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The Most Comprehensive Guide To Unity Game Development Vol 1


The Most Comprehensive Guide To Unity Game Development Vol 1
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From Complete Beginner To Professional Game Developer. Learn To Code In C# And Create Stunning Games With Unity

What you'll learn
Learn how to code in C#
Learn good coding principles and design practices
Develop strong and transferrable problem solving skills
Learn how object oriented programming works in practice
Understand the whole process of creating a game
Learn the ins and outs of Unity game engine
Learn how to use tile maps in Unity
Learn how to save and load game data

This is the most comprehensive online course that will take you from a complete beginner to creating your own games in Unity game engine.

And not only that, but this course will teach you the complete process of creating a game step by step from an empty project to a playable game.

To achieve this, the course is completely project based, and not just simple hello world or move the cube projects, but I am actually taking all the knowledge that I have learned about game development and creating my own games that I've published on the app store, and I am teaching you the exact steps I use to create fun to play games.

We will start with very simple things like downloading Unity, creating a sample project, and going through Unity's interface. After that, we will take a look at some basic code examples so that you can see that coding is not scary like everyone thinks. And then we will jump into C# and learn all the basic things we need to get started with game development.

As we progress through the course and create game projects, I will revise all the C# concepts that we learned up to that point and explain them with real world examples and give you tips and tricks on how you can use certain techniques in your own projects.

And not only that, but I will explain to you how to optimize your games from the very start so that you avoid the most common optimization heavy mistakes that not only beginners make when they create their games.

Every section in this course will gradually increase in size and depth so that you don't get overwhelmed from the very start but instead you digest every concept we learn step by step.

During the lectures, I will give you assignments to challenge your knowledge and to challenge your ability to think like a programmer. Because in game development, the best way to learn is by doing. Of course, I will provide a solution for every assignment that I give you, but I will expect that you try to finish it on your own because it will give you experience, and the feel of how to solve programming problems on your own.

You will also benefit from my super fast response if you have any issue that you are stuck with, and oh and all the students taking the course will also be there to help you!

Some of the things that you will learn in this course:

Unity's interface

Importing Assets

Organizing The Project

Basic, Intermediate, And Advanced C# Programming

Basic AI(Artificial Intelligence)

Advanced AI(Artificial Intelligence)

Basic And Advanced Character Animations

Sound FX And Music

Basic, Intermediate And Advanced Particle FX

Learn How To Use Unity's UI System

Create And Animate Menus

Saving And Loading Game Data

Basic And Advanced Animations

Creating Reusable Code

Writing Optimized Code

That And Much More Is Awaiting You In This Course

If You ever had an idea for an awesome game, then enroll in this course and learn the tools that you need to develop Your next hit game!!!

What Is Your Risk By Taking This Course?

Nothing!! If you are not satisfied with the course, I promise I will give you a full refund of your money NO questions asked!!

Enroll Now!! You Will Not Be Disappointed!!

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to learn game development but does not know where to start
Beginners with no coding experience
Programmers who want to learn game development
Experienced game developers looking to expand their knowledge



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