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The Kinks - Greatest Hits (1991)


The Kinks are a British rock group that came out of the British R&B/ Garage Rock scene of the early 1960s. Formed in 1963 in London, UK, they first gained prominence on the heels of the well-received and highly influential single “You Really Got Me” (1964). The group originally consisted of lead singer/guitarist Ray Davies, his brother lead guitarist Dave Davies, drummer Mick Avory and bassist Peter Quaife. Quaife left (twice) in the late 1960’s, and Avory finally left due to a long-running dispute with Dave Davies, leaving only the Davies brothers as the core of the original group. With Ray’s splendid songwriting skills and ‘mockney’ vocals, Dave’s impressive guitar work and Avory’s tight and steady drumming, the band became one of the best and most influential groups of British rock and the “British Invasion” of America, lasting longer than any of their competitors, apart from The Rolling Stones, as they broke up in 1996. Their impressive back catalogue of songs have been covered by Van Halen, The Pretenders, The Black Keys, The Stranglers, Queens of the Stone Age....


01. You Really Got Me
02. All Day And All Of The Night
03. Tired Of Wating For You
04. Whare Have All The Good Times Gone
05. Dancing In The Street
06. Set Me Free
07. Sittin’ On My Sofa
08. See My Friend
09. Louie Louie
10. A Well Respected Man
11. Stop Your Sobbing
12. Till The End Of The Day
13. Don’t Ever Change
14. I’m Not Like Everybody Else
15. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
16. Sunny Afternoon
17. Dandy


01. Dead End Street
02. Mr. Pleasant
03. Death Of A Clown
04. Waterloo Sunset
05. Autumn Almanac
06. Susannah’s Still Alive
07. Wonderboy
08. Days
09. Lincoln County
10. Starstruck
11. Plastic Man
12. Drivin’
13. Shangrila
14. Victoria
15. Lola
16. Apeman