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Terraform indepth(2020) - With 10 Realworld Job Casestudies

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Created by: Cloudops Academy

Work on 10 Realworld Job Scenarios - Kubernetes using Terraform , Complete stack (ec2,elb,vpc,rds) using Terraform , Dynamodb .​

Terraform AWS 10 Job Casestudies , Docker , Kubernetes and Terraform , Ansible,EKS , Modules,Interpolation , GCP,Azure What you'll learn

Learn Terraform basics and advanced concepts like modules,interpolation,state files


Launch AWS EKS cluster using Terraform

Launch ELB,EC2 resources using modules

Effectively use modules , provisioners -Launch ELK stack (centralized logging) using modules and provisioners

State files - How important are they ?

Learn basic GCP and Azure concepts. Launch GCP and Azure resources using Terraform


AWS account

Internet connection

Basic Cloud concepts

Basic Computing concepts


Terraform indepth - With 10 Realworld Job Casestudies covers all basic and advanced topics with real examples. Course is created by AWS eeers who supported thousands of EC2 instances in production environment

Note: This course Primarily focuses on AWS(90% of the course is AWS based) . Some sections of this course focuses on Google cloud (GCP) and Azure

> Realworld Job Scenario 1 : Launch a complete web application stack : 2 ELBs , App servers , Web servers , RDS with Multi-AZ replication . Learn how to launch production scale webapp stack in one go using Terraform

> Realworld Job Scenario 2 : Launch Kubernetes cluster using KOPS and Terraform : Kubectl , Kops , Hosted zone creation , learn docker basics, kubernetes architecture

> Realworld Job Scenario 3 : Launch Kubernetes cluster AWS EKS and Terraform : AWS EKS architecture, IAM authenticator, Worker node deployment, Control plane deployment using terraform

> Realworld Job Scenario 4 : Launch centralized logging to monitor : ELK (Elasticsearch , Logstash , Kibana) using Terraform . You will be using MODULES , REMOTE-EXEC PROVISIONER , NULL RESOURCE , FILE PROVISIONER

> Realworld Job Scenario 5: Launch Dynamodb resource using Terraform . You will be creating dynamodb table assigning RCUs, WCUs

> Realworld Job Scenario 6: Launch database cluster using Terraform . You will be creating Master-Replica pair in production like environmet

> Realworld Job Scenario 7: Launch EC2 and security group resources using MODULES sourced from Github and local repo

> Realworld Job Scenario 8: Launch Web app stack in Google cloud . You will be launching load balancer , Compute ee , CloudSQL resources in GCP using Terraform

> Realworld Job Scenario 9: Launch Web app stack in Azure cloud . You will be launching load balancer , VM machine , Azure MySQL instance in Azure using Terraform

Solve 10 challenge scenarios at the end of course to test your Terraform skills

Who this course is for:

Who wants to learn terraform to deploy/manage cloud resources automatically using Terraform