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Various Books 4 Pack

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Various Books 4 Pack l 828.06 MiB

(BD111.G37 2006) What is this thing called metaphysics (Brian Garrett).pdf
(BD161.C3534 2007) The Possibility of Knowledge (Quassim Cassam).pdf
(BD161.F565 2001) Intellectual trust in oneself and others (Richard Foley).pdf
(BD161.H536 2007) Socratic epistemology explorations of knowledge-seeking by questioning (Jaakko Hintikka).pdf
(BD176.V57 2000) Virtue epistemology essays on epistemic virtue and responsibility (Abrol Fairweather, Linda Zagzebski).pdf
(BD177.D413 2007) Why think evolution and the rational mind (Ronald de Sousa).pdf
(BD181.R34 2002) Why Cats Don't Bark - Intuitive Intelligence - the other IQ (Edie Raether) .pdf
(BD201.W55 2002) Knowledge and Its Limits (Timothy Williams).pdf
(BD236.D44 2005) Human identity and bioethics (David DeGrazia).pdf
(BD31.D65 2008) Doing Philosophy (Clare Saunders, David Mossley, George MacDonald Ross).pdf
(BD311.Y65 2000) Realism and appearances an essay in ontology (John W. Yolton).pdf
(BD331.B234 2005) A Beginner's Guide to Reality (Jim Baggott).epub
(BD331.B5927 2012) Alien phenomenology, or, What it's like to be a thing (Ian Bogost).mobi
(BD331.S414 1995) The corruption of reality - a unified theory of religion, hypnosis, and psychopathology (John F. Schumaker).pdf
(BD418.3.A35 2008) The Achilles of Rationalist Psychology (Thomas M. Lennon, Robert J. Stainton).pdf
(BD418.3.D45 2002) Passionate engines what emotions reveal about mind and artificial intelligence (Craig DeLancey).pdf
(BD418.3.F62 1998) Concepts - Where cognitive science went wrong (Jerry A. Fodor).pdf
(BD418.3.W535 2004) Boundaries of the mind - the individual in the fragile sciences cognition (Robert A. Wilson).pdf
(BD435.F55 2010) The Age of Absurdity; Why Modern Life Makes it Hard to Be Happy (Michael Foley).epub
(BD438 .G74 1998) The 48 Laws of Power (Robert Greene).epub
(BD444.C75 2008) Book of Dead Philosophers (Simon Critchley).epub
(BD450.B895 2005) Giving an account of oneself (Judith Butler).pdf
(BD511.H65 2012) Why does the world exist - an existential detective story (Jim Holt).epub
(BD638.P73 1996 ) Time's Arrow and Archimedes Point - new directions for the physics of time (Huw Price).pdf
(BF 724.L367 2004) Handbook of adolescent psychology (Richard M. Lerner, Laurence Steinberg).pdf
(BF121.C32 2013) Discovering psychology the science of mind (John T. Cacioppo, Laura A. Freberg).pdf
(BF121.F34 2011) Understanding psychology (Robert S. Feldman).pdf
(BF121.G76 2009) Psychology - the science of mind and behaviour (Richard D. Gross).djvu
(BF121.H1955 2003) Handbook Of Psychology vol 01 - History Of Psychology (Donald K. Freedheim).pdf
(BF121.H1955 2003) Handbook Of Psychology vol 02 - research methods in psychology (John A. Schinka, Wayne F. Velicer).pdf
(BF121.H1955 2003) Handbook Of Psychology vol 03 - Biological Psychology (Michela Gallagher, Randy J. Nelson).pdf
(BF121.H1955 2003) Handbook Of Psychology vol 04 - Experimental Psychology (Alice F. Healy, Robert W. Proctor).pdf
(BF121.H1955 2003) Handbook Of Psychology vol 05 - Personality And Social Psychology (Theodore Millon, Melvin J. Lerner).pdf
(BF121.H1955 2003) Handbook Of Psychology vol 06 - Developmental Psychology (Richard M. Lerner, M. Ann Easterbrooks, Jayanthi Mistry).pdf
(BF121.H1955 2003) Handbook Of Psychology vol 07 - Educational Psychology (William M. Reynolds, Gloria E. Miller).pdf
(BF121.H1955 2003) Handbook Of Psychology vol 08 - Clinical Psychology (George Stricker, Thomas A. Widiger).pdf
(BF121.H1955 2003) Handbook Of Psychology vol 09 - Health Psychology (Arthur M. Nezu, Christine Maguth Nezu, Pamela A. Geller).pdf
(BF121.H1955 2003) Handbook Of Psychology vol 10 - Assessment Psychology (John R. Graham, Jack A. Naglieri).pdf
(BF121.H1955 2003) Handbook Of Psychology vol 11 - Forensic Psychology (Alan M. Goldstein).pdf
(BF121.H1955 2003) Handbook Of Psychology vol 12 - Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Walter C. Borman, Daniel R. Ilgen, Richard J. Klimoski).pdf
(BF121.S326 2013) Introducing psychology (Daniel L. Schacter, Daniel T. Gilbert, Daniel M. Wegner).pdf
(BF145.C59 2011) The handy psychology answer book (Lisa J. Cohen).pdf
(BF173.K42 1993) A Dangerous Method, The Story of Jung, Freud & Sabina Spielrein (John Kerr).epub
(BF175.5D74B57 2002) The meaning of the dream in psychoanalysis (Rachel B. Blass).pdf
(BF175.J3 1996) Social amnesia - a critique of contemporary psychology (Russell Jacoby).pdf
(BF176.C37 2003) More Psychometric Testing (Philip Carter, Ken Russell).pdf
(BF176.G76 2003) Handbook of psychological assessment (Gary Groth-Marnat).pdf
(BF176.U73 2004) Essentials of psychological testing (Susana Urbina).pdf
(BF201.G68 2002) Foundations of cognitive psychology - core readings (Daniel J. Levitin).pdf
(BF204.6.S69 2007) Positive psychology - the scientific and practical explorations of human strengths (C. R. Snyder, Shane J. Lopez).pdf
(BF31.G35 2000) Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology (Bonnie R. Strickland).pdf
(BF38.5.W53 2001) New pathways in psychology - Maslow and the post-Freudian revolution (Colin Wilson).epub
(BF38.D675 1988) Explaining Behavior Reasons in a World of Causes (Fred Dretske).pdf
(BF39.B678 2001) Applying the Rasch Model (Trevor G. Bond, Christine M. Fox).pdf
(BF39.C67 2000) Statistics in psychology - an historical perspective (Michael Cowle).pdf
(BF39.E933 2001) Statistics for psychologists - an intermediate course (Brian S. Everit).pdf
(BF76.5.G64 2010) Research in psychology - methods and design (C. James Goodwin).pdf
(BF76.5.H695 2011) Introduction to research methods in psychology (Dennis Howitt, Duncan Cramer).pdf
(BF76.5.S46 2011) Research methods in psychology (John J. Shaughnessy, Eugene B. Zechmeister, Jeanne S. Zechmeister).pdf
(BF76.8.M345 2001) Publishing your psychology research - a guide to writing for journals in psychology and related fields (Dennis M. McInerney).pdf
(BF81.H39 2009) An Introduction to the History of Psychology (B.R. Hergenhahn).pdf
(BF81.H39 2014) An introduction to the history of psychology (B. R. Hergenhahn, Tracy B. Henley,).pdf
(BF81.P48 2010) A History Modern Psychology in Context (Wade E. Pickren, Alexandra Rutherford).pdf

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