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Taboo Pushkin Topics, Texts, Interpretations



Taboo Pushkin Topics, Texts, Interpretations
pdf | 5.2 MB | English | Isbn:B009AE6NFS |
Author: Alyssa Dinega Gillespie (Editor) | PAge: 506 | Year: 2012


Since his death in 1837, Alexander Pushkin-often called the "father of Russian literature"-has become a timeless embodiment of Russian national identity, adopted for diverse ideological purposes and reinvented anew as a cultural icon in each historical era (tsarist, Soviet, and post-Soviet). His elevation to mythic status, however, has led to the celebration of some of his writings and the shunning of others. Throughout the history of Pushkin studies, certain topics, texts, and interpretations have remained officially off-limits in Russia-taboos as prevalent in today's Russia as ever before.

The essays in this bold and authoritative volume use new approaches, overlooked archival materials, and fresh interpretations to investigate aspects of Pushkin's biography and artistic legacy that have previously been suppressed or neglected. Taken together, the contributors strive to create a more fully realized Pushkin and demonstrate how potent a challenge the unofficial, taboo, alternative Pushkin has proven to be across the centuries for the Russian literary and political establishments.

Category:Russian & Former Soviet Union Literary Criticism, Russian Literary Criticism, Biographies & Memoirs of Authors

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