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TTC - The Complete Guide to Baking Bread
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There is almost no smell as comforting, as universal, or as mouth-watering as that of freshly baked bread. The most recent research shows we started eating bread 14,000 years ago, so it's hard to know whether the way bread affects us is that of a Pavlovian response "baked" into our evolution as a species, or if it just really does smell that delicious.

Bread is still one of the most popular foods on the planet, found all around the globe and in all cultures-round, knotted, woven, flat, dimpled, sweet, sour, crusty, soft-all of it beginning with the same four ingredients. In the 30 lessons of The Complete Guide to Baking Bread, you will learn the secrets to making dough and a wide variety of breads in your own kitchen. You'll follow along at your own pace through four sections, as three renowned chefs demonstrate every step of the way: Zoë François, Michael Kalanty, and Richard Miscovich, all expert bakers, authors, and culinary educators. Their obvious skills and passion for their craft, step-by-step instructions, and ability to clarify the science-as well as the art-of bread baking will have you making bread in no time.


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