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Samuel R. Delany - Return to Neveryon: The Complete Series

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Samuel R. Delany - Return to Neveryon: The Complete Series

English | 2016 | Fantasy | ePUB | 5.7 MB

A four-volume sword-and-sorcery epic from the legendary Grand Master of Science Fiction, multiple Hugo and Nebula and Award–winning author Samuel Delany.

#1 – Tales of Neveryon: After his parents are killed during a political coup, Gorgik is taken into captivity and forced to work the government obsidian mines in Neveryon’s Faltha Mountains. Years later, he is sold to serve one of the royal families, and eventually the army. When he is finally free, he leads a rebellion against Neveryon’s rulers to end the tyranny of slavery.

#2 – Neveryóna: Or, The Tale of Signs and Cities: One of the few in Neveryon who can read and write, Pryn escapes her village on the back of a dragon. On her journey across the civil war–torn land, Pryn has a fateful encounter with Gorgik the Liberator, whom she finds herself fighting beside in his war against slavery.

#3 – Flight from Neveryon: A smuggler, witness, and worshipper of Gorgik the Liberator follows his idol’s bloody trail on a quest to meet him. But a disease has ravaged Neveryon. Men, rich and poor, are dying. The illness seems to have first come from the Bridge of Lost Desire, a hangout for male and female prostitutes, and is spreading fast. With no hope of recovery or cure, it will change Neveryon’s sexual and political landscape forever.

#4 – Return to Neveryon: Slavery is outlawed and the land is finally free. At a deserted castle in the countryside, as Gorgik the Liberator regales a young barbarian about his deeds, he prepares to return to the mines where his own slavery began for one final battle.