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Urban Remote Sensing, Second Edition
by Qihao Weng and Dale Quattrochi
English | 2018 | ISBN: 1138054607 | 338 Pages | PDF | 105 MB

Earth observation technology, in conjunction with in situ data collection, can be used to observe, monitor, measure, and model many of the components that comprise urban ecosystems cycles. Over the past decade, urban remote sensing has rapidly emerged as a new frontier in the Earth observation technology by focusing primarily on understanding the biophysical properties, patterns, and processes of urban landscapes, and mapping and monitoring of urban land cover and spatial extent. The second edition reflects new developments in satellite sensors, image processing methods and techniques, and the applications of urban remote sensing to meet societal and economic challenges at this time.

"This volume is an indispensable update of the 1st edition. The inclusion of new sensors, state-of-the art image processing techniques and practical applications makes this a must-have for urban remote sensing scientists." - Karen C. Seto, Yale University, Connecticut, USA

"This book provides a comprehensive overview of new developments in urban remote sensing, including novel techniques for image/signal processing applied to the monitoring of urban areas, and wider applications of urban remote sensing in order to meet societal and economic challenges. The book also covers other important aspects such as data, sensors, and systems for urban remote sensing, as well as applications for assessing and modeling urban landscape compositions, patterns, and structures. It is a fundamental reference for students, researchers, and practitioners interested in conducting in-depth studies and research on urban remote sensing." - Antonio J. Plaza, University of Extremadura, Caceres, Spain