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Value Investing & Deep Value Investing: The Hunt For 100X


Created by Kingsley Lucas | Last updated 12/2019
Duration: 3.5 hours | 7 sections | 35 lectures | Video: 1280x720, 44 KHz | 989 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub

This course is not just about value investing but it is also about psychology, behavioral finance and acquiring the knowledge to be successful in today's stock markets.​

Behavioral Finance, Contrarian Thinking, Finding Multibagger Stocks In Global Markets & Compounding Money Effectively

Value Investing

Deep Value Investing


Contrarian Investing

Behavioral Finance & Economics

Value Investing Research

Value Investing Case Studies

Investing Psychology

Liquidation Value

Warren Buffett

Benjamin Graham

Walter Schloss

Risk-Reward Ratio

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There are no course requirements and prerequisites

The only thing that separates you as an investors is your willingness to be rational. The ideas in this course are not entirely new but the author makes it a point to introduce a lot of case studies on investments that have worked and also how to find stocks with multibagger potential.

This course is based mostly on the experience of the author. You will find ideas on finding boring stocks that do very well, companies that are practically left for dead and trading at less than liquidation value and also learn how to stalk the mythical 100 baggers where you could possibly turn $1 to $100.


In this course, we will discuss:


1. Deep value investing

2. Value Investing On A GARP(Growth At Reasonable Price) Basis

3. Finding mutlibaggers - Clue: These stocks are typically unwanted, unloved, boring and have little growth

4. The Right Psychology, Mindset For Investment Success - You Would Have To Resist Your Biological Urge To Act With The Herd

5. Finding 100 Baggers

6. Financial Analysis

7. Classic Benjamin Graham Ideas

8. Investors You Might Want To Follow & Investors You Might Not Want To Follow

9. Growth At Bloody Cheap Prices

10. Case studies, case studies and more


And much more...

Who this course is for:Bner InvestorsIntermediate InvestorsInvestors who are starting out