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VA - Windburn Doomed & Stoned Festival (2020) [FLAC]


VA - Windburn Doomed & Stoned Festival (2020) [FLAC]

Year Of Release: 2020
Genre: Stoner Rock, Doom Metal, Psychedelic Rock
Format: FLAC
Quality: Lossless 24 bit / 48 kHz
Time: 01:37:28
Size: 894.66 MB

01. End Boss - Feral (4:25) (24Bit)
02. Hypergiant - Island 3 (7:24)
03. Pod People - Speaking In Tongues (7:12)
04. Bloodnut - Song Of Fire And Ice (6:23) (24Bit)
05. Planet Hunter - Bitter Winds (4:16) (24Bit)
06. TRIUMPHS - Tomb of Christopher Columbus (5:14)
07. Swamp Dweller - Lungsplitter (4:52) (24Bit)
08. EnFire - Bonglord (7:22) (24Bit)
09. Interitum - Created and Rejected (5:26)
10. Lucifungus - 411 (6:06) (24Bit)
11. Into Orbit - Horus (7:29) (24Bit)
12. Wolf Wizard - Rotting (5:20)
13. Secrets Of The Sun - Wretched Tracks (5:38) (24Bit)
14. Opium Eater - Post-Tense (10:20)
15. Planet of the Dead - The Eternal Void (6:22)
16. Thousand Limbs - In Der Fremde (3:44)


Last year the very first Sun Burn Doomed & Stoned Festival took place in Melbourne, Australia, boasting some of the most excellent heavy bands from both Australia and New Zealand.

This year the aptly named Wind Burn Doomed & Stoned Festival was to take place in Wellington, New Zealand ( Wellington is known for being quite windy ). Eighteen bands from Australia and New Zealand were set to converge on Valhalla bar to annihilate ear drums over two nights during the apt month of 4/20, but then global pandemic struck. Our best laid plans were dashed against the rocks of a Government taking quick and decisive action on something for a change.

As the festy is now postponed for an undetermined amount of time, we've put together a compilation to remind you all of what was, and what shall hopefully be again at some point in the future!

Please note that this particular compilation is a fundraiser to benefit the bands who planned to participate. We offer it to you for a suggested donation: $6.66. However, you are welcome to download it for free, as well, or (better yet) "Name Your Price."


Doug McFarlane
Project Curator

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