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#Seen - Taylor Hart



#Seen - Taylor Hart
epub | 427.19 KB | English | Isbn:168932502X | Author: Taylor Hart | PAge: 212 | Year: 2019


She loses her prom date, her chance at cheer captain, and her friends all in one day! Will Sammy Lewis ever get her chance to be #Seen? Good thing there's two new kids at school to help her out!
Zoey Thompson never expected to get hand-picked by a philanthropic billionaire Cyrus Black for an elite, undercover team to stop online predators from targeting teens. And she really never expected to have a broody, hot partner named Nicholas who keeps telling her not to ask about his past. Sheesh-he's not the only one with secrets, so whatever!
Enter Sammy Lewis, sixteen-year-old cheerleader at Montrose High. Sammy has everything-a boyfriend, two best friends, and a shot at becoming cheer captain for the upcoming state cheer competition. Too bad she loses them all in one day. Good thing she has Instagram and @hunterlives, the only guy who really understands her.
Posing as cheerleaders, Zoey and Nicholas think they're getting through to Sammy about the dangers of her situation. That is, until Sammy runs off in search of the guy who really isn't her boyfriend at all.
Will they get there in time, or will it be the last time Sammy Lewis is ever #seen?

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