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Steven Suttie - DCI Miller Series 1-7

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Steven Suttie - DCI Miller Series 1-7

Language: English | Format: EPUB,MOBI | 2014,15,16,17,18 | Size: 6.4 MB

DCI Miller
1. One Man Crusade (2014)
2. Neighbours From Hell (2015)
3. Road To Nowhere (2016)
4. Gone Too Far (2017)
5. The Final Cut (2017)
6. Proof of Life (2018)
7. Nothing To Lose (2019)

One Man Crusade (2014)
The police have a pretty big problem. Somebody has started shooting unsuspecting citizens dead as they go about their daily business in the north west of England. But it is a very specific type of person that the gun man is targeting. Pedophiles. In order to keep the public calm, the police have no alternative but to explain to killer's motive. And that's when things start to get really tricky for the investigating officers.