Satelitska TV i kljucevi

XStreamity v4.52

Right mofos - what we got today....

Slight tweak to channel name stripping for TMDB

Fixed a little bug in hiding catchup categories - (it was hiding live categories by mistake)

New useragent option in main settings for people whos lines are not loading in this plugin, but are loading in BMX plugin.
4 Options now - XStreamity(default), chrome, firefox or android.

New vod download location code. BadBlake . The logic is this now.
It will default to one of these on first load.

Then if location changed it should always use that location

Poslednja izmena od urednika:
AJPanel v9.4.0

- Added new option "Move Selected Item" to Custom Menu (to change the position of items in main menu).
- Added "General Guide" to main page menu to show some AJPanel general help.
- Improved AJPanel Update to internally use the new URL ( ).
.. The file "ajpanel_update_url" is no longer needed for the update process.
- Added the option "EPG Events Counter" to EPG Page (to count the events for all DVB & IPTV channels).
- Improved "M3U/M3U8 File Browser":
.. To play M3U/M3U8 files that contain DVB channels and Local media files.
.. To show current file name in INFO.
- Improved File Manager to handle ".m3u" files in "M3U/M3U8 File Browser" (instead of trying to play it).
- Improved IPTV Favourite menu items to show server host when Menu button is clicked.
- Improved reading portal Host/MAC from files wih more formats.
- Improved skipping adults channels and categories.
- Improved "XML-TV Tools".
.. Improved the Green Button to pick a Channel-Reference file (if file is not initially set).
.. Improved the process to cache the total tags per XML file (for faster process).
- Improved PIcons page (Green Button) to locate the current PIcon (if current channel name is used as file name).
- Improved "Restore" pages:
.. Added "Rename" (Blue Button) to partially rename backup files.
.. Added INFO Button to show selected file information.
- Improved Player Bar option ("Start Download") to be available for some URL structures.
- Improved "Dev. Info." >> "Settings File" data to be tabulated.
- Fixed Portal Files Editor to point to the current line number.
- Fixed portal download from tables options "Download Current Movie" and "Download Current Series".
- Fixed the problem of showing "Processing ..." followed by no action.
- Fixed a crash on VTi (in File Manager) when browsing a directory with file extension ".7z" or ".7".
- Fixed File Manager Multi-Select counter (when selecting/unselecting all).

XStreamity v4.53

Reverted some logic on series - i should never have touched that file, its far too complicated.
Also added some new logic to help with series cover images
reverted some logic on downloader
Translation tweaks for german and greece (thanks)

XKlass - Official Release.

V 1.01 - 07/07/2024
Plugin is for playing official Xtream Codes/XUI ONE IPTV playlists.
This plugin is a rework of my XStreamity plugin but with all new layout and new side menu accessible by the "Menu" button.
This plugin does not play other playlists or m3u playlists.

XKlass v1.03

Message will pop up if server not responding.

New Switch Playlist now available on the Start Menu list

Removed duplicate url calls which was slowing down the loading. (and also possible causing servers to drop out)

XKlass v1.04

  • Fixed the crash if default playlist is not active or not responding - playlists screen should now show instead.
  • Blue button functionality returns on the start menu - to delete the working json data files - Use when things are going weird.
  • Code tweak to how and when custom sids (satellite refs) for epgs are picked up.
  • Removed blank epg importer source file. Not needed. It gets built if required.
  • Translation updates for spain, china and germany.
  • New intro video selection option - for those users putting alternative videos in the video folder.
  • Slight tweak to the logic of determining if a playlist has been switched or not.
XKlass v1.05

Fixed the start menu loop if one of the urls was failing. Now correctly looks for 1 valid url, not all valid urls
Added asterisks into channel name clean ups
Added Chinese language option for TMDB data
Slight update to Italian translation