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VA - Summer 2018 Collection (2018)

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bit s


Title: Summer 2018 Collection
Completed by: VA
Year: 2018
Genre: House, Deep House, Funky, Electronica, Lo-Fi

Duration: 2:23:16
Format / Codec: MP3
Bitrate audio: 320 Kbps

01. Lionel Indies - Spring Air (Original Mix)
02. Lamyadon - Playa Levante (Original Mix)
03. Ludwig Armstrong - Easterville (Maximo Gladius Remix)
04. Igor Pantereech - Initiation (Original Mix)
05. Giovanni Lucchetti - Spensierescion (Original Mix)
06. Anselmo Torres Neruda - San Juan (Lamyadon Remix)
07. Yeophis - El Segundo (Original Mix)
08. Jago Alejandro Pascua - Talent (Original Mix)
09. Mikhail Ovez - Ceremony (Original Mix)
10. Nino Garcia - Salonga (Original Mix)
11. Mikhail Ovez - Wonderful Night (Original Mix)
12. Ludwig Armstrong - Deep Fusion (Original Mix)
13. Alidiana Silverkin - The Miners (Original Mix)
14. Magda Shortankard - Raiders (Original Mix)
15. Various Artists - Summer 2018 Collection (Giovanni Lucchetti Continuous Mix)

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