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VA - 50 Ultimate House Tracks: Workout Edition (2018)

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Name: 50 Ultimate House Tracks: Workout Edition
Artist: VA
Year: 2018
Genre: House, Funky, Groove, Club, Jackin, Future-House

Duration: 04:06:36
Format / Codec: MP3
Audio Bitrate: 320 kbps


01. Rinaldo Montezz & Pepper Mashay - Radioactive (Radio Edit)
02. Alexdoparis - House Beat (Radio Mix)
03. Grande Vue - Work Your Body 2.15 (Radio Mix)
04. DJ Ricky da Dragon - How 2 Love U (Grande Vue Radio Mix) (feat. Fatty Blanco)
05. Chrizz Morisson - Here I Go 2018 (Potenza Edit) (feat. Timi Kullai)
06. Esteban - La Fiesta Del Amor (Kinky Vocal Remix)
07. Linda Rocco & Chrizz Morisson vs. Andy Stead - Take Me to the River (Esteban Gospel House Remix)
08. Dioptaz - Fade to Grey (DJ Esteban House Revival Mix)
09. Chrizz Morisson & Latisha Van Simon - From Here on Up (Dolls UK Edit)
10. Foodtrux - Sushi (Radio Edit) (feat. Yooki)
11. B.G. The Prince of Rap - Once You Have Me (Remundo Remix) (feat. Timi Kullai & Nathan Reynolds III)
12. Frank Clarck - You Belong to Me (feat. Anne Marie Bush)
13. Will G. & Chrizz Morisson - The Rhythm (Randy Norton Remix)
14. Greg Bannis vs. DJane Monique - You Sexy Thing 2018 (Randy Norton Remix)
15. Sync Diversity - The Meaning (Randy Norton Dream Remix)
16. Chrissy I-Eece - Anymore (Radio Mix)
17. Lesamoor - You Are the One (Extended Mix)
18. Shilton - Rock My World (Chrizz Morisson Deep Cut)
19. DJ Sies - A Girl Like You (Club Mix)
20. B.G. The Prince of Rap - Never Give Up (Randy Norton Dancefloor Remix) (feat. Timi Kullai & Chrizz Morisson)
21. The Outhere Brothers - Pass the Vodka Shots (Randy Norton 3D Remix)
22. Pianoman - Don\'t You Wanna Be Mine (MiTM\'s Deeper Remix) (feat. Nikki)
23. Dom Tufaro - Still Remember (Radio Mix) (feat. Victoria Persico)
24. Spike Diva - Get It Hot Girls (Extended Mix)
25. Linda Rocco vs. Andy Stead - You Make Me Feel Good (Chrizz Morisson Future Remix)
26. Chrizz Morisson - U Got 2 Let the House (Club Mix)
27. DJ Dark & MD - Sleeping Satellite (Extended Mix) (feat. Vera Russo)
28. The New Bisquits Project - Mari Mariiko (Alessandro Deep Remix) (feat. Nikoleta)
29. Bad Hat Bandits - Rock Your Body (Grande Vue Remix)
30. Rinaldo Montezz - Can\'t Say Goodbye (Rinaldo Montezz Funky Drone Remix) (feat. Lisa Raquel)
31. Regina - Shake It Up (Randy Norton 2k16 Extended Remix)
32. L.o.l.a.l.e.e. Project - Je suis venu te dire que je m\'en vais (Randy Norton Remix)
33. Randy Norton vs. The Outhere Brothers - In Love with Your Body (2k16 Extended Remix)
34. Vera Russo - Hazard (Randy Norton English Remix)
35. Dom Tufaro & Lou Inglese - Brand New Life (Radio Mix) (feat. Tamara Wallace)
36. Chrizz Morisson - Deep in Love (Deep Mix)
37. Sync Diversity - The Bomb (Club Mix)
38. Cire - Give My Heart
39. Rcrdo - Be Your Girl (House Mix)
40. Pianoman - Have It All
41. DJ Blaine - Pump It 2015 (Club Dub Mix) (feat. Lane McCray)
42. Lane McCray - Heartbeat (Ben Johnson\'s Pure Elevation Remix)
43. Lightwarrior & Mr. Smiths - Boop! (DJ Moriarti Remix)
44. Shilton - Make You Mine (DJ Moriarti Remix)
45. Ice MC - Out Tonight (DJ Moriarti Extended Mix)
46. Ranny - Chocha (feat. Nina Flowers)
47. Regina & Rafael Lelis - Wanna Be Free (Club Anthem Mix)
48. VMC - Vai (Club Mix) (feat. Evanns)
49. Angelino Loren - Stun
50. Michael Fall - She\'s All I Need (Remix) (feat. Barry Tone)

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