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Take Control of Big Sur



Take Control of Big Sur
pdf | 7.52 MB | English | Isbn:B08H8DW85H |
Author: Joe Kissell | PAge: 148 | Year: 2020


Get up to speed quickly with macOS 11!

Version 1.1, updated November 12, 2020

Get to know macOS 11 with Take Control of Big Sur. Learn everything you need to know to prepare for a smooth transition to the new version of macOS-and what to do once you've upgraded. Discover new features, explore the revised user interface, and avoid potentially unpleasant surprises.

macOS 11 Big Sur is more than just Apple's annual update to its Mac operating system. This revision breaks entirely new ground, significantly overhauling your Mac's look and feel, adding big new features, and including support for the first (soon-to-be-released) Macs based on Apple silicon rather than Intel processors.

We're changing things up this year, too. Rather than two separate titles on the new macOS version as we've had in past years, this time we've rolled everything into one: a book that helps you prepare for the new system, safely upgrade your Mac to run Big Sur, and then get to know all the new features. (So, if you're looking for Take Control of Upgrading to Big Sur, look no further: this book contains an abbreviated version of Joe's legendary upgrading instructions.)

Some of the topics covered in this book are:

  • How to tell whether your Mac can run Big Sur
  • Steps you should take before upgrading
  • How to perform an in-place upgrade-or do a clean install and migrate your old data from a backup
  • What Control Center is and how it can simplify adjusting system settings
  • What's new in the Maps app (guides, Look Around, indoor maps, and more)
  • Ways to improve your messaging with enhanced group conversations, Memoji, and other changes in Messages
  • How to use and customized the heavily revised Notification Center
  • New features in Photos to make your images and videos even better
  • Improved privacy features in Safari-plus a Start Page, improved tabs, and spiffy new features
  • The small changes throughout macOS and bundled apps, including Apple Arcade, Spotlight, Siri, the App Store, Notes, Reminders, Voice Memos, and more

Category:Apple OS & iOS, Macintosh Operating System

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