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The CIA World Factbook 2018-2019 by Central Intelligence Agency

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The CIA World Factbook 2018-2019 by Central Intelligence Agency

English | 2018 | ISBN: 1510740279 | PDF Conv | 4310 pages | 35 Mb
Politics & Government

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, The CIA World Factbook 2018-2019 offers complete and up-to-date information on the world's nations. This comprehensive guide is packed with data on the politics, populations, military expenditures, and economics of 2018.
For each country, The CIA World Factbook 2018-2019 includes:
• Detailed maps with new geopolitical data
• Statistics on the population of each country, with details on literacy rates, HIV prevalence, and age structure
• New data on military expenditures and capabilities
• Information on each country's climate and natural hazards
• Details on prominent political parties and contact information for diplomatic consultation
• Facts on transportation and communication infrastructure
Also included are appendixes with useful abbreviations, international environmental agreements, international organizations and groups, weight and measure conversions, and more. Originally intended for use by government officials, this is a must-have resource for students, travelers, journalists, and business people with a desire to know more about their world.
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