SF Vip plejer

Thank you admin for your answer I do the necessary immediately ... now I know why

Ok already I want to thank the designer and sharing this super soft sfvip. I just have a question for the designer, we know that
there is a direct ban on the servers.


I saw that sfvip sent the request portal.php? Type = account_info & action = get_main_info & mac = xx: xx: xx: xx: xx: xx & JsHttpRequest = 1-xml I devellope in python and I saw that removing mac =
allowed not to be ban on ott and that the other servers except iplay worked correctly so I would like to know why mac = is present at this level because under python the syntax .php? type = account_info & action = get_main_info & JsHttpRequest = 1 -xml allows not to have ban on OTT. For iplay it is something else of course. Admin the message is it good with the tags there ??
My post has been deleted again !!!! why please re MilutinMilankovic thank you for your answer but I found that it was not panel_api requests but portal.php? type = account_info & action = get_main_info & mac = xxx for ott I made a python script in removing the mac = xx and ott no more ban and the other servers also work only iplay cause problem hoping that you read before admin remove the post as usual?. admin at least tell me what's wrong with my request ????
Ton poste a été effacé parce qu'il faut mettre toutes les URL dans "Code".
Ces 2 serveurs bannissent ton IP après quelques fausses manoeuvres. Si ton IP n'est pas bannie alors cela doit fonctionner. Les requêtes sont bien portal.php, mais ce que je dit c'est que lorsque tu veux connaitre le maximum de connection le SF Player utilise la commande player_api.php et premium et iplay bannissent immédiatement ton IP. Depuis hier ils ont ajouté un bloquage géographique.
Cela fonctionne, je viens de tester avec mon script python:

Dans le SFVIPPlayer
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merci pour ta reponse je sais pourquoi mes posts etaient supprimé.
je vois tu fais aussi du python tu pourrais donc peut etre me renseigné pourquoi il y a la requet mac=
car dans mes scrip je ne la met pas et ott a toujours été ok pour moi. pour iplay il ban direct a l'appel du token
par contre j'ai pas constaté encore le blocage géographique tu m'as donné une info interessante.

thank you for your answer I know why my posts were deleted. (admin tell me too)
I see you also make python you could therefore be informed me why there is the request mac =
because in my scripts I don't put it and ott has always been ok for me. for iplay it bans direct to the token call
on the other hand I have not yet noticed the geographical blocking you gave me an interesting info.
nece da upali nijedan kanal nema sanse...
a jos vise me buni u uh sto pise link sa dva puta portom upisan server http://server.com: port i otvara listu i sa i bez /c/


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