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Tai Chi Walking A Low-Impact Path to Better Health



Tai Chi Walking A Low-Impact Path to Better Health
pdf | 5.36 MB | English | Isbn:B06VYHC713 |
Author: Robert Chuckrow | PAge: 194 | Year: 2017


Walking should be one of the most natural things we do.

Most of us have been walking almost all of our lives. However, many have learned walking in a haphazard way. Wearing improper shoes, modeling ourselves after others whose walking is inefficient, and wrong ideas about how our body works are all factors that take their toll on us over time.

Because walking is natural, it is not hard to improve it to the point where it becomes meditation and improves our health at the same time.

For Tai Chi practitioners, walking provides an excellent opportunity to augment, refine, and reinforce Tai Chi principles and bridge the gap between formal practice and everyday life.

For non-practitioners, Tai Chi Walking trains us in walking concepts for improving health, balance, peace-of-mind and safety.

• If you hurt after a long day on your feet, this book is for you.

• Learn how to walk properly and naturally.

• Discover why poor walking posture can damage your health.

• Understand how proper walking can increase longevity and vitality.

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