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The Fallen Angels Bride - Roxie Ray



The Fallen Angels Bride - Roxie Ray
epub | 302.83 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B097LWFSPZ | Author: Roxie Ray, Skye Wilson | Year: 2021


Getting hitched to a fallen angel in Las Vegas wasn't in my job description.

When you work undercover for an organisation like The Covenant to protect humanity from the apocalypse, you follow orders. And that includes marrying a sinfully sexy fallen angel called Lock, who also happens to be a King of Hell.

The weird thing is, Lock seems familiar to me, and he acts like we're meant to be together. He's also convinced The Covenant aren't who they say they are. But can I trust a fallen angel with my life or this dangerous, seductive pull between us? Especially when it feels like he's hiding something . . .

But marrying Lock will ensure my protection when we descend into Hell to put a stop to a heist inside The Inferno. And I'll need all the protection I can get, because it turns out a human marrying a fallen angel is a big no-no.

So now it's not just demons after us, but angels, too. Will I be able to protect humanity-and my heart-during our journey to hell and back?

Category:Paranormal Angel Romance, Paranormal Demons & Devils Romance, Fantasy Romance