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The Outdoor Knots Book (Mountaineers Outdoor Basics)


The Outdoor Knots Book (Mountaineers Outdoor Basics)

• Guidelines for selecting the best rope and the best knot for the activity at hand
• Knot-tying directions clearly illustrated with photos
• New entry in the Mountaineers Outdoor Basics series

It's fair to say that climber Clyde Soles is obsessed with ropes and knots and their absolute performance-since he regularly entrusts his life to ropes on sheer rock faces. His unique book explains how to select and use ropes, cordage, and webbing for the outdoors. Invaluable information is provided on rope handling techniques (how to avoid dreaded tangles) and the best methods for rope care and maintenance. Step-by-step directions for tying over 40 knots are clearly illustrated with photographs. Other useful features include a glossary and a knot comparison chart by activity.

Chapters include Knots Basics (from Tripod Lashing to the Figure 8 Loop), Knots for Hikers and Climbers (from the Prusik knot to the Autoblock), Knots for Canoeists and Kayakers (from the Buntline hitch to the Bowline on a bight), and more. This is the definitive text on ropes and knots for anyone who plays in the outdoors!

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