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Smallest Countries of the World (Tell Me Why #137)

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Smallest Countries of the World (Tell Me Why #137)
By Manorama
English | February 2018 | PDF | 98 pages | 18.3 mb
scanned to PDF by me.

The word 'country' makes one think of a large land mass. However, not every country is huge. There are some countries that are really small in size. They are so tiny, that some of them can even be covered by foot!
Some of these countries can fit entirely within the city of another country. The smallest country in the world, the Vatican City, for example, can easily fit into the city of Rome, capital of Italy.
Many of these countries are small only in size. With their wealth and natural resources, they can even compete with any of the larger countries.
This issue of Tell Me Why showcases some of these small, yet distinct countries.
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