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The Student (2017)

  • Začetnik teme bit s
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bit s

bit s


After leading a jury to wrongly sentence a man| Abigail enters her new teaching job at the law school with a newfound commitment to ethics. When she takes over her new class| it includes Vance| an intensely ambitious student who will do anything for an A. When Abigail fails him for academic dishonesty| Vance threatens that he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. As Vance's devious plot begins to unravel| she must take her life into her own hands| or Vance will take it himself.
Alicia Leigh Willis , Blake Michael , Trevor St. John , Lindsay Hartley , Eric Nelsen , Wolfgang Bodison , Vishesh Chachra , Kassi Crews , Michelle DeFraites , Noah Gildermaster , Sylvia Jefferies , Jude B. Lanston , John O'Brien , James Joseph Pulido , Arnau Robles

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