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Samantha Fish - Faster (2021) [44.1kHz/24bit]


Samantha Fish - Faster (2021) 44.1-24
Country: USA
Genre: Blues Rock
Format: FLAC (*tracks)
Quality: Lossless [44,1kHz/24 bit]
Time: 42:47
Full Size: 520.85 MB

Samantha Fish had a seismic effect when she hit the music scene some twelve years ago, the Kansas born singer guitarist instantly grabbing the attention of blues aficionados old and new with her distinctive drawl, quicksilver playing and striking looks.

Here was someone destined for great things, her fretwork, vocal chops and song writing skills pointing towards a long and successful career. So far, so stellar and this new album, her seventh 'solo', looks likely to prove one that will have the same impact as that debut, stretching as it does, beyond everything she's done so far.

Having built her career on her unique mix of soul, jazz, country and blues, 'Faster' sees her going into much deeper waters and pushing new boundaries as she adds shades of dance influenced pop music into the whole.


01. Faster (02:55)
02. All Ice No Whiskey (03:09)
03. Twisted Ambition (03:14)
04. Hypnotic (03:09)
05. Forever Together (02:54)
06. Crowd Control (04:17)
07. Imaginary War (03:09)
08. Loud (04:53)
09. Better Be Lonely (03:40)
10. So-Called Lover (03:05)
11. Like A Classic (03:47)
12. All The Words (04:35)



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