tricks
SPO3293(SUP1000) Transforming Your Business Through Cloud Computing
SPO3301Overcome the Hurdles to Virtualizing Business Critical Applications – Easily, Confidently, and Efficiently with VMware and Symantec
SPO3302Gain Control of Application Availability Without Giving up vMotion and DRS
SPO3304Best Practices for Collaborative DevOps with Optimal Application Performance in VMware Environments
SPO3305Managing the Transition to Cloud Computing – Real World Challenges and Best Practices in Data Center Transformation
SPO3306Real-time Collaboration in a Virtualized World
SPO3307Mobile Security: Protecting Your Corporate Smartphones from Malware & Targeted Attacks
SPO3308An Inside Look at What’s New with the PCoIP Protocol and Products
SPO3315vSphere 5's Port Mirroring Feature Traffic Visibility in the Virtual Switch
SPO3320Automation of Employee Onboarding at Flextronics
SPO3321Automating Cloud Operations at Verisign
SPO3324Ground-Breaking VDI Product Announcement from Dell and VMware
SPO3325Customer Perspective: Improving Access to Point-of-Care applications While Securing Patient Information with Dell Wyse, VMware and Imprivata
SPO3336A Healthcare Provider’s Perspectives on Going Beyond VDI with Unified Workspaces
SPO3337Transform Your Mission Critical Applications on EMC and VMware
SPO3338The Latest in IT Transformation with EMC and VMware
SPO3340NetApp, VMware, and Logicalis: Enabling a Private Cloud on NetApp and VMware
SPO3344Cisco Unified Computing System Advantage for Virtualized Environments
SPO3355Unleash the Power of VMware Management Tools with VblockTM Systems
SPO3356Workspace as a Service: VDI and So Much More!
SPO3357The Expectation Gap, a Panel Discussion
SPO3359Protect Your Apps! Optimized Data Protection to Let You Virtualize Everywhere
SPO3360Executing Enterprise Clouds
SPO3375Evolving Storage to Meet the Changing Demands of Virtual Infrastructure
SPO3377Do Private Clouds Stay Private?
SPO3378How a Cloud Computing Provider Reached the Holy Grail of Visibility
SPO3395A CTO Perspective on Driving a Large-Scale Transformation to the Cloud
SPO3415Server-Based Storage: Faster, Economical, Reliable
SPO3416Managing and Protecting Employee’s Mobile Devices
SPO3435Free Storage! Build Scale-Out Storage Arrays from Space Trapped in Any Server
SPO3436Bridging the Cloud with Layer 2 Datacenter Interconnect
SPO3539The Server Guy’s Guide To Network Fabrics
SPO3568Building the next generation of Cloud Services Architecture and Production for Deutsche Telekom / T-Systems
SPO5025ROI, Security & Compliance in a Cloud World – Real Customer Stories
SPO5626Disaster Avoidance for SAP Critical Applications using Metro vMotion
SPO5627Protect your Apps! Optimized Data Protection to Let You Virtualize Everywhere
SPO5628How to Overcome Infrastructure Challenges for Big-Data
SPO5629Flash as a Cache - Rethinking Virtualisation
SPO5630Accelerating Business Velocity and Increasing IT Efficiency for Mission Critical Workloads
SPO5631Server Guy's Guide to Network Fabrics
SPO5632Veeam Backup & Replication: Tips and Tricks
SPO5633Deploy Secure and Integrated Cloud Environments Faster Than You Thought Possible
SPO5636Maximizing the Value of VMware Technologies with VCE Vblock™ Systems
SPO5639Accelerate Business-critical Workloads to your Private Cloud
SPO5663Service Provider Delivers Desktop-as-a-Service Offering with Cloud Workspaces for Local Government
SPO5665Maximize Your Storage Virtualization Outcomes with Fluid Data
SPO5666Dell Cloud Client Computing & VMware View Ground-Breaking New Product Announcement Blazes Innovation Trail to VDI
SPO5675Transforming Your Business through Cloud Computing
SPO5723VMware APIs - Managing VMware infrastructure using VMware APIs
SPO5724Reducing Lifecycle Costs with HP CloudSystem Optimized for VMware
SPO5743Cloud Security End-2-End
SPO5778Your Fast Track to the VMware vCloud
SPO5781Freeing Devops in the Enterprise
SPO5847Cloud Computing and The Consumerisation of IT
SPO5850ArrowSphere - Where Cloud Meets the Channel
SPO5858Samsung Electronics, Enabling Enterprise Mobility
Spotlight Sessions
SS1001Taking the Next Step: How to Securely Get to Where You Want to Be in Virtualization and Cloud While Improving ROI
SS1002Mission Critical Applications in the Cloud
SS1003Building the Next Generation Data Center for the Cloud
SS1004Deploy Secure and Integrated Cloud Environments Faster Than You Thought Possible
SS1006Maximizing the Value of VMware Technologies with VCE Vblock™ Systems
SS1007VMs Rock. But Managing Them on Behalf of Other People … Sucks
SS1008VDI Meets the Cloud – Tales From the Real World
SS1009Virtualize Fearlessly: Accelerating Your Cloud Vision with Modern Data Management
SS1010Cloud Transforms IT. Trust Transforms Cloud. Big Data Transforms Business.
SS1011NetApp Founder Dave Hitz: How to Transform Your Business with an Agile Data Infrastructure, Featuring Customer PeakColo and VMware
SS1012Best Practices for Hybrid Cloud: Build a Cloud You’re Proud of, Without Making Million Dollar Mistakes!
SS1013Build and Manage Private Clouds without Limiting Public Cloud Options
SS1014The Evolving Data Center - past, present, and future
SS1015Enabling the Virtual Data Center
SS1020Simplify and Automate: How to Manage Services Across Multiple Platforms and Clouds
SS1021Solutions for Automating IT in the Small-to-Midsize Business
SS1022From Ideas to Reality - A Closer Look Inside VMware Innovation
SS1025The Evolving Data Center – Past, Present, and Future
Technology Exchange for Alliance Partner
TEX1278How to Jump-start Your vSphere Web Client Plugin Development Using the New VMware Ecosystems Developer Center
TEX1409A Reference Architecture for Cloud Application Design using VMware’s vFabric and vSphere
TEX1441VMware APIs/SDKs: Where to Go Next?
TEX1642Virtual 3D Graphics and View: Performance and Certification Programs
TEX1700Providing Storage Intelligence to Your Cloud Computing Environment.
TEX1732Storage Optimization Features in VMware View
TEX1899VMware vCloud Automated Networking Framework: Network Extensibility (NetX)
TEX2158Enabling Scalable Virtual Networks with VXLAN - Customer and Partner Scenarios
TEX2183Highly Available, Elastic and Multi-Tenant Hadoop on vSphere
TEX2482Best Practices in Using the vCloud and vSphere SDKs
TEX2575Utilizing ThinApp Factory for Application and Desktop Virtualization Offerings
TEX2679VMware's Networking I/O Innovations and New Tools for Developing/Testing ESXi Device Drivers
TEX2729VMware EUC Vision and GTM for 2012
TEX2815vCenter Orchestrator Plug-in for Self-Scaling Data Center
TEX2855Deliver New Cloud Services with vCloud Director: Extending the vCloud API for DBaaS
TEX3000Package, Integrate and Deploy Solutions with VMware's Emerging Cloud Application Provisioning & Management Products: Panel Session for ISVs, TAP Members & Systems Integrators
TEX3049PCI Compliance Architecture in a Private Cloud

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