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Tiny House Design Part 2 - Construction


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A Comprehensive 101

Understand the options they have when it comes to constructing their tiny house and be able to select what will work best for their particular situation.​

Know the parts of a wall/roof/floor and what each layer is for.
Have an understanding of how to pick out windows and insulation for their tiny house.
Know what tools will be required to build a tiny house.
know how to fasten their tiny house to its foundation/trailer.

Students should bring an open mind and their curiosity of tiny houses!

This is going to be a conversation about the various types of construction you may use when building your tiny house. I will talk about standard framing practices, advanced framing techniques, steel stud construction and SIPs. The great thing about tiny homes is that even the most complex house is pretty basic. Even though this will be a bit more 'technical' information I hope it stays simple enough for those not in the construction industry.
In addition to framing options I will get into insulation types, pros/cons and tiny house specific considerations and suggestions when it comes to moisture protection, fasteners, attaching to your foundation and more. This will MOSTLY focus on tiny houses on wheels. I also hope to give you a basic understanding of tools needed for the task and important safety info!
There are approximately 2 hours of information relating to construction, insulation, glazing selection and special considerations - as it applies to tiny homes. This course is formatted to provide the information relevant to you and enable you to make the best decision for yourself. If you are excited about tiny houses and how they may empower you this course is for you!

This course is for all of those interested in learning the options and opportunities when it comes to transitioning to a tiny house
This course is for those in the bning stages of understanding all of the decisions that go into your own tiny home.
This course is probably not for you if you are looking for in depth 'how-to' information on the steps to building your own tiny home.
This course if for those looking to learn more about the tiny house movement and if it is right for you!