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vCard Wizard Pro 4.24.0237



vCard Wizard Pro 4.24.0237 | 15.3 Mb
vCard Wizard Contacts Converter is a Microsoft Outlook add-in and standalone Windows application designed to share, import and export Contacts in just a few clicks. vCard Wizard Contacts Converter Pro Edition is a tool that turns a time-consuming and complicated contact sharing process into a fast and easy few-step procedure.

Choose to Send, Export or Import Contacts by clicking a button on your Outlook Ribbon or opening the wizard from your desktop. Business cards can be shared or exported to a single vCard file containing all the Contacts you have selected, or even the whole Contacts folder. Export an unlimited number of iCloud, Google and Outlook contacts to a single vCard file and send or share it with other people, other devices or Operating Systems. With vCard Wizard, you can export and share Contacts folders including Microsoft Exchange Public folders, iCloud, Google address books and Contact groups in a single .vcf file or directly transfer them.

Main features of vCard Wizard Contacts Converter Pro Edition:

Unlimited import, export and share of Outlook Contacts, iCloud and Google.
The Free Edition allows importing/exporting of up to 5 contacts at a time and disallows saving of multiple contacts into one vCard file. The Pro Edition allows you to import/export and send an unlimited number of contacts. It gives an option to import/export and send multiple contacts in one file.

Share multiple business cards as one file.
The vCard Wizard Pro edition makes it very easy to share your Outlook contacts. Send an unlimited number of contacts in separate files, or add them to a single vCard file. You can send vCards attached to an email, via instant messaging service, Bluetooth or transfer it on an external drive.

Export multiple Outlook Contacts to a single vCard file.
With vCard Wizard Contacts Converter, you are able to export Microsoft Outlook Contacts to vCards, known as .vcf files. Choose whether you want to export them in a single file (you will need the vCard Wizard software installed to be able to open the file) or keep them separate in multiple files to be opened in Google, iPhone, iPad, Android and most of other devices. The saved Contacts will contain all the original fields, including a picture of the person.

Import Contacts from vCard file to your Outlook.
You can import contacts from vCard in a few clicks. Select the .vcf file you want to import, no matter if it contains a single or multiple contacts, all of them will be imported into your Outlook. You can save them in your default Contacts folder or create a new one.

Import and Export iCloud contacts.
Transfer contacts from and to multiple devices and sources: iCloud Contacts, iPhone/iPad, Mac Computers.

Import and Export Google contacts.
Transfer contacts from and to multiple devices and sources: Android phones, Gmail Contacts, Google Contacts.

Convert all your Contacts to a CSV file and open it in Excel.
Import contacts from CSV to Exchange, Office365, Outlook, Gmail or iCloud.
Merge contacts from multiple sources to CSV.

System Requirements

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows Server 2008

Microsoft Outlook 2002 (Outlook XP)
Microsoft Office Outlook 2003
Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 32 bit, 64 bit
Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 32 bit, 64 bit
Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 32bit, 64 bit
Please note that product does not support Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 RT.

E-mail account type: POP3, IMAP4, Exchange and/or other email types.
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (available with .EXE install package)

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